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  1. Nice one. But no, not really. I only wanted to know if they ever made it "public". I mean it is known for Elysium so I thought they might have posted it somewhere. not the Provider or something ofc, simply a rough Location. If it's somewhere in europe thats just fine for me. I was worried it might be hosted in america hence why I brought up felmyst. Judging by the replys though, I think they haven't stated it anywhere. P.S. Some of the replys were actually pretty funny :o.
  2. Hey, I know the Server is taking it's sweet time. But we can expect a phenomenal experience ( better then retail at Launch for sure). Also they are building up Tbc as well soo ist a Long wait now, yes. But it will pay off in the future.
  3. Greetings, the whole Felmyst Thing got me a Little concerned. As far as I know, Elysium is "safe" from cease and desist letter, because they are hosted in France and the Devs are sitting in Russia. Where will Crestfall be hosted, do we have a similar "protection"?
  4. Haha. Judging by a style Point of view, female nightelves "scale" best with the sets from an optical Point of view, though tauren look great in Tier 1 and Tier 2 As well. Tier 3 Looks best with a male nightelf though.
  5. Ahh thought nigt elves make the better tanks. I actually like that, the bear is just more Fitting for the tauren. Though night elves should be the better cats. Just would be more Fitting.
  6. To my knowledge, night elf bears have the edge hear. 5 % Stamina is great of course, but Druids also dodge a lot and having 1% more Dodge is better as far as I know.
  7. I can only speak for myself but I allways enjoyed leveling in Hybrid Speccs ( Heck I love the Hybrid Idea in General). As a Paladin, I Play as an offensive holy. As a Priest, Discipline works just fine. ( With Spirit Tap of course and a lot of wanding) As a druid, heart of the Wild makes me perfect for every dungeon and probably even a better tank while leveling, because my gear scales better then warrior's does. I admidtable never really leveled a resto shaman, but I can really imagine going into resto until like the hitcap or natures swiftnes maybe and do the rest with a mixture of onehanded enhancement and a bit of ele.
  8. I like that! However...I am a bit unsure about the battlegrounds. Why would you release all at once? I get Elysiums Approach for implementing the "small" Battlegrounds because they don't bring that powerful av gear and are easier to organize, I would also get implementing warsong and and alterac to be blizzlike but why are you implementing all at once? It's not like it bugs me because AB is my all time favorite anyway but if confuses me
  9. Can't give you any calculations right now, ist been a Long time. I'm just speaking out of experience and if I went burst like that, the Mobs allways went down pretty quickly.
  10. Well it goes like that You judge Crusader, apply righteusnes, cast concecration, Use Holy Shock (with divine favor if needed), judge Righteusness, reapply it and if the mob isn't dead by then or allmost dead, continue with concecration and Rightneusness. Ist Mana consuming thouth.
  11. I'll leave the moonkin Topic to Elicas. *lays out Cookies* But for the Paladin I still have to disagree. Paladins have great Burst damage, as stated above and you shouldn't underistimate the armor. Paladins are known for allmost never dying for a reason, for Solo Leveling there are far stronger then any other Healer, apart from a Druid who doesn't even Need to use his Mana.
  12. I do like your list but I would disagree in two Points. First the Moonkin. I have to admit, I never raided endgame as a moonkin myself. But ´from all I've heard ( and also General sense cause casters scale so high with spell crit) they can't be weak even at hardcore raiding. Maybe not the strongest but surely not weak. And the Paladin. You probably had a pure healing Paladin in mind but even those are strong on farming / leveling compared to others healers. They take less damage due to their armor, have a similar amount of healing power and they do okayish damage with some great burst potencial ( especially in the plaguelands), which comes at the cost of a lot of mana though. Best Wishes! Eldarion
  13. Congratulation from my side as well . I would like to ask, what is planned for pvp. When Elysium launched( to my knowledge) they opened wsg and ab ( allthough wsg shouldn't be available at Launch if we're talking patch 1.1., ab even less. ) And they opened maraudon as well. Something I can understand and somewhat appreciated. But how is Crestfall going to handle this? Will there be only the 1.1 stuff? Will there be maraudon from Launch. WIll there be bg's, at least one? And if not, will lthere be at least the honor System? Thank you for your answers in advance :).
  14. I haven't, ultimately, decided yet what I will do but I really like your Idea. In my humble opinion, you shoúld give a really fitting Name. Something like "Guard of Lothar" , "Blades of Lordaeron" or "Light's Vengeance". Something around that. Possibly something with "Guard" " Army " or so in it. That makes it easier to refer to and more immersive. You could even think about giving Players ranks in the guild which equal their pvp rank. ( Apart from moderating ranks and the guildmasters Rank.) Something like that. I like it, haven't decided yet, but I like it.
  15. There should also be some Hinterland quests missing. Rune of the Guard captain for example.