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  1. Congratulation from my side as well . I would like to ask, what is planned for pvp. When Elysium launched( to my knowledge) they opened wsg and ab ( allthough wsg shouldn't be available at Launch if we're talking patch 1.1., ab even less. ) And they opened maraudon as well. Something I can understand and somewhat appreciated. But how is Crestfall going to handle this? Will there be only the 1.1 stuff? Will there be maraudon from Launch. WIll there be bg's, at least one? And if not, will lthere be at least the honor System? Thank you for your answers in advance :).
  2. I haven't, ultimately, decided yet what I will do but I really like your Idea. In my humble opinion, you shoúld give a really fitting Name. Something like "Guard of Lothar" , "Blades of Lordaeron" or "Light's Vengeance". Something around that. Possibly something with "Guard" " Army " or so in it. That makes it easier to refer to and more immersive. You could even think about giving Players ranks in the guild which equal their pvp rank. ( Apart from moderating ranks and the guildmasters Rank.) Something like that. I like it, haven't decided yet, but I like it.
  3. There should also be some Hinterland quests missing. Rune of the Guard captain for example.
  4. Don't think they will do thatit, because in that case the dungeon loot would be very different from what was available on retail and that would seriously influence raid Progression. And I would find it quite sad to be honest.
  5. Greetings, welcome to Vanilla. You better safe up that number for ordering Pizza. To your questions: The Second and fourth question can be answered with a simple: Things will be like they were in Vanilla. Obvious buggs will be fixxed ofc but it will include vanillas flaws. ( At least as I far the Server philosophy so far ) The first question is a bit more tricky. It's not true that Classes had only one viable specc, but many Players played the classes wrong back in the day which gave a wrong Impression ( a good example would be a cat which Needs different stats from a rogue but Players just ran with rogue gear and wear suprised about their low damage ). But there are speccs that really do struggle in pve. To that List I would include: Elemental Shamans and Moonkins ( due to resistance and mana Problems) , Sublety Rogues , Shadow Priests ( mana again), Beastmasters ( because your pet's damage doesn't scale with yours. It might work in early gear stages but not on the Long term), kitty druids, Protection Paladins (You go for deff or for mana gear, you see the Problem) , Retribution Paladins, enhancement shamans and I would like to include arms Warriors. Not because their damage is low but they Need to skill Deep wounds to do damage and that kicks off a debuff of the raidboss. Now that doesn't mean you can't Play these speccs but it will either take more dedication (aka farming for consumeables to Balance out the flaws, especially mana pots) or strange Setups ( like a Retribution Paladin with Thunderfury). However some of These speccs have great raid Support. The Shadow Priest buffs the warlocks shadow bolts, the kitty gives crit to melees and hunters, the moonkin gives spellcrit, the shaman or retri Paladin could wear nightfall ( a weapon which intself is mediocre but increases the bosses vulnerablity to spells) and so on. Some however are very niche, like a protection Paladin who is great at getting aggro quickly, especially on large trash Groups but you rarely have These large trash Groups and a feral druid is also a good aoe tank ( though not as good a Paladin). If you want to Play one of These speccs, you shouldn't be discouraged, but really think it through and spent some time reading guides and all that to get the best out of it. And you may want to choose your guild wisely, because some guilds are to hesitant ( or ignorant) to accept "alternative " speccs. Oh and about Tbc. To my knowledge there will be a second Server opened up, to which you can Transfer your lvl 60 from the vanilla realm, but that will delete the char on the vanilla realm. It is real Transfer, not a copy. I hope I could help you a bit. I myself am rather new to Crestfall, so small Details might have slipped through. For the first question you will find quite a few different, lets call them Points of view ( from my poinf of view the jedi are evil!). Which you all the best and will the holy Light forever shine upon you. If you Play Alliance, that is. If you go Horde I will crush your skull with my holy Hammer. Eldarion
  6. The 4 best Classes in my Opinion are Paladin, Druid, Hunter and Mage. The Mage is a god when it Comes to frostgrinding and very cost efficient due ot being able to make his own water. The Druid is great at fighting big targethers, higher lvl Mobs and the like. As a feral, especially as heart of the wild, he is also very versatile and mana conservant. Hunters are easy and very laid back to Level up. They are mana conservant but not as versatile as a druid. Paladins are great du to their high armor, survival capabilities and healing of course. But they Need a lot of mana, which sometimes becomes an issue. The next "Tier " I guess would be Warlocks, Priests and Shamans Warlocks can theoritically survive forever and control up to 3 Mobs of all Kind but takes a lot of Skill, plus Mana ( though less of an issue for them) can become a Problem) Shamans and Priests still can heal and are versatile but they both Need a lot of mana and sometimes take a lot of damage. The two most difficult classes are Warrior and Rogue. Rogue takes a lot of damage and has like no survivability. The same goes for warriors ( though they take less damage) but I have to admit, when you hit lvl 40 and get blood fury, things et a lot smoother
  7. Thank you .
  8. I will be a Paladin .
  9. Ahh thanks for clarifiying. I guess you can Count me in. I don't have a Name for my character yet but If my plan doesn't Change I will be leveling up Engineering and Mining, so I will probably have to work with leatherworkers most of the time
  10. I'm a bit confused. is this only for the beta or also for the time after the real Launch?
  11. I like the way they treat those multiple strike proccs. I understand that it may concerns a few Horde Players but honestly, a mechanic which rewards Players for just stacking extra strike affects seems to be harmful for the game, at least for me. I remember there was that post from a warrior ,requesting to nerf Ironfoe because extra strike procs on procs on procs make it so op, that a warrior wouldn't Chance Ironfoe for like the entire game up until maybe naxx. With Darkrasps Approach on limiting those possible proccs by making sure they don't procc of themselves or in a row, that also fixes that Ironfoe Issue. Ironfoe is still going to be strong but not THAT dominant weapon for the entire Expansion.
  12. For me, everythign that is lore or rpg related is very important, so class quests, faction conflict ( like Toreks assault). Also. I love rare spawns and I love them with correct loot tables, so thats another Thing The third Thing would probably be correct spell animations ( on Elysium there was that waterform bug that gave you the buff but not the appreance).
  13. Oh Elysium, the owlkin in the hinterlands are skinnable. They drop thick leather. I don't know if thats supposed to be the case but I think so.
  14. Spirit is pretty much useless for Paladins apart form leveling, aye. But Humans also have that Reputation Bonus and their stealth detection is pretty neat for pvp, especially objetives.
  15. Will be a male Human for me! Female Humans hold their Weapons in a better way( They actually protect themselves with their Offhands^^) But the Tier Sets just llook better on a male character + I prefer his healing Animations.