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  1. I can tell you're new to private servers. Good luck farming those black lotus for required raid consumables when there are gold sellers camping the spawns 24/7, 365. Good luck having the mana to last an entire fight without having bags filled with mana potions, and wizard oils. Gathering professions are generally useless once you've started raiding, and herbalism becomes king. But with free accounts, comes gold sellers camping spawns of the necessary herbs. I understand playing a class you want to play, what I'm saying is if raiding and end game content are what you're interested in then the changes this server is making will force most of those players to also play a mage, plus their main class. If you don't plan on doing anything but leveling and dying to the honor premade farm groups then this doesn't apply to you, but you're also the minority. The appeal of the server is to raid through vanilla and progress into TBC raiding. Since PvP gear is obsolete once BWL hits, most people will be raiding. Most people will be directly hurt by not having a secondary character to farm with. No one will be able to progress through all the content efficently without one.
  2. When it comes to vanilla, and raiding, you absolutely want to choose a class based on gold viability. Either that or you're making two characters. It is not possible to farm gold for warrior BiS BoE items, plus resistance gear, plus potions and elixirs to raid as prot. Similarily as a healer, you just cannot kill things fast enough to farm gold for mana potions and elixirs. If they nerf hunter and rogue farm because the community has some strange bias, it basically pidgeon holes everyone who wants to play support roles in a raid to make a mage. Otherwise they will not have the resources available to them to be effective. This is amplified even more so by the devs wanting to increase the difficultly of the mechanics of these old raids.
  3. There are so many AoE farming spots where a mage can make 100g+ an hour in vanilla that it isn't possible to nerf all of them without dramatically impacting the overall game. They can nerf mara ~ 50g and DM ~ 100g for hunters, BRD ~100g for rogue, and even DM E ~ 100g for mages, but mages can also just go anywhere there are a lot of spawns and just mass pull and AoE it all to death for ~ 50-100g an hour. The abitrary 'it's only okay when X makes that much gold but not Y' argument that people use to nerf farming is stupid. Mages will always make that much, unless you make mobs drop nothing.
  4. Mage, because it's the only class farming that isn't going to be nerfed by the devs changes to vanilla WoW. If you don't want to main it, then you just switch at 60 to your main and have that gold farmer ready to feed you items. For some reason it's acceptable for them to make 100g an hour, but no one else, and no matter what you play you're going to want reliable gold once the AH campers start buying up all the stock and up ticking prices as they always do on private servers.
  5. Blocking legitiment forms of farming for players who are following the rules, that aren't even broken relative to other methods which are abitrarily decided to be okay is a great way to promote botting and gold selling. Remember, the people botting typically run mutiple accounts at once. Shadowbanning one or reseting its stats and removing items overall is just a small thorn in the side of a giant beast. This really means that catching one really doesn't do as much as you think. Allowing players to not feel the need to purchase from them however is far more damaging to them in the long run. If no one or very few are buying, why sell?
  6. I've read. That's very disappointing as well. Nerfing both instances basically kills the only reason to play a hunter. It's pretty foolish honestly, as this gives the chinese gold farmers and AH campers complete control of the economy, with no real way for the average player to make gold legitimately. The arbitraily drawn line on private servers of what is "okay" farming is just hurts the normal, legit player. Addons to AH farm and multiboxing AoE mage farming are far more damaging to the economy than any other method of gaining gold. Especially when all of these 100g+ methods are considered "legit" but the hunter 100g magically is not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxFMy57JSds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtGExeTt0N https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhLiQ9aZOqA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD6jsHs__ho Honestly, everyone is going to have to play a mage. I could post more, but I think this demonstrates well how arbitrary this hatred for hunter gold farming really is.
  7. DM was not nerfed or even touched by blizzard according to your post until just a few months before Naxx, the final vanilla patch, was released. To consider it a major issue is absurd. Especially considering mages can solo AoE farm nearly every instance in the game for massive amounts of gold. Most notably Live Strath, DM E, and ZG. Rogues can solo farm lockboxes, and nearly everyone abuses the auction house via mods that automatically allow them to purchase all under priced goods and resell them marked up. I think nerfing legit ways of farming is stupid. Are we all to just constantly sit at the AH, not generating any raw gold into the system?
  8. I'm going to give you the straight up reasons why you should, and shouldn't roll a hunter. My experience is WoW from release week until cata. I raided as a hunter all through vanilla and TBC as my main. I even played a hunter on Nost, and was the 3rd best hunter dps on the server, and was BiS at the time the server shut down. First, the good. -Easy to level. Once you become skilled at kiting mobs, and as long as pet pathing is good on the server, leveling will be a breeze. You get aspect of the cheetah at 20 and rarely need help to kill elite quest mobs. Hunters typically tend to be the first players to reach 60 on a fresh server because of this -Easy to obtain gold. As long as the devs stick to the original scripting of Dire Maul and Mara, a hunter can solo farm both instances. Resulting in over 100g per hour in vanilla, as well as bags full of endless healing and mana potions. The only other class that can compete with the ability of a hunter to farm gold is the mage, however as a hunter you just vendor the stuff you farm so the gold is independent of the AH. If crestfallen takes the same route as Nost and breaks the original mechanics in DM, then this no longer applies. -Easy to obtain Pre-raid BiS gear. 95% of it comes from DM, which you can solo, and BoE gear, which you can buy with your DM gold. -Required for raid bosses. There will always be at least 3 hunters in a raid due to their unique abilities. -Not much competition for raid items. Due to the limited number of hunters typically brought into a raid, you're usually only rolling against 3 other people at most for nearly all your BiS gear. Although hunters can use everything, there's definitely a set that is best for them and you should stick to it. -You are a ranged class. This means typically easier positioning on raid bosses, and you don't have to farm any resistance gear for MC or BWL. Marksmen is the primary spec, with survival only becoming viable near the end of AQ / Naxx as its dps is entirely based on your agility. Although losing trueshot is not typically welcomed by anyone. -Simple dps rotation, although not the greatest dps. Now the bad. -Lose a bag slot to arrows -Beyond the required numbers needed for kiting / boss abilities, not really any incentive to bring them to raids, in other words there are very limited raid spots available -Must stand still to shoot, and there is a minimum range on your bow. This tends to be a burden in PvP, especially against warriors and rogues. You also will struggle against healers once they get geared, as viper sting does not scale at all and larger mana pools make it obsolete. Your other stings are generally useless outside of a few niche applications. -Pets at endgame typically are not used outside of a howl buff, or spell bar pustback in pvp. Pets also do not scale. -DOES NOT SCALE WELL. Only 2 of your abilities scale with your attack power and weapon damage. These are your only go to abilities for DPS. They are extremely limiting and by the time everyone is in tier 2, you start to really feel like you're falling behind rogues, warriors, mages, and warlocks in both pve and pvp. -BiS bow from MC requires a quest, which is easily trolled by most people on the server. Other hunters will grief you over it. Even going as far as despawning mobs which take 6 hours to respawn. -Only CC available to your requires you to be out of combat, and requires the target to step into it. This means you have a very limited duration available to you in pve applications, and it's completely avoidable in pvp applications. If combat doesn't break properly, as typical on many private servers, this means you're fucked once in combat. -You have zero cooldowns to heal, or escape. -You only have 1 spell interrupt and it's on a 30 second cooldown, scatter shot. -You're basically locked into what professions you use. As a hunter Engineering is required, and alchemy is basically the best secondary skill. You will need the potions to farm, and elixirs to compete as dps, and engineering is the only way to reliably have your BiS ammo as well as required to farm DM. Honestly, unless you have an absolute desire to play a hunter... don't. It's a great class as an alt to farm for your main. I'd suggest leveling one first, then twinking out your real main at all stages of the leveling process as you will have plenty of gold. All other dps classes scale better than a hunter, in both pve and pvp. This is a far lesser problem in TBC, but in vanilla you can really tell it was the last class added to the game, and neglected a bit on design.