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  1. Yes you can, that was implented in 1.10 I believe.
  2. Reading these changes makes me excited for Crestfall. No Private Server has been able to copy those statistics within their own servers cause it takes too much work (or crashes their server due to the dodgy mangos etc) So to someone like me this is great to see this in action! I just hope the average person sees this!
  3. Agree with this completely.
  4. 6/10 reminds me of Sorin in Magic the Gathering and that bastard killed me way too many times with ultimates.
  5. Just level with a Voidwalker - that stops any Rogues from even thinking about jumping you, your only real worry then is casters - which you can see coming from a mile off - in PvP servers I went 5/5 in Corruption then got Master Summoner - this allowed me to change pets or summon another voidwalker for PvP scenarios. You basically become unkillable. Indeed at level 46 (cause 5/5 in corruption) Soul Link is amazing in 1v1 scenarios because you can resummon your pet after a Sacrifice on your Voidwalker through the use of Master Summoner talents + Fel Domination. Also double summoning on pets make elites a lot easier - this all depends on how well Torment is scripted! If it is done properly then it should be a threat increase not a taunt. (Correct me if im mistaken!)
  6. To continue with this topic - i'm rolling Troll (ofc female cause males look stupid af) Rogue cause i'm a PvE tryhard Also i want to compare berserking to an undead Rogue in boss situations on Horde Side. Never raided on Horde always been Alliance My alt which I will be leveling will be a Orc Hunter or Undead Mage, for farming reasons - this does depend on what is economically viable on Crestfall - will be comparing DME farming to Maraudon etc.
  7. You sir, have just made my day.
  8. Hunter does actually very respectable-good dps in Molten Core when everyone is in Pre-raid BiS, specially on certain bosses when you can use your pet. Every class is viable, but not every spec is - keep that in mind. Also some classes are required a lot more than others - you'll only see 3 hunters (4 at a push) in guilds really worth mentioning once you look past BWL.
  9. I've seen suggestions of 25months because that was the vanilla experience, but if you include that it took 77 days to kill Nefarian (assume that he is cleared on the day of release) + 154 days of Ragnaros being killed. Ok this figure isn't entirely accurate when you take into account that he was released when people were actually leveling up. So take into account the average of like, lets say 35days IRL for people to set up a 40man raid team with sufficient gear from blues from dungeons etc and leveling time. If we compare that Onyxia was slain in 69days. That means you will be looking at 77+119 = 196 days that it took these people to clear this content. So if we take into account that is lets say 6 1/2 months. Then 25-6.5 = 18.5months. This is how long I would expect to be doing vanilla content. We will not take AQ or Naxx here because that is content that, most of us private server junkies have never seen done properly. (Rebirth + Feenix as shit example). Now of course all these mathematics are not entirely accurate and also can be based upon assumptions or points of view. But there is really little need to have the server stay in MC or BWL until entire raid guilds get full BiS from that instance. Look at the gear of some of the elitist guilds like NOPE / Coalition from Anathema/Nost. They literally were BiS geared waiting for AQ. That shouldn't happen. The BEST guilds should be looking at attaining around 70-80% BiS and "casual" guilds should be looking at like 40-60%. Again based upon assumptions but you cant argue that walking into AQ with full T2 + every melee with DrakeFang etc is just shit. You want a challenge right? Well stop trying to delay the timelines and grow a pair. I would honestly love AQ to be released when only the MT + 1 OT is full T2, maybe not even that.
  10. Hello, i've been around many Private Servers and playtested a few of them. I worked alongside Suzerain for bug-testing etc on Old Elysium which was miles better than the shit it is now. I can't stand huge population which the 5k cap on Crestfall really interests me. I've been hiding around reading the forums since the beginning of this project but have only just now made me account to say hello. I always keep myself busy with playing Vanilla WoW and have played on the majority of them. I read Darkrasp's updates regularly and that also gives me a lot of trust within this project. I will be playing on Horde Side on the PvP server as i've usually played on the Alliance side but need a new challenge (change) towards end-game and raiding!
  11. It's a very good start to lure people in. No private server has ever got Fishing right. Elysium the worst of them all. Do they even have fishing yet? Exciting times! Mob Pathing is the next biggest thing i'd love to see, but small steps lead to great adventures.
  12. My favourite race would have to be Orcs, sorry to be a stereotypical "Lok'tar Ogar". But I aboslutely love their lore. Playing Warcraft 2 and 3 just made me want to delve into it either further. Also Broxigar is a miles better hero than any other character in the Warcraft Universe, as much as the book itself was a bit weird to introduce an orc into Night Elf lore when they didnt even know what they were in the Warcraft 3 mission? So definite orc! (although i'll be playing Troll or Undead depending which class i go.) My most hated race has to be Naga or Murloc, anything that involves swimming. (non-playable race) Most hated playable race would have to be probably Gnome, I just find their lore so, tedious? Also I just can't play them, too small.
  13. Time to be a Human Paladin called Ragnaros. It's my time to shine.
  14. People are so desperate for a TBC server atm that they will hop on any wagon, even if it only has 3 square wheels like PlayTBC. I wouldn't be shocked if they made a lot of revenue just from that restart. All I can say is that I never trusted Hellground and I'm happy I never went.
  15. I knew I remembered reading that! You sir, are a legend.
  16. I haven't done a lot of hardcore pvp, TBC was my time during that stage but that was a completely different honor system I've been reading around and something about the honor system won't be implemented until later on or something? Now I could have read this completely wrong has it was weeks/months ago. But will ranks be available at the start / can you rank up? Also is there any confirmation about BGs being available from the start? I assume AV won't be until Dire Maul?
  17. This is singlehandly the best thing i've ever seen to match a thread topic.
  18. I was around these forums probably once a day until the turn of 2017. Now it's a lot more often, desperate for a timeline to book some holidays off work for server release
  19. Agreed, population was a big problem towards the end and there were only like 3 raiding guilds at the time left. MCST us and Gnarly. Until the eventual arrival of Nost characters, but then the scripting went to shit after that, as while as decision making.
  20. Meet you on the Battlefield
  21. It's certainly not possible in a raid setting. Even Molten Core will kill you. Are we talking about the possibility of Off-tanking + enhancement dps in Dungeons? Cause it is certainly possible to equip a shield with Rockbiter and take one mob, specially when considering the potential to kite aswell with earthbind/Earth Shock (since Earth Shock deals extra threat). If we look at Main Tanking a Stratholme, I just don't see it statistically. You lack so much armor, even with 5/5 toughness etc. Also the lack of Shield Block and Cooldowns to help you survive in moments of panic (Shield Wall, Challenging Roar, BoPing the Healer/mage to name a few to prevent a wipe on a bad pull). Warriors and Druids have a lot more capability to survive before needing that first heal (which gives you more time to build up AoE threat) due to having a higher HP pool/mitigation from Bearform/Defensive Stance + the possible gear pickups. While also Warriors/Druids have Demo Shout which ok, Battle Shout on bow pull is 55 threat per application aswell making up to 275 threat. You also lack a taunt - which is absolutely huge for not having to worry about building threat on *skull*. Also earning 1 point of Rage gives 5 threat to each mob, without doing anything (bloodrage on pull?) Yes ok you have Lightning Shield, but you'll be OOM after casting that 2-3 times in a fight (it costs 400mana - you'll be lucky to have over 3.5k?). Also it deals zero threat to casters (because melee will take the stacks) and its casters that are bastards to worry about. Not to mention you'll be OOM after each pull without mana potions etc with you. So you'll be incredibly slow for the group, never mind how much focus the healer will have to give you that ANY aoe on the dps will kill them or you. He cant keep the tanking shaman AND dps up as Shamans have zero +defence skill while also there is no gear for them to acquire that gives them that. Except 20 def from the mail chest in BRD arena (epic one) In the end though, this can only be proven through testing. I haven't done any Shaman tanking for over 10years but theorycrafting-wise. It won't, specially for people just dinging 60. But as with everything, go out and prove me wrong. If you do so, congratulations.
  22. Beat me to it haha!
  23. I used to do Shaman tanking back in the day while leveling. But the moment I got to Razorfen Kraul/Scarlet Monastry you fall off so hard in terms of threat and survival-ability that it is just not viable, I only managed to tank RFK and SM due to leveling with a very good priest (who knew how to use fade ) and a mage that knew how to CC everything. You literally cant pull more than one mob. If you spec perfectly for it you can JUST manage up to Armory. But nowadays, you'll get laughed at by everyone so you won't get a group if you are looking to tank. Unfortuately the reason you cant find a Shaman tanking guide is because, it's crap. You have no damage reduction talents/abilities apart from stoneskin totem. While wearing leather/mail gear (depending on level). There was never any enhancement tanking in raids, I can't even think of any on my server that even did it for 5mans. Tbf it's probably cause you get one-shot and dont have any aoe threat even compared to a Warrior. The ONLY "viable" enhancement shaman in raids if the possiblity of going a Nightfall Enhancement Shaman with a very heavy caster composition. But even then the proc rate is terrible compared to a warrior casting hamstring, not to mention your mana problems.
  24. I've been a lurker on this forum for months - but as I stated on another thread, just created this account. All I can say is a well deserved position and a great post to go with it. The only thing i'll ask is that a FAQ on certain things on how the server will run differently to most servers. For example how the PvP system will work and also a place to announce that PvP gear will be in its pre-nerfed state? I can imagine for most people looking towards this server there is a lot of 2016 stuff that contains a lot of knowledge that i'm assuming most people would like to know.
  25. The only thing I would change is there to be certain vendors at differing spots. For example alliance don't have a repair vendor in Southern Felwood to my belief. You have to travel all the way to the north to that little village for repairs. I wouldn't put anything in that would change the whole vanilla game. Just Quality of Life changes. But in my opinion along with some of the others on this forum. Leave it as it is. If you introduce a repair-vendor at Felwood. Why not do x or y or z. People are greedy and will do anything that will give their class or themselves an advantage. The only changes I would ever propose is to find ways to stop the economy from going crazy. Like DM-N Hunter farming as some have pointed out rightly. I also believe Darkrasp has said this aswell? Limiting DM-E farm potential. You should never really be able to farm more than 100g an hour unless you get REALLY LUCKY. Like finding the Quel book etc. When I think of certain server issues I have encountered. Old Elysium had a HUGE problem with DM-E farming. On my Holy Priest i was able to farm around 150g an hour. My in-guild friend on his paladin could kill the plants even faster with certain aoe pieces looking at around 200g as he could also pick the Gromsblood that spawned there. With all the herbs they dropped as well as the greys. This was silly. I only did it because everyone was. You have to keep up - I don't want DM-E farming to be canceled or useless (plants giving no items) but make it possible to farm just reduce the item drops? So that the gold potential is a lot less. The 3 major things that kill Private Servers is : 1. Gold + economy issues. You can't buy enchants, materials without cheating/gold buying. 2. Which leads into point 1. - A lack of people joining or leveling on the server, guilds need to recruit = people get burnt out. It's life! 3. Trust into the devs - decision making/coding of the server. If you implent too many non-blizzlike changes you will lose the trust of people. Just look at Elysium/Anathema atm. It's a shithole but I saw that coming when Shenna took control over it with the old characters coming back.