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  1. People falling for this
  2. Dead topic is dead. You'd have more luck asking any questions of another project, directly to that project.
  3. Unless you have irl things holding you up, don't miss out on launch experiences. It's such a unique thing and you will meet many people.
  4. Stop taking the damn bait. It really is that simple. The more you respond the more they grow hungry, I would have thought everyone knew this by now. Support the team, sure. To go full control the record without any product to play is a step too far.
  5. guide

    Were changes made to the amount of threat generated through using battle shout in Burning Crusade compared to Vanilla where it offers smart tactical use?
  6. Are you having a giggle? I'm sure the Nos team being the voice of letting Blizz know people want Vanilla and then making a threat (albeit an empty one) should they not announce legacy at Blizzcon this year is doing wonders for the legacy movements reputation.
  7. Even if the database or source finds itself to be released the team produced at least one statement clearly saying they alone have sole control over this. Then they took IRL pics with the company. At this point that team did great work but it is now turning into stunts with silly statements which have and will amount to nothing more than hot air. I don't say these things to hate or bash, but I genuinely feel sorry for the fans who believe in the hype from the stunts and the youtubers who peddle them and can't see how they have backed themselves into a corner.
  8. This. It is sad to see youtubers continue to feed the attempts to stay relevant. What I can't understand is how people miss and ignore the glaringly obvious issues in the attention seeking statements.
  9. Good news for the pristine crowd.
  10. Fabled weapons turned common coupled with Kara and Alcaz reused produce a measure of disappointment.
  11. Drain hit on fishing and cooking, a great combination that will help you in a multitude of ways. First aid is always a useful addition.
  12. In the past mining/blacksmith on the tank from the beginning and throughout, and then alc/herb on another character, skinning/lw, and so on. The professions always get done so consumables can be made whilst retaining gold and even making it. Cooking and fishing naturally maxed and used. Any tips on the tanks profs? I'd at the very least like mining on it but I feel herb paired with it as you level to soak up all the mats encountered, and then at max level going for blacksmith or engineering to complement mining.
  13. Document your experience through the world and with the people you meet from the beginning.
  14. I would be genuinely shocked to see slow numbers, not with the world wide attention vanilla received recently and the teamwork and effort displayed to date. Much of this to me appears to stem from a feeling of anxiousness due to the automatically upgrading to TBC suggestion and people not managing to experience the content before it is made obsolete. It's numbers dependent, having an option to continue as you were through opting into TBC or moving to a vanilla only, which would avoid starting from scratch through character copy. At the end of the day we can only see how things move along and bounce suggestions and ideas around.