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  1. From me a huge thank you as well! Have been gone for a few weeks or probably months and it's great seeing you keeping at it. A shame with the whole Elysium thing, etc. but I'll just be patient in that regard until there's news on that front.
  2. Bienvenido, amigo! (yes my Spanish is absolutely trashy, I know) Hope you'll enjoy your time here.
  3. A warm welcome from me too. I'm all for the China ban too, it was absolute madness on elysium and nostalrius. Anyhow, I think you'll fit right in here
  4. Priviet comrade! Nice to see you join us and introduce yourself! Hope to see you online when the server starts
  5. I think there's a lot of different mentality to PvE and PvP servers: PvP is more focused on the competitiveness. Kind of like a survival game where you can and probably will be killed on sight. And while this is great for both sides it can and probably is bothersome for low levels. There certainly is no fun in being camped by a lvl 60 (or really anyone 5 levels higher than you) when you just want to complete your quests in peace. And that probably is the main difference - sure you could argue The Game is meant to be PvP lore wise and you lose all of that adrenaline and suspension when playing in PvE - but that is exactly the point: People that enjoy playing on PvE don't want to be bothered with all the PvP stuff. I'd argue that probably 30-40% of the Players don't really like PvP and anything connected to it outside of BGs. And personally I count myself among them. There's just times when you just want to quest in peace and not be worried about permanently being trashed by some high lvl. To me, personally there's no fun in that sort of activities. I enjoyed raiding in WoW and have more or less cleared all raids in normal/hc/mythic since TBC but never really got into PvP. And personally I'm really glad to be able to play on a PvE retail vanilla server just because leveling will be so much smoother (as far as smooth in vanilla goes). And I just like to enjoy the peace and quiet of a PvE server
  6. Ty for the quick answer. And you are absolutely right It seems I need to improve my English.^^
  7. Well I still have to agree with Murok. You're doing a tremendous job and are detrimental to keeping the forum as alive and "well" as it is now. Anyhow, great work! I do have a question concerning the Beta Testers: Are you still looking to expand the number as time progresses?
  8. Thanks a lot for the update. Great work you guys are doing! Is there a more definite ETA for Crestfall? (excuse me if this was asked already)
  9. I'm really happy that everything is moving forward. Haven't been here awhile (moving to a different apartment, no internet, etc.) but really glad to be back. Should you still be in need of Beta Testers, I should always be readily avaliable
  10. Elicas' profile pic is an obvious 5/7. The sturdiness of those perfeclty drawn lines, that it reads Elikus instead of Elicas... just absolutely marvellous!
  11. @Darkrasp Ty for the quick answer. And I know what you say is true; doesn't make my wanting to play any less though
  12. Thank you for the update again! Great to see that everything is coming together. And congrats to Outstanding. You've been doing an outstanding Job here (hue hue hue). Anyhow, do you have any timeline on when you can possibly hit open Beta? [As I see it, you still have a very limited number of Beta Testers, right? So how "far" along are you?] Keep up the good work!
  13. hi

    Anyone on the Elysium (Elysium) Server? Just started there to look at a "new" economy
  14. Welcome, @Outstanding! Hope you'll like it here and if you have any questions, feel free to ask away. always glad to help newbees like yourself
  15. In addition as 4 people you should be able to kill any and all mobs you come across in a matter of seconds. So "grinding" yourself through quest areas should not really be an issue. And it is absolutely something you should be doing, since you'll miss out on the "normal" XP [like the amount of XP you'd get if you were question solo]. Generally I don't see an issue with grinding as it's normally mandatory for a fluid level experience (you won't ever be leveled correctly between the areas by just completing the quests. So generally being 1-2 lvls "over level" is a nice thing to have.) I don't know how to explain this to you, if you haven't played Vanilla before. Basically: • Quests need certain levels to start. If you have that level and can start multiple quests at once it'll make your level experience much smoother and faster. • You'll not gain the levels you need to "progress" to a next zone by just finishing the quests. Basically you'll always be 1-2 levels short [e.g. Loch Modan --> Wetlands you'll prbly be missing 2 lvls. possibly 3 if you're leveling as 4. Thus you either go to Redridge Mountains/Westfall or you grind a little to level up like this.. Generally the Westfall-->Redridge-->Duskwood route is better though. It's got a higher density of mobs and quests. At launch you'll be flooded with players so you'll have to decide how to do it yourself. Like there's a pro and con to everything. You could facespam deadmines for a couple of levels, since you'd have no contest whatsoever there for you, but it'll prbly net you less XP than questing (if the questmobs were there, which at start they might not be). In addition you'd get a shitton of gold though in DM.] • Many Dungeon Quests are way[yyy....] out of the way - I remember Dungeon Quests for Stockades to be in the Wetlands and I think even Arathi. So it might not be worth getting those since you'd have to walk there forever. Basically everything depends on whatever you want to do. • For Launch I'd advise you to stick with one route and rush through that with as much speed as you can possibly muster. If you're ahead of everyone in Duskwood or Stranglethorn, you'll have the best and fastest leveling around. There's just so many mobs to grind there and loads of quests. (Duskwood especially, since it has a lot of kill quests. Drop Quests might be increadibly annoying for you as 4 people..) • Which brings me to my next point: Drop quests will be absolutely horrific for you. Especially if they are contested. Mobs don't drop items at 100% (it's more like 8-10% in most cases) and they can only ever be picked up by a single group member. You should generally stay away from those then. Unless they're inside a quest chain or what not. [Or you wish to grind these mobs for a while]. Anything else is really just up to you. Basically don't expect to level up fast. You'll prbly take 2-3 weeks unless you plan to play 10hrs + each day. Grinding might be boring, but it does wonders for XP. Especially if you have a half decent tank and healer as well as good DPS, you should be able to cheese most of it rather quickly. Another tip: try to all go different gathering professions (skinner, herbalist, mining) since that way you can pick up literally everything you come across instead of having to "fight for it" between your teammates. A clothier should fit your comb nicely as well. You'll be getting loads of cloth for him to skill though and craft armor for you guys. Which quest zones offer what, you'll just have to check on the multitude of vanilla wiki sites. Basically plan your route, adept if there's an overflow of people there (which there will be) and try getting ahead of the curve. Can't give you better tips than that Anyhow, hope I could help. Cheers!