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  1. Brilliant read, though I was kinda hoping for a "go here at x lvl, then here at y lvl" I realized by the end that what you gave me was more like a fishing pole, instead of just giving me the fish ! So, thanks for giving me the ability to fish sir ! I appreciate it -Chode, future UD Warlock.
  2. AHH ! Server cap ! Of course. And just to clarify, if my post came across as if I wanted there to be no pots/flask then I just have to learn to type better. Or re-learn basic english. I love going inn fully world buffed, with all consumes and wreaking havoc on the dps charts. Also spending so much time/gold on consumes makes it so you have to focus THAT much more on not over aggroing/missplaying ! But will there in that case be more then 1 pvp server, or will there be massive ques? hmm....
  3. Still have to find away arround the "Black Lotus" issue tho. If this server (pvp and pve) turns out half as popular as it seems right now, black lotus will be in HUGE demand. Causing either 1) Some insane prices, and some dedicated "cartells" to farm them all and rubbish the economy or 2) They would have to make Black Lotuses spawn rappidly so they are obtainable by the masses (or another way to prohibit flasks costing a minimum of 250 gold). Cause the average wow raider do not have the time to farm 500~ gold a week just for flasks, so that "backdoor" would be firmly closed
  4. Question for Q&A 2 ! So, I posted this question on another part of the forum, and got redirected here (thankfully). I read this statement from the FAQ: "We are going to be phasing items roughly in two sections, "Pre-1.9" and "Post-1.9", where items that were added to the game or changed after the 1.9 patch will all be added/updated at approximately the time of the AQ launch. " I just want to ask for a confirmation on that items like " Ban'thok Sash" and "Savage Gladiator Chain," Will not be updated to their "Useful" form before roughly AQ launch ? Aswell as not adding the bosses/questlines for the uppgraded t0.5 items before that time either? Thanks for taking the time to do these Q&A's and for all the work you do in general ! -Chode
  5. Thanks for the quick reply ! So that means no turban/hit belt (good caster items in general) before roughly AQ release ? Hmmm.... Trying to create some preraid bis list for my warlock. It is not easy ?
  6. Hey there people, sorry if this is answered anywhere else, but I atleast cant find it! And beeing on a smartphone any further search is kinda hard but from what ive seen on different class forums some suggest we will start with 1.12 items (aka the turban from UBRS, the cloth belt from arena having hit etc) And some suggest that all items will start as 1.3(?) Then get changed later. Is there anyone with a definite answer to this or is it undecided? (If anyone has a link to a thread where everything like this is discussed I would love a link) Thanks for your attention, and sorry again if this is answered before ! -Chode