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  1. http://wow.gamepedia.com/Cenarius#The_tauren There's absolutly nothing good on the elves. All the problems that gave and keep giving blizzard ideas for expansions were caused by elves be it directly or indirectly. They were the ones that opened the first gate to azeroth for the legion after all, right on the well of eternity to top it off.
  2. All the Yaungol used to live with Cenarius himself in the plains of central kalimdor (first pals of cenarius). On a second note, its worth mentioning that Xarantaur was granted with immortality by Nozdormu as well (genuine and legitimate immortality, not stolen from the life force of the planet... oh wait i forgot nelves are not immortal anymore, ouch). On a third note, druidism is a "modern" practice for the night elves; they were originally super addict of arcane energies and magics and in fact they looked down upon it. it.
  3. Love: Trolls. They were the original dominant species of Azeroth until the transformed trolls (night elves) blew everything up, literally, and every other species (minus tauren) invaded their lands. First mortal race to fight the old gods' armies and win on every single front, while the current races cant even ward off the corruption. Incredibly huge empires (bearing in mind that Zul'Drak was the smallest one), best great and glorious leader God King Rastakhan, actual technology and architecture, actual gods that can be talked to, capoeira, tusks, awesome hairdos, best stats. Much troll such cool wow. Hate: Elves, in general. Ever since the first elves appeared, they haven't stopped screwing up for a single minute for more than 10 thousand years. The Sundering (mainly), exiles invading Amani sacred grounds, said exiles teaching humans magic (the reason of why everything still kept going down the drain after the sundering, aka medivh, the portal, necromancers, warlocks, cultists, etc), turned into satyrs and joined the legion , turned into nagas and invaded everywhere, turned into harpies and filled everything with dirty feathers and bird dung, and almost blowing up the world again, twice (Mt Hyjal and Illidan's attempt to destroy Northrend and cause 2012). Emo racist xenophobic mages turned into vegans and drug addicts. Not cool.
  4. That's a very awesome and detailed reply. Btw, when you say medium-high... how much are we talking about? 80? 100?
  5. Here i was considering how to not die on certain raids after remembering that vanilla cared a lot about resistances. So, leaving out Molten Core for obviously requiring lots of fire resistance... What to do about the others? Zul'Gurub = Nature? Due to poisons? Blackwing/Onyxia = Fire? Shadow? Temple/Ruins of Ahn'Quiraj = ? Naxx = Frost? Arcane? Nature? It confuses me due to the quarter's specializations.
  6. IRL: I put on my lucky hat (a fishing boonie hat) and spin my chair 3 times. Ingame: Dance.
  7. Hello! So, for a little introduction, I'm your average member of a community like this. Played WoW for 6+ years, played several classes, had a nice laughter at something ridiculous happening in a very serious moment, got scammed by a gnome, woke up next to 2 goblin girls after drinking gods know how much Junglevine Wine at Booty Bay, etc. Just wanted to join the community for a bit, I'll return to my bubble now, so hello everyone and hopefully see you when CF launches!