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  1. Class: Hunter Faction: I'll probably go Horde/troll, unless my son decides to resub, then we usually play Alliance Realm Style: PvE 1st Alt: Warlock, although I might give Priest a try again Prof: Skinning/Leather working; Tailoring/Enchanting on alt PvE vs PvP might be a moot point. They might keep it the same in Classic, but in retail, they're going to introduce an option to toggle PvP on or off. You can only change your toggle setting while in a major city so you can't change it on the fly to avoid ganking, but you don't get ganked if it's set to off. If you want to participate in world PvP, then you toggle on, and if you just want PvE, then you toggle it off. Normally I would always end up rolling a warlock, but I've been enjoying hunter on private servers. I've done priest a few times, but I've shied away from it a bit because i dislike players yelling at you about how you heal, when they're going 300 MPH through a dungeon and don't give you time to keep up with mana, drink, or even loot everything. If we're not on team speak/discord, I don't have time to try and type a conversation and still play my character.
  2. I'll resub when it comes out. My suspicion is that you'll have to have a subscription to retail WoW, likely have to buy the current/next Xpac, and then you'll get access to the Classic servers with the option of either playing the current game or the Classic servers. Last time I looked [2yearsago?] a retail sub was $14.99 USD. I'll pay that if it gets me Vanilla servers at Blizzard. Actually, in researching what people are saying about Classic, I've seen quite a bit of information on the next Xpac, BfA, and it doesn't look bad. They're actually planning on fixing/addressing a lot of concerns players had about the leveling process in retail, and supposedly making the game playable again at lower levels so you don't out-level zones and fly through them one-hitting everything. They're nerfing heirloom gear, at least at lower levels, and are trying to make all of the zones playable in a progressive leveling experience. The six new races sound interesting too, so I might give it a shot when it comes out. In the meantime, I'll keep playing on Light's Hope while I wait for this server to launch.
  3. Ok, so lets say I want to become more security conscious and protect my privacy, but I'm a total noob when it comes to stuff like Linux or using a VPN. How do i get started? Where do i look for unbiased information? Is there a good guide you recommend or a website I should be looking at? I'm in NA, but I've only ever used windows, commercial ISPs and commercial browsers. I know something about computers, enough to download software and install it. I manage to connect to private WoW servers. What's my next step to begin protecting my privacy?
  4. My main is always either a Mage or Warlock. Both of those are viable through TBC, although I'v been playing with Hunter quite a bit in Vanilla. I'll probably level a Holy Priest after those are done. Of course the last time I said that I leveled as Shadow and did very little actual healing. I'm at that point in life where I actually have more time to game. The kids are grown and I get to play with the grand kids, but the nice part about that is they get to go home with their parents. One of my grandsons is interested in tryiung out WoW, although he plays a lot of Assassin's Creed on XBox, but maybe we can get a three generation group going at some point.
  5. Ok, I like flying mounts and flying wherever I want to go when i want to go there. Improved flight paths just are not the same. I have no problem with making flying less of a means of avoiding PvP or aggro. I'm ok with being shot down or making it easier to target/attack people who are flying. Do a one shot hit breaks flying attack or something. I just want to be able to go wherever i want to go when I feel like it. Personally, I liked the dungeon finder. The only reason I ran dungeons most of the time was because of it. I remember spamming for groups forever and never filling a slot. I didn't mind queuing for a dungeon, and then fishing until my dungeon popped. I can see removing the teleport feature and extra loot rewards from dungeon finder and just using it as an improved looking for group/party matching service. I think you should still have to travel to the dungeon in the world, but the dungeon finder would just put the party together if you didn't have a premade or were missing a role/member. I think most of the abuse was a result of cross realm dungeon matching. You played with people from all across all of the servers. When there were millions of people playing they knew you were probably never going to ever see them again, so it promoted people acting like jerks. I doubt that's an issue here because there's probably only going to be one or two servers, and I doubt there will ever be cross realm matching for dungeons or raids. At most, you're looking at a player base of some thousands, so actual reputation and ignore lists are more relevant. I agree with removing a lot of the added teleport functions. They made the world smaller because people didn't have to go out and actually travel to where they needed or wanted to go. On the other hand, one thing I would have liked to have seen implemented was Mages being able to set a teleport point. They did something like this in WoD with the Ogre Stones or something. I thought it would have been cool for Mages to be able to teleport back to the last place they teleported from, or be able to designate a specific point that they could choose to teleport to by traveling there in the world and somehow marking the location for future reference as a teleport point.
  6. I have played all of the races in the game at one point or another. I will admit that I am a somewhat unrepentant altoholic, and I normally play multiple characters, jumping back and forth between them in a slow meander towards endgame. With that said, for me personally: Alliance:Most of my characters are Human. I prefer Nelf for hunter and I enjoy Gnomes on occasion. I tried a Dwarf once, but just couldn't get into the character. Horde: Mostly Orcs. I prefer Troll for Mages and Hunters. I've tried Tauren a couple of times, but never did much with them. I've tried to play Undead, but I just can't do it. I don't care for their starting zones and the attitude of the NPCs. I avoid the Undercity as much as possible. When TBC is available, I will be playing Belf. No question, my favorite race. They're as close to a High Elf as I'm going to get in WoW, and I prefer them to the treehuggers. I've played a couple of Draeni, but only female characters. I tried Goblins and Worgen, but just couldn't do it. Pandas killed retail for me and I quit the game until WoD. Hated Garrisons, and haven't been back to retail since. Ok, I've never rolled a panda...
  7. So, does this mean you would have to download and install a different client for the TBC content for the characters that you flag to be ported to the TBC realm? It's not really a problem for me because I already have different installations for 1.12.1 & 2.4.3, but my interfaces and addons are different for each client for different private servers.
  8. Vanilla raiding. Back when WoW launched, I was playing EvE Online pretty hardcore, and watched tons of people leave to go play the "new game" that came out. I was kind of pissed over it and watched our guild implode because so many people left to go play Warcraft. I resisted the urge to even try the game for a very long time. After I left EvE, a few guildies and I went to Star Wars Online and I stayed there until Sony killed the game. My Son finally talked me into trying WoW and I started somewhere in the middle of TBC. I played through most of WOTLK and then took a break. I came back during CATA for a while, but left when they announced Pandaland. I came back again for WoD and hated it. Haven't tried retail WoW since. I did some LFR stuff, but never got into a good raiding guild in WoW. Most of my raiding experience is from EvE and SWTOR, but I'm really loving the whole vanilla experience in the private server scene. I really want to do some lvl 60 endgame content in WoW and do 40 man raids. Swtor only had 8 and 16 raid groups. That and gold capped. I love the economy and playing the auction house, but I always spent gold almost as fast as i earned it. I had a too many alts and loved collecting flying mounts.
  9. In TBC, I consistently had around 6k - 8k gold on my main. I primarily played the auction house with a couple of addons. I'd scan the AH for items that were bid priced lower than the DE value, bid on them, and then DE them for the mats. I never sold an enchant as an enchanter, but I sold tons of enchanting mats on the AH. Reagents have no deposit price, so if they don't sell there's no cost involved and you don't lose anything. You just relist them until they sell. It amazes me that people will sell stuff on the AH for less than the vendor price. That's free money. They get what they were asking for the item, and you make a profit vendoring it. Very rarely, I'd try flipping items, but only if it was an amazing deal and the item was pretty rare. As far as farming went, I'd solo lower level dungeons, sell the cloth or use it and DE the gear, and then DE all the greens & blues to sell the mats. I used to run SFK a lot early on, and then the SM for silk cloth.
  10. Forget to mention, last night at about 8:00pm CST [GMT -6] there was about 1.5k online, and the cap was 3700.
  11. I tried it the other night. Eversong woods feels like easy mode compared to vanilla Elwynn forest. In vanilla, Kobolds were a challenge again, while in Hellground, I haven't done one corpse run in 13 levels. I noticed on Warlock, that it was taking 7 - 8 shadow bolts to kill a lvl 3 mob, but they hit for 1 damage, so you can stand there and tank 3 of them while burning them down. They give 2x XP so you can skip bugged quests, or you have the option to turn it off and take 1x XP. All in all, it is fun, if not particularly challenging. I'll continue on and see if it gets tougher, but I'm coming back here when CF launches.