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  1. I read a lot, play the guitar, draw, paint and do sports. That's pretty much it
  2. What is actually really planed? I know that Crestfall aims to be as bizzlike as possible. But surely they won't ruin for instance AV like Blizz did. So are there any official statements on such things?
  3. Just stumbled over this. Opinions?
  4. Big fan of the godfather --> 8/10
  5. So you're the guy I always buy the highly overprised Oily Blackmouths from?!
  6. THIS! To 100%! In my opinion there is a certain path Blizzard follows with each Expansion. Most of the "new" mechanics aim to create a faster and more competitive e-sport game, which completely destroys the "soul" of the game, i.e. there is basically no interaction with the world anymore. The class trainer are useless, just as reagents. Being forced to have certain ingredients in order to be able to produce a campfire made it feel real. You have to be prepared when you leave the city. You never no what you will need. Maybe the fishing rod? Better take it with me. Leaving the city felt like an adventure. With the raid/dungeon finder and battlemasters you basically have no reason to leave the town at all. And even if you do so, with the flying mounts you will NEVER interact with other players or explore the world. I also dislike the radical class/fraction homogenization. A Tauren Paladin, a Night Elf Mage?! HOW?! It felt unique when only the Horde had the Shamans and Paladins belonged to the Alliance. But again, in the sense of a e-sport approach it makes of course sense that everyone has to be able to do everything.. Basically I would leave out everything which makes the game more "convenient" i.e. -no battlemaster -no raid/dungeon finder -keep the class trainer/ class trees -keep RPG elements (reagents, no questhelper etc.) -no flying -shaman = horde & pala = ally -no unnecessary simplification of the game (i.e. pulling 6 mobs solo and killing them easily)
  7. Actually I want to play a Blood Elve Mage. But this one will have to wait... So it probably will be a Forsaken Warlock or Priest
  8. Don't get all the hate for Gnomes. Would play them! #SizeDoesn'tMatter
  9. 1. Blood elves, Forsaken. Both have a very dark and interesting lore. I mean the undead died, had to kill and fight against their own families and friends. And after finally breaking free they had to deal with all the things they have seen and done. Same goes for the Blood elves. They suffered immensely during the war and are trying to find their place. 2. Tauren, Draenei, Human, Night elves 3. Gnome, Dwarf 4. Orc 5. Trolls (Just can't stand their stupid talking)
  10. Welcome! There are definitely some people around here who are interested in RP, so I'm sure you will find like-minded players.
  11. The only reason why Blizz is fighting so hart against private servers is money (obviously). Don't you guys think that full transparency is more likely to attract the attention of them, since they can see how much they lose due to the private server?
  12. Meh! Indeed it would be a nice feature but I think it's way too non-Blizz. Since the server plans to be as blizzlike as possible I don't think it will be implemented in Vanillla.
  13. Ah I see! I haven't read anything official about your obligations, but I suspected that you're not allowed to say anything.
  14. So how is the beta so far? Playable? Is still a lot of work to do? Could a Tester share his experiences? (As long as they're allowed to do so)