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  1. I do not see it that way. It's more like making it to mile 25, and saying... I simply cannot run anymore, and asking for help. To say "fuck it" would be to abandon the project. They are pushing forward, the only way they can.
  2. I totally understand why you guys have to do this, and I'm okay with it. People can criticize Elysium for some things, but you cannot deny that they've shown the ability to manage servers.
  3. I've been ready for Vanilla since TBC launched. Then on that glorious day in 2012 I discovered private servers, now I never have to be without my beloved Vanilla ever again.
  4. I was on PvP. Ah, those memories. Nost wasn't perfect, but it was a great server I'll never forget.
  5. I had several 60's on Nost. After they shut down I've basically been in WoW stasis. Tried Elysium, but left that server quickly, for a variety of reasons. I've since decided to take a break until Crestfall launch.
  6. Nothing has changed for me. I plan to be there on launch day, whether that is in 2017... or beyond.
  7. Wish I liked TBC, because I think this will actually be a quality server. But I just cannot get into any of the expansions. Even TBC, which I rank as the least sucky of all the x-packs.
  8. I'm a Vanilla only type of guy. None of the expansions appeal to me. Legion just continues the trend of modern WoW. That is, a polished game that feels more single player than MMO.
  9. I feel you. For me Vanilla WoW is the one game that I can totally lose myself in. Like total immersion where time flies by and I don't even realize how long I've been playing.
  10. I have made this mistake before. Looking to see what is least played and rolling that. I won't do it again.
  11. I was raised on the early MMO's, which had extremely costly respeccing. I always liked it, that when I made a choice about my character, it was very important and not something easily reversed.
  12. That would not be appealing to me. I don't even like MMO's that drop my loot on death.
  13. I agree that custom respec costs are a bad thing. It's my understanding that respeccing will be true "blizz-like" on Crestfall.
  14. I think.... deep down my greatest fear is being alone, in this life and the next. Being a Hunter and always having a loyal companion at my side calms my dark places.
  15. I think CF's cap is right in a sweet spot. Enough to make the world feel alive, but without the overcrowding of Nost-like numbers.
  16. PvE servers are definitely not for me. But I understand why some people prefer it. If you don't enjoy PvP, I can see how PvE server is the clear choice.
  17. No. I don't want to lose all the fond memories I have of this game.
  18. Working out. Playing a little Madden football. Watching classic WoW vids. Watching Vanilla twitch streams.
  19. There are still plenty of new people joining the private server scene everyday. To assume that there is a stagnant pool of players to draw from, and that they're all tired of Vanilla, is silly.
  20. Will there be dynamic spawn rates for mobs, quest items, resource nodes?
  21. I will never tell! I'm a very mysterious person.
  22. Vanilla is my favorite version. TBC has some nice stuff, but flying mounts ruin it for me. I've been playing Vanilla for many years, and I never tire of it. Besides that, I don't classify Crestfall as just another Vanilla server. I think we'll see a new standard of quality set.
  23. I don't know what the devs are planning. But IMO dynamic spawn systems for mobs, quest items, and resource nodes, would be awesome.
  24. This would be a cool option for those who want it. However, I'm something of a purist, I prefer the old models.
  25. /patience mode on