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  1. loot system

    Version 1.5.0 Released - Players are now able to set the slot weights in the GP formula - Optimised the options menu, made it more space efficient - Improved expression checking in Officer Notes
  2. Classic-EPGP https://github.com/Alumian/CEPGP Please do not redistribute this addon. Supply a link to the github page instead. An addon designed to handle your guild's EPGP standings by storing the respective values in your Officer Notes. The addon also handles loot moderation which you must be the master looter to utilise. For this addon to work, you must be able to at the very least view Officer Notes. To adjust EP and GP values you must be able to edit Officer Notes. The addon will require dedicated usage of your Officer Notes. This addon will overwrite anything you manually put in your Officer Notes (except manual EPGP adjustments) The addon is mostly GUI based and the frame is designed to only appear automatically on raid bosses from Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair and World Bosses all the way up to Naxxramas. Features: Using the GP formula (sourced from http://www.epgpweb.com/help/gearpoints), the addon automatically calculates an accurate GP value for each item that drops. (Disclaimer: The formula requires item level to be supplied and as such, only items that drop regularly in the raid environment will automatically calculate GP (e.g. epic items that can be found on a boss/trash mob loot table)). Please note, the weights for each item slot have been adjusted from the standard formula (initially to suit my own guild's needs). I plan to add an option to modify these weights from the options menu in the near future. The CEPGP window will automatically show when one of these items is found, however it can still be used for any item. You will however have to manually set the GP value yourself. Allows loot masters to announce raid drops in an informative display to the raid and lets the raid members respond if they want the item. The addon compiles a list of responses into an easy to read table which can be viewed by the loot master and all raid assists. From the response table, the loot master is able to distribute the item, awarding GP or giving it for free. For each announced item, the loot master may override the default GP value for an item to suit the guild's needs. The addon is highly customisable - You may set whether EP is auto awarded for each boss, and you can set how much EP is awarded. You also have the freedom to modify the GP formula to suit your guild's needs (disclaimer: Only the base coefficient and the tail modifier may be modifed. The general structure of the formula cannot be modified). The addon supports "standby EP" - awarding a percentage (defined by you) of the standard EP which should be given to select guild ranks of the guild per boss kill who are sitting out of the raid. The addon provides a decay function. Functionality: /cepgp show - Shows the CEPGP window /cepgp debug - Enables debug mode /cepgp setdefaultchannel - Changes the default reporting channel. This is set to Guild by default /cepgp check - Allows you to check if each raid member is running the addon - and if so, what version of the addon they are using The following commands can be used to get EPGP reports. The player you whisper must be able to at least view officer notes /w player !info - Gets your current EPGP standings /w player !infoguild - Gets your current EPGP standings and PR rank within your guild /w player !inforaid - Gets your current EPGP standings and PR rank within the raid /w player !infoclass - Gets your current EPGP standings and PR rank among your class within the raid Definitions: EP: Effort points. Points gained from what ever criteria. GP: Gear points. Points gained from being awarded gear. PR: Priority. Calculated as EP / GP. Decay: Reduces the EP and GP of every guild member by a given percent. Initial/Minimum GP: The GP that all new guild members start at. This also defines the minimum amount of GP any guild member can have. IMPORTANT - The initial/minimum GP should NEVER be exactly 0. Standby EP: EP awarded to guild members that are not in the raid. Standby EP Percent: The percent of standard EP allocation should awarded to standby members. To install: Download this addon Extract it to ../Interface/AddOns/ Rename the extracted folder from CEPGP-master to CEPGP Note: Automatic retrieval of a recipient's item they currently have in slot when they whisper you !need has been added. This is only possible if the loot master has the item that the recipient is wearing, in their game cache. This is a restriction enforced by the 1.12.1 API. Patch Version: 1.12.1 Build Number: 5875 Author: Alumian <Eidolon> on Crestfall
  3. Can confirm, I've seen this many a time. Also this isn't just against players. You see everyone and everything as a lower level (except yourself) when you're smashed. Also if you talk in /say or /yell chat while you have curse of tongues on you then you're actually forced to speak in Demonic.
  4. hype

    Lol I'm not even bothering with other games. I'm just waiting and in the mean time doing some addon development and [nerd]losing myself in my world of warcraft chronicles 1 and 2[/nerd]
  5. If you enjoy reading about lore and don't want a series of spoilers, leave now. Okay so just hear me out. Sargeras is renown for being the most powerful (now ex) member of the pantheon. Aman'thul, the Highfather and the first of the Pantheon literally Sargeras, the giant misunderstood kitten, Sargeras did all of this because So consider this. Therefore, we should all convert to worshipping our great celestial demonic overlord Sargeras. Thoughts?
  6. I agree. I did play on a few over the past year, and frankly, I'm perfectly happy sitting here waiting for Crestfall.
  7. No you'll change your mind! lol I think I wanna play mage. Pretty sure that's what I wanna stick with
  8. CHANGE OF PLANS. I'm rolling mage now. Screw warlock. Crap how do I change my vote. THE POLL IS NO LONGER ACCURATE DX
  9. I know I'm not particularly active here on the forums but I wanna take a second to thank you @Asura, @Darkrasp, @Elicas and everyone else on the Crestfall staff team. Even though it's just a hobby for you guys, <emotions>it's more than that to me. You guys are doing something real special and I wanted to thank you all for bringing that into my life. Even though the server isn't available yet, I don't see myself turning away from Crestfall any time in the near future. This place already holds sentimental for me as I'm sure it does for many others. </emotions> And @Elicas, I know this is literally the first thing I've ever said to you lol, but thank you for being an awesome community manager and I wish you all the best.
  10. Crestfall is illuminati confirmed
  11. I've never seen such an addon. The closest thing to it that I've experienced is Cartographer which will give you a configurable world map, including fogging areas that you haven't explored yet to make them stand out more. Unfortunately though it won't give you trigger points. Alternatively, if you dual monitor then you might consider trying this website as a reference. It won't give you coordinates but it'll give you general locations of the various areas - http://wow.gamepressure.com/ It's pre-cata and you can toggle between satellite and in-game maps. That'd be my recommendation. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
  12. Okay so true story, some time ago I managed to crack the DaVinci code of the turning point of when performance starts to become a still picture but yeah my game experience can best be described as HD pixelation lmao. So I can actually play it without acting like a piece of gothic architecture in game, but yeah there are still bugs that I'm amazed are still in there. If you don't know about this one, enjoy this lol. If you smack a tree that has low lying leaves or branches (because the branches or leaves might drift past the point of impact), the damaged texture from the impact point actually exists as an overlay of the object model, so if you smash a tree, you'll be able to see the impact on the leaves and branches of you can position the camera just right.
  13. I might be keen once I get a new PC considering there should be laws against what Ark does to my poor little metal encased shitheap. Though I'll be honest I'm not too keen on people being able to raid my shit while I'm offline, that's why I usually play on a privately hosted server with just my friends. Edit: I lied. I don't have friends. Edit2: I lied again, I do have friends (no really I do), but there's only like the 3 of us that actually play Ark.