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  1. Atm, I'm still reconsidering bewteen Shammy, Priest, Mage. But as Shammy I would like to go dps spec at least in PvP and before WotLK they're ... meh... Actually trying out all three of them on some WotLK instant (I don't know if it's the best idea since CF starts on Vanilla and it takes couple years to get on WotLK), but I'm trying to figure out which one is the most enjoyable for me. Yesterday I was playing fire mage pvp and it was super fun, but classes changed so much from vanilla - wotlk, and also they changed after wotlk so much that I'm not sure if it's right to make decisions according to my experience on wotlk instant 80 (former arena-tournament, you probably know what server i'm referring to) EDIT: i'm just kinda upset of mage state in TBC (pve wise, in pvp they should be strong?), otherwise I would probably give it a try...
  2. Hello folks! I'm newcomer on this server, really excited about PTE idea, could be awesome. Tbh, I don't actually care if management of website etc will belong to elysium untill we get quality server we have been promised. Actually thinking about what class was considered decent during all expansions in both way PvP and PvE. Thinking of : Shaman, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Hunter. I like the lore of Shaman class, but I know that Shammy is often considered OP merely in Resto spec in both pvp and pve. Even though i like healing, I found enha/ele fun and it makes me feel upset that forums are full of whining that they can't reach high arena ratings, you won't get spot in raid as enha/ele (now and then in different patches of different xpacs). Because I like healing, I'm thinking of Priest, but again, playing shadow sometimes would be great. In Vanilla priest is mostly go to class when it comes to healing, and in later xpansions you will never enjoy the feeling of being sometimes top DPS. When i was reading some forums, often found that in like wotlk and later shadow was like no skill class, everyone can play it etc etc. Mage. Big numbers - oh, how I love them! BUT i experienced TBC PvE mages just sitting outside of raid and being mobile McDonalds. Not beacuse their dps was bad, but because warlocks were superior and there was no reason to take mage over warlock. In PvP they were always kinda good? Or at least decent? Or am I wrong? But they can't heal, I like healing but let's consider just they viability in a long shot. Warlock - completely mess in Vanilla. Absolutely dominating in TBC in both pvp and pve. After TBC ... in 1v1 not the best, but good ones. Also don't wanna pick up a spec only because of one xpansion where they were OP, maybe two (including wotlk?), but what about them in cata, mop, wod? Hunter. Always viable, not the best, funny and boring at the same time. From private servers I also experienced bugged pets, so pet management isn't very comfortable. But having personal tank comes handy. But we all know that rumors and gossips about how huntards and how easy faceroll class they're. In PvP, TBC wasn't their brightest period, but in PvE they had legendary!!! In vanilla they were decent, in WotLK an later they were good. So please, good citizens of Crestfall, would you mind throwing some of your opinions about these classes in the comments below, which might help me choosing one of them? Please focus more on like stability of class during longer period of time through multiple expansions. I'm also very curious what are your opinions on Shaman's DPS specs capabilities in arenas (can shammy hit 3000 arena rating ever in enha/ele in 2v2, 3v3?) and raids (but in raids i have no problem with healing). Thanks in advance! Cheers! P.S.: If someone asked me what is the most stable class in history of WoW, I would probably answer Rogue. But hey, Rogue is not on the list, never been my cup of coffee.
  3. Yeah, hunter playstyle is something that interests me, pet management, RP feeling of being a scout who can track others, having bows'n'guns.. On the other hand being a smart wizard that can just blow everyone up in the air... I am always impressed when seeing that big nasty mage crits. Not saying that hunter's crits aren't big but mage's ones are bigger.
  4. Duzyizly, having both hunter and mage would mean (for me) that neither of them would be well-geared or one would be geared and another one would be "garbage" because of lacking time to fully invest it to both of them in my case. Appreciate all your topics. But from what I remember at least from WotLK hunters did pretty well in PvE DPS competition. As I said, let's talka bout these two classes in long term, not comparing them only in vanilla but also compare them in TBC, WotLK, possibly Cata (maybe it's too soon to think about Cata on crestfull but hey, it's PTE). And I don't really care about levelling procces, which one is more boring / more fun / more or less challenging etc. since it's only temporary phase of whole game experience. At least saying that hunter is boring pre-10 when he gets his pet is meaningless for me. Lvl 10 is something you can get like under 2 hours of gameplay so it's not a big deal.
  5. Hello guys! I'm newcomer on this project and the PTE idea really interests me. Seems like a dream for all those people that started playing WoW when retail was already in mid-wotlk / cata etc. and we never got a chance to experience the real adventure from vanilla -> legion as retail players did. That's why I became fan of this project and I really wish everything will work and nothing will screw up (in the recent past private servers are being more and more targeted by hackers, maybe Blizz, or who know by whom) because Crestfall project is unique and has great perspective. So, I'm planning to play here when the server releases but I cannot really decide between these two: HUNTER vs. MAGE. It's not just talking about them like about flavour of the month since I plan to main that one character throughout all expansions from Vanilla -> wherever we gets. Ofc I expect replies such as "play what you like..." "play what entertains you..." "everything is good, it depends on your skill....", but more than that I'm looking for some of your personal opinions, preferences, what would YOU choose. As I said we are talking about long term playing hunter/mage through more expansions, so try think about it like that. Cheers, Hanneth.