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  1. Welcome to the forums!
  2. If they implemented this aswell release date might be 2031 instead of 2030! On a serious note, if you introduce stuff that is non-blizzlike like Flight Paths, why don't you just changes loads of stuff like WSG tree stumps, lower respec costs ... Yeah you probably get the point. It's a domino effect. It would definitely make things easier but then I don't play Vanilla WoW cause I want it easy. I want to know that everyone I am raiding with has put the time and dedication into leveling their character like I have. Maybe we should have the flight paths of pre 1.5.0 haha! Flight Paths Edit New Horde Flight Paths Valormok in Azshara - Bloodvenom Post in Felwood* Kargath in Badlands - Thorium Point in Searing Gorge* Flame Crest in Burning Steppes - Thorium Point in Searing Gorge* Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad - Revantusk Village in Hinterlands* Revantusk Village in Hinterlands New Alliance Flight Paths Ironforge - Thorium Point in Searing Gorge* Morgan's Vigil in the Burning Steppes - Thorium Point in Searing Gorge That would drive everyone insane trying to get to Molten Core or Blackwing Lair with World Buffs! ^^
  3. Welcome to the forums anyhow! Hmmm, there isn't any definite answer to this due to the ideal that it will become PTE, but within Vanilla there was no such thing and therefore 99% chance that it will not be implemented. Personally, I wouldn't mind BGs or arenas being cross-linked like Horde of the PvP vs Alliance of the PvE realm (the faction doesn't mix), but I hate the idea of Dungeon Finder or whatever it is called. You can ninja + be a dick + anything else bad just because no one in that group is from your realm. Vanilla thrived in my opinion in that people had certain Reputations. One guy might be a very good PuG leader that will clear Molten Core and Blackwing Lair with few issues, one guy is a ninja, the other is a PvP god. The more you introduce cross-realm activities, the more this kind of environment dies. TBC I believe introduced cross-realm BGs? So I wouldn't see why it couldn't be implemented for those servers. But i'll leave that expansion for those who know more than me to answer. I personally am only interested in Vanilla until the PTE makes the server i'm on go from Vanilla to TBC (after Naxx ofc). Then you have to consider Wrath aswell! It's still months of release mind - with possible changes expected from each of Darkrasp's updates. So you never know. But don't get your hopes up.
  4. I've been a lurker for over a year and the amount of stuff you have done for this project is amazing, but it's also good to see it hasn't stopped you enjoying or taking over your life. Do not feel guilty and it'll be a shame if you disappeared! Just a shame you'll be on the PvE server.
  5. Staff might not be a bad idea, however for high rated and such would be a bad idea when the server becomes alive and more people start using these forums, could very easily lose info. Also guilds could use this to their advantage making their guild recruitment post go on this widget by loads of upvotes.
  6. Personally, I think it would be better to have a Horde and an Alliance sub-topic for this section. Just to split them up and makes it easier for people to see the different guilds quicker and such. Thou shalt not be named server had just one big clog of guild recruitments that just looked a mess for those looking for certain guild archetypes. Just seeing what others think about this idea being implemented? *edit* Just realised there is a feedback topic area. If this could be moved there that would be amazing!
  7. That is the weirdest idea I have ever seen in my life for Private Servers. But at the same time, amazing. Doubt it would happen. But either way, if you can't deal with the tide of people. Don't play on the first server within a few weeks. Just be prepared to be ganked instead in STV. Its a lose / lose situation. Live with it, as similarly stated by Clavus.
  8. I'd rather they just gave me a week pass and then everyone else joins on time. Sounds better
  9. Yes you can, that was implented in 1.10 I believe.
  10. Reading these changes makes me excited for Crestfall. No Private Server has been able to copy those statistics within their own servers cause it takes too much work (or crashes their server due to the dodgy mangos etc) So to someone like me this is great to see this in action! I just hope the average person sees this!
  11. Agree with this completely.
  12. 6/10 reminds me of Sorin in Magic the Gathering and that bastard killed me way too many times with ultimates.
  13. Just level with a Voidwalker - that stops any Rogues from even thinking about jumping you, your only real worry then is casters - which you can see coming from a mile off - in PvP servers I went 5/5 in Corruption then got Master Summoner - this allowed me to change pets or summon another voidwalker for PvP scenarios. You basically become unkillable. Indeed at level 46 (cause 5/5 in corruption) Soul Link is amazing in 1v1 scenarios because you can resummon your pet after a Sacrifice on your Voidwalker through the use of Master Summoner talents + Fel Domination. Also double summoning on pets make elites a lot easier - this all depends on how well Torment is scripted! If it is done properly then it should be a threat increase not a taunt. (Correct me if im mistaken!)
  14. To continue with this topic - i'm rolling Troll (ofc female cause males look stupid af) Rogue cause i'm a PvE tryhard Also i want to compare berserking to an undead Rogue in boss situations on Horde Side. Never raided on Horde always been Alliance My alt which I will be leveling will be a Orc Hunter or Undead Mage, for farming reasons - this does depend on what is economically viable on Crestfall - will be comparing DME farming to Maraudon etc.
  15. You sir, have just made my day.