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  1. There is so much about Hunters that is appealing to me. I love having a pet, of course. I love being a deadly archer, but also having melee skills (Counterattack). In that regard, hunters are a hybrid class. At least in PvP, which is my fav part of the game.
  2. Excellent! Thanks
  3. I did a forum search and didn't find one. So has there been any sort of semi-official schedule released?
  4. But I mean like specifics? As an example, will the Sunken Temple class quests be in at launch?
  5. Hiya fellow humans that share my love of WoW. I recently left Ely... ugh, I can't even say that name without gagging. Anyway, I've decided to take an extended break from my beloved WoW and wait for Crestfall. All indications are that this will be an amazing server, so I want to be there from the beginning. I will be rolling a Night Elf Hunter on the PvP server. And not for the flippy jumps (well maybe a lil bit), but mostly cuz I like to look hella sexy while I stomp hordies. Now I need to level up my Patience skill so I don't go insane in the coming months!
  6. As an alchemist, fishing is definitely important to me. Also it's like meditation, I find it quite relaxing.
  7. This is awesome! I know many people don't care about fishing, but it's one of those little things in WoW that I love.
  8. Owl is my fav. It's my goto primary pet.
  9. Love... Night Elves. Everything about them. Being a tree-hugger myself, I'm all about that NE style. Hate... Humans. I don't know if hate is the right word. I just find them totally bland and I will literally never play one.
  10. I've watched it so many times, never gets old!
  11. Live to win!
  12. Negative, I am a meat popsicle.
  13. I am a Night Elf Hunter to the core.