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  1. That's a very awesome and detailed reply. Btw, when you say medium-high... how much are we talking about? 80? 100?
  2. Here i was considering how to not die on certain raids after remembering that vanilla cared a lot about resistances. So, leaving out Molten Core for obviously requiring lots of fire resistance... What to do about the others? Zul'Gurub = Nature? Due to poisons? Blackwing/Onyxia = Fire? Shadow? Temple/Ruins of Ahn'Quiraj = ? Naxx = Frost? Arcane? Nature? It confuses me due to the quarter's specializations.
  3. IRL: I put on my lucky hat (a fishing boonie hat) and spin my chair 3 times. Ingame: Dance.
  4. Hello! So, for a little introduction, I'm your average member of a community like this. Played WoW for 6+ years, played several classes, had a nice laughter at something ridiculous happening in a very serious moment, got scammed by a gnome, woke up next to 2 goblin girls after drinking gods know how much Junglevine Wine at Booty Bay, etc. Just wanted to join the community for a bit, I'll return to my bubble now, so hello everyone and hopefully see you when CF launches!