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  1. What does bof and bos mean? Edit: Forget it. I just realized.
  2. Greeting, everyone! My first topic here. First of all, I'd like to say that I love both sides of WoW, PVP and PVE and I never REALLY played vanilla WoW. I was pretty decided that I wanted to roll a Night Elf Druid on Crestfall, but then I started wondering how bad is to deal with both Purge and Dispell Magic when two of the druid's healing spells are HoTs. On the Horde side, their HoTs can only be dispelled by priests. Should I really be concerned about this? How BIG is this difference on the PVP aspect? I intent to play some semi-hardcore PVP. I'm not even getting into the racial skills discussion, since NE's are simply a joke, even worse for druids in my opinion. And my other questions is: which class would be the "less" negatively affected by high ping? I live in South America,so I'll probably play with around 240 ms. I know that melee is out of question, since everyone's position will be completely messed up on my screen. My first thought was to play hunter, but then I realized that traps will probably be a pain. So, what's your opinion?
  3. Welcome! I'm also using this forum to improve my english. If you have any interest in portuguese language, just let me know, I have no idea how hungarian sounds like, we can exchange some knowledge.
  4. Ohh... my avatar doesn't deserve such a low rate. Not fair. And it's not an owl either, not even related to them. It's a motherfucking Great Potoo or Giant Moon's Mother if translated from its native name. One of the coolest birds you can find in tropical America. But your pic is pretty nice. 8/10 maybe.
  5. 6/10. Cool colors, but... undead.
  6. Welcome fellow brazilian. My resto druid and your tank warrior will be good friends for sure.
  7. I just made my forum account a few days ago, but have being visiting anonymously for a long time. Keep going with the good work, you guys are awesome. Like a lot of people, I really appreciate what is happening here with these updates and all. My best thoughts to all of you volunteers. The hype is real again.