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  1. It is bullshit, why should I have to play a female toon in order to have a slight advtage in certain situations. Why should I have to do anything to have an advtange over others. Are racials not enough? I'm just saying, play fair
  2. Of course I can roll a female, but you're missing the point. This is not about me. I am looking out for future players who will run into this small and unimportant game mechanic as you have so candidly put it.
  3. Keep up the good work. Don't deliver anything that isn't better than what is already out there. HYPE
  4. I wish I were white. Maybe then I'd finally kill myself.
  5. https://youtu.be/J_rxAe9cKfY i believe that the biggest problem to this glitch/bug would be that no one thinks that it is a problem. And like other similar situations in this game, some people just don't know about it and others just don't care. Investigate 311
  6. basically, if you choose to play certain females (males don't work) you can jump through the WSG alliance fence near their graveyard. This is unfair in my eyes since the men may not participate in this trick. Giving the grown man playing a female toon an undeniable advantage. Is this blizzlike. A far better question would be, is this fair? Thank you.
  7. I want to see Rakishi. He was funny af
  8. Keep it up guys <3
  9. what if I could have two bitches with no drama. what if the whole world believed in Obama. what if 2pac wasn't dead. and what if bill Clinton never got head. would we still be listening to minor issues instead?
  10. @Darkwinjax oh, well I guess that the joke is on you. A/S/L?
  11. @Darkwinjax rats are a minor nuisance. It is cockroaches like you on the other hand that are harder to deal with.
  12. Setting: A house party in 2025 girl: So tell me about yourself? curator or darkwinjax: I used to lead high rank premades on nostalrius. girl: Umm ok.byeee