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  1. So much love for the creator, lol. No wonder the guy is on a mini-vacation
  2. Hi there If you search the forum a bit I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for ,mate As one of the other members stated, alas, we cannot advertise other servers(or atleast it's not very nice). As for server release, we can either get a soonish underdone world with alot of annoying bugs and glitches or we can hope to play here this year(even if it's more like the beginning or the next) but in a more complete and carefree realm with minimal headaches. Hope this clarifies things! If you're smart about it you may find people from this forum in a working server, "cooling their heads" Cheers, and best of luck!
  3. At what point are more beta testers going to be inserted into the pool ? And how will that be done.
  4. Hello ,I'm new to this server scene. I've completed my application to testing ,any word at this time ? I could contribute to this cause probably until the end of MAY. Probably after September but that's a long way. So if there's anything I can do to help ,let me know. I'm ready and willing ,this game (esp. vanilla) is worth it. I remember a lot of 1-30 leveling and progression ,I've looked up quests ,prof.quests and I love fishing ,so I can test your fishing if you want to
  5. Very nice mindset guys, I like it. I was wondering what to play but I would definitely go for a NE druid.