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  1. If you are going to level as Ret, try to get a 2h weapon with a speed of 3.5 or slower and use r1 SoC. SoC is normalized around 7 procs per minute, so a slower weapon has a higher chance to proc each swing. Also, all ranks of SoC add the same amount of damage when procced, so the only benefit is judgement dmg. At 60, using r1 over max rank will cost you about 17% ST DPS, but reduce your mana consumption by more than half. Also, all Pallies should spend their first 11 points in Holy to pick up Consecrate at level 20. In vanilla, it is our only source of general purpose AoE damage, and an integral part of both your ST and AoE DPS rotations.
  2. I don't recall him ever giving his word on the matter. Maybe he simply changed his mind? Anyhow, Duki is an expert theorycrafter when it comes to vanilla Pallies. I truly hope he gives this place a try. EDIT: It would seem that Duki made the Nost post several days after he made the one here. Hope that clears things up for you.
  3. Human Prot Pally for me. Dorfs just don't fit my image of a knightly champion.
  4. Two things: 1. LOL! 2. Darkrasp wrote extensively on this topic in another thread, and what I took away is that players will be able to get Holy resistance through certain spells, chants, and clickies, but everyone's (and everything's) base Holy resist will be 0.
  5. Back on Nost, I tanked Hakkar a couple of times, once as OT and again as MT. Both kills were sloppy, but that was because Pallies make poor OTs in vanilla, and my Prot War OT didn't know that he needed to eat the MC for me (on nost, this fight had a very unblizzlike 1/3 aggro dump on whoever got MC'd).
  6. 'ey guys. I was a Raidtankadin on Nost PvP, and was wondering if there are any Alliance guilds who would be willing to try something different here. I'm sure that with 1.12.1 having just turned ten, most of you slready know the ins and outs of non-War tanks and have already formed opinions one way or the other. Clearly, I'm not looking to join a server-firsts kind of guild, but I would be cool with even a casual raiding guild that would be willing to give Pallytanks a fair shake. Also, pease no "lolprot" or "just roll a War" posts. Pallytanking is what I know and love, and I'm just not interested in naysayers telling me that I'm not viable to do things that I can and have done.
  7. Prot Pallies are VERY viable, just not min/max optimal. You just have to know what you're doing. Really, all specs are "viable" in Vanilla, but some are simply not "optimal." Except Boomkins. Boomkins will smoke the raid's entire supply of pot, and they smell worse than a sunburnt Forsaken. Never bring one to your raid.
  8. I'm rolling Pally, and I am going to Raidtank like I did on Nost PvP.