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  1. Yes, yes this. I always felt like I'd discovered some sort of secret when I came across a questgiver out in the middle of nowhere when I'd gotten lost on my way to somewhere else or trying to find more mobs to kill for a quest after someone else cleared out the close ones. Even the ones that are kind of "out of the way" now are marked on the map so you know exactly where to go to get them. FOR THE ALLIANCE! (in all seriousness, I like Horde a lot, I just have never managed to get the hang of playing a shaman, and I really enjoy pallies. If I get off my butt and finally devote some time to a shamwow and love it, you'll see me there, too.
  2. Alas, though I would love to have beards, they will not let us have them. :c
  3. Listen, if you get either the long twin braids or the long braid crown hairs, they do the most amazing satisfying spinny thing when you cast. plus, y'know. thighs that could murder a man.
  4. lady dwarf pally represent!
  5. @ilovecats Right? Especially since given the old world content is GONE now, new players can't even play through it to feel like at least they know the story!
  6. Yeah, I mean there definitely WAS overarching stories, but it was easy to just not pay attention if you didn't much care, rather than having everything all being shoved in your face via cutscenes and dramatic phasing and such. Those things used in moderation at just the right times can be really cool (for example I thought the phasing in icecrown was awesome back in wrath, bc it wasn't something i saw everywhere), but when they're used all over the place from the word go, they kinda lose their punch. Blizzard is still capable of really hooking me and so forth with story and questlines, but it's more IN SPITE of all the bells and whistles than BECAUSE of them.
  7. I mean I really enjoyed the new story and the new world for a little while, but then it threw me off when i went back in time apparently??? to do BC and Wrath stuff, and honestly it's really kind of tiresome at this point. We all know what happens with Deathwing, but years later and y'all are still evacuating refugees and stuff? Bluh. Vanilla questing zones might not have had the same sense of overarching plot and connectivity most of the time, but honestly I feel like that was a GOOD thing once xpacs started coming out, since the world was theoretically changing but they couldn't really properly reflect it for lower level characters. Much like we're dealing with on live now.
  8. Well, I've loved the idea of joining a legacy server for a while now, but Nost was purportedly overrun with goldsellers and I hadn't heard of any others when I first looked, so I've never tried one out. And then some twist of fate led me link hopping here, and I am definitely sticking around. I never played vanilla wow - i started in late BC but didn't really start playing properly until mid-wrath, and healed in my guild for 25H raids until Cata dropped. I still play off and on, but I've been nostalgic for Vanilla zones for ages, and I look forward to experiencing them with crestfall!
  9. bonsoir! probably a dwarf paladin - that was my main in wrath and i miss her.