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  1. Trying not to make this too long. I would be interested in hitting the ground running once this server goes live. While not looking to compete for server firsts, I would want to smash content as it is released. I generally work from home, so leveling isn't an issue. I can play any dps and shaman (any spec - separated due to their hybrid nature) with no troubles. I would be looking for at least 4 others that want to run consistently from day 1. I am currently leveling on Darrowshire to refresh the feels. Send me a PM here if you want to hook up on Darrowshire to chat a bit.
  2. I have lurked long enough. I have been following the Crestfall server for a while now, and figured that I would throw my hat in and introduce myself in the hopes that, once the server is live, to enjoy playing with many of you fine folks. A bit about me: I am in my 30's and played retail WoW from vanilla through Legion. During vanilla, I was on US-Crushridge within a guild called Distinct Advantage (and others). It was a horde guild, where I enjoyed many server firsts as priest (fell 8 splinters short for an Atiesh) a shaman, then later a mage. In BC, I was among the first guilds to down Black Temple. I quite enjoy the playstyle of vanilla as the community tends to be a bit more helpful (in terms of grouping) than many of the other expansions. I would be looking for an NA guild, preferred PST (late night). I haven't decided on alliance or horde. I tend to prefer the less populated faction due to a closer knit feeling. Anyways, cheers to you and I look forward to getting to know you all.
  3. Is this still happening? I have a few toons 20+ on alliance side. What is the guild needing? I would be more than happy to start bonding before Crestfall releases.