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  1. I have made this mistake before. Looking to see what is least played and rolling that. I won't do it again.
  2. I was raised on the early MMO's, which had extremely costly respeccing. I always liked it, that when I made a choice about my character, it was very important and not something easily reversed.
  3. That would not be appealing to me. I don't even like MMO's that drop my loot on death.
  4. I agree that custom respec costs are a bad thing. It's my understanding that respeccing will be true "blizz-like" on Crestfall.
  5. I think.... deep down my greatest fear is being alone, in this life and the next. Being a Hunter and always having a loyal companion at my side calms my dark places.
  6. I think CF's cap is right in a sweet spot. Enough to make the world feel alive, but without the overcrowding of Nost-like numbers.
  7. PvE servers are definitely not for me. But I understand why some people prefer it. If you don't enjoy PvP, I can see how PvE server is the clear choice.
  8. No. I don't want to lose all the fond memories I have of this game.
  9. Working out. Playing a little Madden football. Watching classic WoW vids. Watching Vanilla twitch streams.
  10. There are still plenty of new people joining the private server scene everyday. To assume that there is a stagnant pool of players to draw from, and that they're all tired of Vanilla, is silly.
  11. Will there be dynamic spawn rates for mobs, quest items, resource nodes?
  12. I will never tell! I'm a very mysterious person.
  13. Vanilla is my favorite version. TBC has some nice stuff, but flying mounts ruin it for me. I've been playing Vanilla for many years, and I never tire of it. Besides that, I don't classify Crestfall as just another Vanilla server. I think we'll see a new standard of quality set.
  14. I don't know what the devs are planning. But IMO dynamic spawn systems for mobs, quest items, and resource nodes, would be awesome.
  15. This would be a cool option for those who want it. However, I'm something of a purist, I prefer the old models.
  16. /patience mode on
  17. Yeah, he made great stuff. Though it was Myndflame's Zinwrath (Illegal Danish) that initially got me hooked on machinima. Now I find myself constantly rewatching all those classics from Oxhorn and others.
  18. I feel static node spawns that you can map out, is really lame. I'm a big fan of the random spawn idea. I'd love to hear details on how that will work on Crestfall. This would make for a cool hype vid. *hint hint nudge nudge*
  19. I did a forum search and didn't find one. So has there been any sort of semi-official schedule released?
  20. I've played TBC, and while it's good in some ways, I find Vanilla is the superior version. Certain things I simply cannot accept. Flying Mounts is one of them. It ruined my favorite aspect of the game, world PvP.
  21. Does my name give away my class choice? teeheehee I'm only interested in Vanilla. I can't remember the exact changes from each expansion, but when they took away Hunter melee, that was the absolute deal-breaker for me. And I recently tried Legion. Hunters feel terrible there. Not that I care, retail WoW became unplayable for me long ago. Vanilla Hunter for life
  22. Hiya fellow humans that share my love of WoW. I recently left Ely... ugh, I can't even say that name without gagging. Anyway, I've decided to take an extended break from my beloved WoW and wait for Crestfall. All indications are that this will be an amazing server, so I want to be there from the beginning. I will be rolling a Night Elf Hunter on the PvP server. And not for the flippy jumps (well maybe a lil bit), but mostly cuz I like to look hella sexy while I stomp hordies. Now I need to level up my Patience skill so I don't go insane in the coming months!
  23. There is so much about Hunters that is appealing to me. I love having a pet, of course. I love being a deadly archer, but also having melee skills (Counterattack). In that regard, hunters are a hybrid class. At least in PvP, which is my fav part of the game.
  24. Excellent! Thanks
  25. But I mean like specifics? As an example, will the Sunken Temple class quests be in at launch?