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  1. Heal, cleanse, blessing of sacrifice, freedom, a long stun, 3 immunity spells (one castable on an ally), LoH, some damage, plate, auras, seal of justice (if you know you need that extra possible cc when damage isn't enough or necessary), and the natural distraction you will serve as you can pvp tank because people dislike your utility. Played correctly you are dangerous to leave alive and yet can be time consuming to kill. I've even used intervention on a mage in the middle of a brawl over a flag in wsg which saved him from getting cc'ed so he could deactivate the protection and grab the flag when it dropped to blink and swiftness potion for a capture.
  2. During off peak hours you still get 4000+ on Elysium when typing /who. I haven't tried Anathema.
  3. To answer the OP, it really depends on the source of the SoR coefficient the devs decide to go with. Allahkazam states a OH value of 9.2% and TH value of 10.8% multiplied by attack speed. A blizzard blue post on the official forums puts it at a flat 20%. The theory craft add on puts it at 10% and 12% respectively. Early days it wouldn't matter, but the first two options make a spell damage pally viable and even capable of surpassing a SoC paladin eventually simply because manual crowd pummelers would let you regenerate so much mana from JoW. Especially so because SoR allows you to double proc the judgement. At a certain amount of AP seal of the crusader will actually surpass SoC because of JoW as well if you can't seem to get better than the 70 dps weapons. That only happens with the crowd pummeler though so it would be a lot of work to grind it out. Will you ever do as much damage as mages and locks in the later stages of the game? Depends on the implementation of the class on the server, your dedication, implementation of crusader stacking, and your luck on forming holy raids. Good luck, you and everyone attempting a dps pally needs it. P.S. the last SoR coefficient implementaton makes SotC the better damage seal over SoR. Which means a spell damage pally is worthless
  4. I remember those days. I also remember the day I discovered wall walking was removed during the 1.12 PTR. I spent I think two hours trying to get it to work (I felt so defeated and like I lost a good friend) and as I was about to just give up I accidentally jumped and discovered wall jumping. I wish imageshack hadn't purged my videos or I would love to post them. My original forum posts are still there from July 2006. The best tutorial I found was P.S. mangos servers have all but removed this mechanic to be used in any meaningful way. (wink* wink* blizzlike means adding it back in/please don't/please do/I wish time machines were a thing) To contribute to the thread, my first time climbing the dragonmaw hold mountain in the wetlands was probably the weirdest thing I have seen. At the top there was a paladin corpse with an exploding sheep, that was hostile but evading, eating the corpse's head. My second wierdest experience is traveling to GM Island and finding a group of 4 level 60 horde butt naked spamming the /bow and /pray emotes to a naked dwarf female level 1. Suffice to say it creeped me out so much I killed the horde undead warlock to make it not as dark.