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  1. Well, thanks for the [email protected] Guess we will see wether or not I survive the leveling phase then.
  2. Any Chance of playing them as DPS though? Dont know if being main tank is good for ones blood pressure:)
  3. Bit surprised how many aspiring warriors there are, given how frustrating i have heard the class is supposed to level.
  4. Finally caved and decided to make an account here Quit Retail round Wrath and was in for a Surprise when i tried out Warlords last Year, now looking for a MMO that will scratch that particular itch After having missed out on most of vanilla on retail(joined up a month before BC) and then beeing rudely interrupted by Blizzard on Nost after a few weeks, im hoping this place will finally work out. This server so far seems to have both dedicated devs and a wholesome community, and the notion of progressing through the expansions up to wrath is rather appealing to me. Also glad to have a PVE Server and so be able to get to experience vanilla slowly instead of beeing thrown to the wolves instantly. Well, thats about it, so ill guess Ill join the ranks of ppl patiently counting the days to release and/or open beta^^