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  1. I like running around as a qt wolf. Also dem windfury crits.
  2. Had a thread around this topic a few days ago. See:
  3. From my experience on Elysium PvP, which has exactly the player numbers that Crestfallen is striving for, it's totally fine. The game is not broken or anything. It's just not vanilla, nor an immersive experience. It hardly feels like playing an online RPG originated from Warcraft 3 anymore, everything reeks of MMO. Grinding spots, overfarming, waiting for elites to spawn, competing with and rushing against other players for quest mobs/items, joining groups becomes an unpersonal routine, the ground being plastered with NPC corpses everywhere you go, etc. etc. In the end it's still a cool experience and there are certain upsides, like frequent WPvP. But different population numbers turn the game itself into something different, too.
  4. To be fair, you can still get flagged for PvP on PvE realms. Attack any opposing faction members (flagged playeres or NPCs), enter one of their capitals or do it manually by typing /pvp into the chat. WPvP can still happen on these realms.
  5. Too bad that I've only started with vanilla p-servers shortly before Nostalrius did shutdown and lead to the massive media attention. Because ever since then, "Nostlike" seems to stand above Blizzlike.
  6. I would like to believe that. But from my experience on Elysium PvP, which has exactly 4-5k concurrent players, it's still an unnecessarily high population density which originated from the trend that Nostalrius set with their 10k server. Especially on fairly new realms, when most players are crowded in the same zones, it's nothing like it used to be on pre-Cata retail. Non-existent world PvE challenge, broken roleplaying immersion, competing and rushing with other players for quest mobs/targets, joining and leaving groups becomes an unpersonal routine. It's almost like people are just playing for the population hype and not for the actual game.
  7. I don't think that this is how servers work. You don't need to rent 1 server per realm, so it hardly makes a difference if you split a server whose hardware is capable of supporting 5k players into two 2,5k realms. Especially since in the WoW engine server stress should grow exponentially the more people are in the same place. Similar can be said about the staff. A 2,5k realm is not demanding the same team size as a 5k one, so you can evenly split moderators between the two of them. I understand. Wouldn't it still be an option to have 2 blizzlike population realms as long as vanilla progresses. And when TBC releases and splits up the population, you could flexibly merge realms as is needed. Seeing how Crestfallen Gaming has built a hopeful fan base and some hype just by doing things differently than past vanilla projects, and not just repeating what has been done. I don't think it would be necessary to follow in the steps of Nostalrius at all when it comes to the population cap.
  8. Moved to the opening post
  9. Thanks for your answers so far. I understand this notion, but there are some major flaws with it. Reposting what I wrote elsewhere: Regards
  10. Good day fellow Crestfallen followers, I have the following question: Which population cap is Crestfall Gaming going to choose? I've played for over 100 hours on Elysium PvP by now and the game experience is nothing like I remember from my actual retail vanilla and pre-Cata days, with almost double the players playing simultaneously than intended by Blizzard. It's messing with various aspects of the game. Explanation here: Now I hear that Crestfallen might is going to have Cross-realm technology for battlegrounds. Something that could solve the biggest problem of why people are striving for unnecessary high population numbers. Queue times. Of course there are a lot of other factors regarding this subject matter. Factors that we can discuss in this thread. FAQ says: "we intend to keep the population capped at Blizzlike levels to preserve a similar population density, so we're looking at between 4-5k per server." So 4-5k concurrent players? Just to put that into perspective: Blizzlike cap has been 2,5k concurrent players. And even with that cap in place, a lot of realms didn't even have a Full or High population. But rather Medium or even Low, and these realms weren't considered any less playable. The cap has probably been increased to some extent on older realms (3-3,5k), to compensate for the fact that most players have reached max level by then. Regards, Nefiji