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  1. Guns of Icarus Online on Humble Bundle. 4 hours 25 minutes left Link: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/guns-of-icarus-online
  2. TL;DR One of the Elysium staff ran a gold selling business, the other stole about 2k from a paypal account meant for the servers for personal reasons.
  3. Proof or it's a lie. Your call.
  4. 1. OP of thread on battle.net doesn't provide link to source. 2. Claims he got his info from a Chinese localisation/translation studio. 3. The atrocious spelling/punctuation errors with no proofreading whatsoever. Nozdormus? Really? I'll believe it when there's a more reliable source.
  5. Ok need to think of some questions for Q&A 6. Let's see..... (Side note: I'd appreciate it if people don't try and bring their own personal agenda into this as was the case with Q&A 2 that left me rather...disappointed). Moving on.... Let me start off with an expansion/community related question. Will there still be a sense of community in future expansions? As an example, Warlords of Draenor introduced Garrisons which in my opinion took the idea of a close knit community and threw it out the window. The Garrisons were phased which means each Garrison is completely separate from another players Garrison (Sure there's the option to allow players to enter but i don't feel that works so well). A huge community killer (Again in my opinion). Second question (This being lore related). Will the lore be more....streamlined? I hope i'm making that clear enough. To put it another way, there's been a ton of lore mistakes made in official wow lore plus all the retcons which personally i think is ridiculous. I for one would like it if there weren't any such mistakes (If possible) plus no retcons whatsoever. Last question (This one concerning exploring the hidden wonders of Azeroth) then i'll stop talking (Sorry for the wall of text). In World of Warcraft, there's a great many hidden places you can visit (Others used to be accessible but not so much anymore when the big B added invisible walls making getting to such a place difficult if not outright impossible). For example, Old Quel'Thalas was easily accessible prior to the aforementioned invisible wall being added. So here's my question....will those invisible walls be removed allowing players to visit such places again? Alright that's enough questions for now, i need to go to sleep.
  6. My list of current and past private servers played.... Current private servers 1. Firestorm Legion (Occasionally i hop onto their Vanilla/MoP/Cata realms when i get bored.) 2. Northcraft (On Occasion). 3. Ascension (On Occasion). Past private servers 1. Athissa WoW (Not bad for a Legion server, in fact i found it a lot more stable than FS WoW was. Biggest thing that made me stop playing was the ridiculously unnecessary difficulty of gearing up. When i last played months ago you only got a chance at gear from BG's or Skirms not from World Quests in the Broken Isles compared to Firestorm). Course that may change in the future. 2. Elysium WoW (I haven't played Elysium for some months now. Elysium was actually really decent for a vanilla server, i just never got far due to not seeing very many players in the Nelf starting zone I.E The difficulty was really hard without having a group to back you up. But hey that's Vanilla for you. Eventually i just....stopped playing due to there being few if any players in that area). 3. Kronos WoW i tried for a short time but don't really recall why i chose not to stay. It was so long ago. 4. Warmane 3.3.5 i've tried as well but same as Kronos i don't recall why i stopped playing. 5. And lastly Heroes WoW. If memory serves me well i was playing on their Wotlk realm (There were two servers on that one realm I.E Unlimited 255 and Fallen Heroes for which i played mostly on Fallen Heroes again if my memory serves me well). I won't lie i hated how most of the *community* there was based on the 255 fun server. That server i found anything but fun. At most it was in this order >>> kill an insane amount of mobs/level up fast/have pretty lousy gear/find out majority of the players on the server are trying to form raids (How they even managed to pull that off is beyond me)/Then find out the other server is virtually dead (At most you might see one maybe two players at any given time but that was it. Most as mentioned already were on the 255 fun server). For me the biggest killer was the community (If you could call it a community) being on that so called fun server. I've never looked back since. Thus far that's my history with WoW Private Servers.
  7. Thank you for everything Elicas Have a wonderful vacation.
  8. Honestly i would have taken this guy a lot more seriously if he hadn't posted this on Reddit. Reddit of all places. The one place where people downvote for no good reason or post absolute BS. Yes i've read the comments here and yes i know there's going to be an official statement regarding this but as far as this so called "leaker" is concerned he's completely ruined whatever legitimacy he had by posting it on Reddit. What an epic fail.
  9. Love how explanatory this thread is. Well done. *Raises mug* Here's hoping to a smooth release
  10. Killing floor (The first one not the second) is free on Humble Bundle for 1 day 11 hours 42 minutes remaining. Base game plus one DLC. You will need a Humble Bundle account for this. You can then redeem the key on Steam. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killing-floor?hmb_campaign=killingfloor_freegame_2017&hmb_source=bundle_page&hmb_medium=banner_cross
  11. I stand corrected then except that only one of the three dlc's are free. Better than nothing i suppose. Thanks mate
  12. For those who have Origin, Dead in Bermuda is currently free On The House. Link: https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/dead-in-bermuda/dead-in-bermuda/standard-edition For all you Steam lovers out there, the base game of Starpoint Gemini 2 is currently free until tomorrow the 24th at 10AM Pacific Time. Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/236150/Starpoint_Gemini_2/ Edit: One of the DLC'S for Starpoint Gemini 2 is free (The other two are not) thanks to @HarTstaRx. Link to free DLC: http://store.steampowered.com/app/371060/Starpoint_Gemini_2_Origins/
  13. Just a couple questions regarding the final boss of AQ40 (C'thun) and how the server will handle a world event of this scale. Those who attempted to down C'thun back during retail vanilla wow discovered it was literally impossible to even accomplish that because C'thun was so bugged that you were lucky to even drop C'thun below 90% health before that bad boy wiped the entire raid of 40 players in the best gear at the time. Article Link: http://www.pcgamer.com/the-story-of-cthun-how-a-wow-boss-drove-raiders-to-madness/ Q: That being said, will C'thun be scripted so that he isn't bugged like he was back in vanilla but still poses a nice challenge instead of being unnecessarily nerfed so a repeat of the aforementioned can hopefully be avoided? It would be a shame if facing C'thun was a disappointing and frustrating experience like it was for a good many players back in retail vanilla wow. Q: On that note, how well will the server/s perform under the stress of what may very well be a high pop world event? Also back in retail vanilla wow lots of players experienced high latency and crashes which obviously isn't a good thing.
  14. I'll bring sodas. And yeah i agree this particular subject ran it's course a long while back. /thread