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  1. That's good news, i'll keep an eye on that! thanks! As mentionned above, i checked, i just couldn't understand so to get rid any doupt, i prefered to ask. I don't know what generation you are refering to, i'm one of those that played wow since vanilla on retail so yeah, thanks for your intervention.
  2. Alright so i guess i can't expect a TBC server with CF quality before almost 2 years .. Thanks for your answers !
  3. Apparently 2 of you didn't understand me, i meant to ask if the server will come out in vanilla or in TBC. But Corporal answered me well =) So how long would it take to take it to BC once out ? 2 years somethign like that ?
  4. Hi everyone, i 've read a bit about that serveur, but it stays confuse for me. So i would have a simple question: When this server will come out, will it be in vanilla version or already in TBC version? Or maybe there is already a vanilla realm that will evolve to BC? Sorry if that subject has been talked about, i just couldn't find answers to that and didn't quite get it ! Cheers