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  1. Um most warrior gear is like that due to the fact blizzard didn't itemize dps warrior sets. Hoj/lionheart/Titanic/gladchain. You get your gear at level 55 and get 1 or 2 items out of mc/bwl/aq.
  2. Yesterday my 50 warrior died to 2 30 something grays outside Mara. Perma net and perma disarm. Later a mid 40s rare.. I got it to 75% before dying, then a shaman came up and destroyed it finishing with 75% Mana. Frustrating doesn't do it justice. The major issue with leveling warriors is no +hit and losing rage when all your attacks miss. Then you finally get into a Mara group and 4 people need the ring. I'm seriously considering warlock or mage for crestfall. Easy leveling and people beg you to be in every group and raid.
  3. More hp and damage means more fears/cleaves/breaths onto horde raids and not onto ally raids.
  4. Oh I was only talking about vanilla. I'm picturing a buffed nef or ony being ridiculous for horde in phase 3 because tank gets feared 2-3 times due to larger hp pools then the raid gets cleaved/breathed with buffed damage while alliance raids are collecting loot with fear ward.
  5. The encounters are "easy" because everyone knows what preraid gear and consumables to get plus already knowing the fights. If you are going to be blizzlike be blizzlike, if not then where does it end? Might as well change loot tables as well to compensate higher difficulty. Adding hp and damage also increases the racial imbalance of fear ward/kings/salv.
  6. Retuning the raids is a bad idea. The first time I went into MC on retail I had greens and some shadowcraft. Most of the people waiting on crestfall know every piece of preraid bis they need, where to get it, which librams, which potions to stack, and which enchants they need before the server even launches. Tanks will be BiS, flasked, defense capped.. that wasn't the case in retail. Most people know how to do every fight up till Naxx. The knowledge is what makes the encounters 'easy'. If they are going to change encounters then change the loot as well. Add 8 piece dps warrior sets to mc and bwl since there aren't any in the game. Add 8 piece feral sets as well.
  7. I raided as a ret belf in TBC so when he said hand of freedom and 5 min blessings I got confused.
  8. You forget paladin buffs are raid wide. Shaman totems only effect the group. That means you need 8 shamans out of a 40 person raid, 1 in each group, and you can only drop 1 totem from an element at a time, with a short radius and have to be recast throughout the fight and a new set on every trash pull. Shaman totems don't give a % buff which gets better as you get more gear like kings and salv.
  9. Fear ward, kings, and salvation are 100 times better than anything horde has and scales 100 times better than anything horde has. They trivialize pve mechanics that can wipe horde raids.
  10. Since the devs are doing tbc and vanilla at the same time give us access to vanilla arenas with vanity rewards. I would pay $$ for access to that.
  11. 20- crescent staff from WC quest 25 - outlaw sabre 1h from bfd quest (when the elite turtles spawn from the statue just drop a earthbind and kite them in a circle) outlaw sabre crits almost as hard as crescent staff and you get more reliable rage and damage from dual wield. I can't count how many times I died with a 2h because of miss miss parry dead. Using a white attack on a heroic strike with 2h is always a huge risk on equal level mobs.
  12. Making everyone suffer because people might farm isn't the solution. If retail had 3kish per server all spread out, crestfall will have 5k all spamming the log in when the server opens. It just sucks leveling and not being able to use a single herb node because there were none in barrens/razorhill. I am warming to the idea of leveling herbalism 0 to 300 once I hit 60 and slaughtering every level 21 ally in my path.
  13. Please increase herb spawns, having 1000 orc warriors that will all be alch makes it impossible to level herbalism before the population spreads out. If I have to ride through lowbie zones at 60 to level my profs I'm going to camp any Ally lowbie I find out of spite.
  14. The VPN ban also hurts botters which is awesome. Big blow to goldsellers and cheaters/exploiters. I love the brm war zone answer. Glorious.
  15. One thing would be to recognize the obvious and not get caught missing the forest for the tree. If a human paladin with named xiao is farming elites in epl 20 hours a day, doesnt do dungeons, bgs, or talk to anyone, that is a gold seller. If a warrior from grizzly has 5 days played and is 60 with epic mount and 300/300 professions.. he exploited and duped. People are going to try every trick in the book to reset dungeon bosses for preraid gear. The second the server goes live level 1 hackers are going to try and tp hack for every world chest and hack for the scholo chest and I hope there are people waiting to ban them. I think I read elsewhere that they are changing some things in the core to make tracking of hacking much easier, plus the vpn ban should stonewall mass botting. I'll really have faith when I see a player from a "big name" guild get banned for duping or instance exploiting.