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  1. First and foremost would be nerfing mages, they're already ridiculous ''out of the box'' at 60, and from there they just keep getting stronger. Take a 1-1 in the open for example, even if he didn't 1-2-3 button press kill you somehow and is about to lose, he's just gonna put you in a 30 sec sheep and eats up and resets or flees and probs are you can't do shit about that. Couple that with the fact that it's also pretty much the best PvE class, best leveling class, AoE farming items, doesn't have to blow gold on foods/drinks, can teleport which saves alot of time in vanilla, and can even charge other people for said abilities. There is a reason that every one of the big private servers is like 50% mage pop. Next in line for nerfs would be locks and hunters. After that you'd have to buff up the ''useless'' tier specs, but that would basically mean to completely redesign skills and talent trees and effectively creating a new game which goes a little beyond the scope of what a bunch of normal guys can do. Honor system would have to be revamped too, so it doesn't heavily favor nolifers which control the system by playing 24/7 in their premades that are locked to only them. Shit, I just realized what a piece of shit game vanilla was, outside of the RP and nostalgic sentimental value it carries.
  2. This server has/will have one major problem which is the shit vanilla community that is out there right now, and that is jumping projects like a swarm of locusts, Nost > k2 > ely, none of these servers was fun to play on, thanks to them. I think we all can agree on that the Elysium Project is already dead, we know it, they know it, they are ready to drop Elysium like a hot potatoe, just as they dropped other servers before, when the next best thing was available, and they eagerly set their eyes on CF as the next target. And soon they will be here with their toxicity, their nolife pvp ranking schemes, their gold making/supply mafia schemes, their systematic harassment schemes, which makes it basically impossible for any "normal" and "sane" persons with a life to enjoy these servers.