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  1. Sorry to necro but this was one of the big posts that came up searching for dynamic respawn. Without a very very strong dynamic respawn for quest mobs especially the 0/1 named ones, you will have hundreds of people standing on top of each other tab spamming an instant cast. The best way to level will be to do no actual quests and just grind. That isn't blizzlike. That isn't fun. There is no point talking about classic server max population because that population was spread out and top heavy at 60. The first 3 days of cf will have that entire population doing the same 15 quests, it isn't even comparable. For orc horde sarkoth, the burning blade dude, the human captain dude, the island troll dude, bristleboar guys.. you are just tab spamming hoping to get a tag instead of actually enjoying the leveling process. The centaur quest and troll skulls quest in the first 7 levels are difficult normally, but with 3000 people they will be the best quests because you can walk up, take the item, and leave, because every single mob within 2 zones will be instantly slaughtered. It would be nice if questing was the fastest way to 60, but without crazy dynamic respawn for the first 30 levels.. it isn't. It shouldn't come down to " no big deal I'll just take 3 days off work grind 20 hours sleep 5 grind 20 then I will be ahead of the curve!" Don't even get me started on mining and herbalism.
  2. I am from the future and can confirm that people on reddit and 4chan will shit on every single project and act as if the sky is falling and the project is a failure 3 months before launch. The future is cloudy on me getting ironfoe/hoj/felstriker in 1 day. The future is dark on there being a US east horde raiding guild.
  3. Seems like the overall progress is being maximized at the expense of vanilla release date. I completely understand but don't like it. The voidwalker thing will be nice 2 years down the road or on whatever random ooze in vanilla but will only 1 person per group be able to complete the flag totem quest in ashenvale on day 1? Are you going to let known exploiters and hackers roll on the server or say "we have no proof of cheating" when they have full blues and epic mounts with 6 days played? I only speak for myself but I'm more concerned with vanilla functionality and security for hacking/exploiting than tbc stuff. Thanks for all your hard work so far
  4. Shaman. Soon as you can wf/cleave spam everything you are golden. Also at 60 with sham/war you can 2 man savage chain runs in brd, farm first pull aq20, and farm the lesser summon things in silithus. My question is, is there some way to level faster due to being in a 2 person group constantly? Definitely make sure you you do every quest in every dungeon, "LF3M 3 dps" should be easy in that regard. I tried towing a shaman as a warrior on kronos and it was a complete disaster. Finished every quest in barrens but too low level to do ashenvale. Hit STV with everyone 5 levels ahead of me and.. it wasn't pretty. However I was skipping random spawns and just doing quest objectives, I think the joana guide says kill everything you see to and from quest objectives. If someone knows a way to get a warrior to 60 in under 7 days played please let me know.
  5. Any zone 1-15. Having 40 people standing on each other trying to tag a mob before it is even visible is terrible. For any quest levels 1-20 I really really really wish the respawn rates were 10x faster. On Kronos my memories of leveling mostly center around grouping with a shaman hoping they an earth shock tag mobs for me.
  6. How do you pull emp without triggering all the trash? Asking for a friend..
  7. Hey I feel you, on feenix one day one of our rogues figured out a green weapon with a shadow damage proc was the top DPS item, next raid half our DPS was decked out in green shadow damage gear. I think stuff like that adds to the flavor of a private server as long as they fix it within a reasonable time.
  8. I wasn't aware being good made you run faster through the dungeon, swim through the lava faster, glitch through the door, then kill I think it is 8 pulls of trash before you pull EMP? 15 minutes doesn't make sense, then you are saying guilds are going to guild run a lvl 55 dungeon for months to get fury warriors 1 item? I will pay a lot of money to be in that guild if they are horde.
  9. I started cutting myself when he said he had his thunderfury before they got a fourth ironfoe that they were doing guild runs 7 days a week for. I would sell both my kidneys to be in a guild that farms ironfoes for warriors.
  10. OP is just bullshitting and trying to create panic. 4 runs per hour.. never in your life. Show me proof of anyone even doing 2 per hour then show me that group farming ironfoe. Never happened will never happen. Good luck finding a group to farm BRD for 3 weeks straight. Then you will die in torch room because of some clown and group will break up. Mages and warlocks that you need for torch room dont just farm brd. I've played on 3 vanilla servers all as warrior and it is completely impossible to "farm" emp, especially once people start getting their hoj's. DPS warrior itemization is on a complete different path than other classes. Lionheart, titanic, savage chain, ironfoe, felstriker... all of it is preraid. It must be nice to waltz into MC and have an 8 piece set plus trinkets necks and weapons waiting for your spec. OP should be shamed in public for intentionally ignoring that our bis gloves are a level 44 boe world drop. GET OUT OF HERE. OUT OUT OUT. OPs next post should be how to nerf feral druid gear.
  11. A great idea from their perspective, you let bad players do the content and technically produce "content" without actually doing anything.
  12. I raided extensively as 2h arms on al'akir. I was the first warrior with lionheart, titanic, and aracanite reaper on kronos but quit due to lack of US east guilds. There is and will always be a massive ignorance and bias against 2h raiding, I was the #1 dps for my guild mc through aq, didn't matter, nothing can change people's minds. So here is what you need to know 1. Horde only and you need a shaman in your group dropping windfury at all times. The windfury totem is your god and you should kneel before it. 2. A good connection, you need to get very good at timing and correctly using slam. 3. A lot of bullshit farming that other classes have handed to them. You will start to lose your sanity at 20 runs for your arena chest. Epic mount? I think you mean lionheart, titanic, and reaper. Set bonuses? forget it. mc and bwl have minimal pieces that you need, and most likely your guild will give equal opportunity to rogues and hunters for the rings and necks you need despite them having 8 piece sets. Some officer rogue that spends every raid afk invis will take your DFT. 4. Tanks will try to take 2h from you, good luck convincing your guild otherwise. 5. you need to be alch for your arc bars and you need a list of people who sell transmutes and when their cds are up. 6. You can beat every rogue in dps and your guild will still take 5 rogues over you. The benefits 1. You win any cleave situation. You are easily #1 dps in zg and aq20, you win phase 1 nef so hard your guild can move extra people to the other cubby. 2. Managing slam timings and rage plus cooldowns actually takes some effort instead of pressing frost bolt for 3 hours. 3. Don't have to respec to pvp 4. Offtanks are always helpful and you will be appreciated for that.