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  1. Dont come to infect please "haha good ol friend nice to see you here, right shill ? wink wink"
  2. That should be fixed by making 2 pvp servers before release, and promoting them both equally, but maybe even if a new pvp server is added people will feel like Kul Tiras is the main one
  3. I think its blizzlike, from the layout of the map so I guess its non fixable? (just like bringing back old AV I gues?) nowadays is pretty well known, it might change the tides at some point, but yea..
  4. Thank you Elicas, you're a god amongst men <3 <3
  5. This means that its decided that all channels will be avaiable with no limit? When I played retail, maybe because I was a noob, I was mostly on the city because of the trade channel to find instances, maybe having the /world channel is blizzlike but, wouldn't it be better to have it limited to a certain number of people so you cant have a global channel where you can be anywhere farming anything and find a dudgeon?
  6. Sorry If any of these questions are explained somewhere, I listened to the Q&A from last year and check this forum but.. 1. Its talked about how many bugs and exploits that werent that known back then want to be somewhat fixed I heard. The thing is what type of exploits? Being able to solo DM (I guess its not an exploit but it can break economy a lil bit and it wasnt that known back then)? Or like Uldaman's last boss that you can make the adds not attack anyone that is in highground because its innaccesible for them? Or that you can pull Lord Incendius from uphill? Where's the limit? 2. TCG stuff are the perfect way to make people pay since its exactly the same concept as Blizzard did (Pay for something extra outside with RL money to get something inside the game) (lil edit here since I found an answer of part of the question looking around) 3. I saw that Gummy made it impossible to make channels, and the reasoning behind is that they dont want a "world" channel where everyone can be there from everywhere, but i think its much better to make limited ammount of players in a channel to prevent the "World" channel. Any ideas? 4. Another big concern is what are the rules in terms of world bosses in the PvE Realm? In most servers its said you can get banned for pulling the mob out of range to reset it, but there's not much interaction to do when you cannot attact the other faction except help em get the kill. 5. This one is a bit more stupid but... there was a competition to get contest's winner tabard http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=19160 . I guess it doesnt require much explanation but will something like this happen? Sorry if anything is confusing, english isnt my main languange