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  1. The immunity was added at a later time, though I do not remember when, I believe it was TBC. I know that them adding the immunity was to address issues of getting auto attacked out of vanish (a confirmed bug in vanilla, See World of RogueCraft Ep 1). As for Aoe pulling rogues out of stealth it has always done that to my knowledge. The game client does not even know a stealthed character is there until the last second. This was confirmed by blizzard as a way to prevent addons, and other things from being able to detect them early (Source Here). Pets continuing to attack after vanish was a thing in vanilla, though I do not remember if it was intentional or not (it was changed later so they reset). As for the stealth argument, I have seen this complaint a lot, but I have yet to see anyone produce reasonable evidence of an issue other than "Its not how I remember it" It does not seem broken enough for me to read the write-up on stealth (plus its in french)(Found Here) get a range addon and test this to the length that I would need to to prove anything (100+ tests) so I have not yet done so. Once my Rogue hits 60, I may do just that . The vanilla PVP videos I have seen do not show anyone vanish immuning anything, I know it was a thing in TBC and WotLK because we used to do it in raiding to avoid big AoE's, so if you can find a source then that would be awesome. From what I know of vanish, it puts you into stealth, and gives you several levels of stealth, as well as removes you from combat. As for pick pocket, I have not seen any issues with it, other than server specific bugs, but even then those are not consistent from one server to the next. The most of what I have seen is a "nerf" to the drop rate of items from lock boxes, but again the evidence was anecdotal at best.
  2. I am not a fan of the idea of deleting the accounts/characters. I have plenty of bank alts that might get caught up in this and if there were all deleted I would be pretty salty. Having some logic that frees up a name after a certain period of inactivity would be fine (though more work for the devs) but outright deleting them I think would be a very bad thing. While I am a fan of a couple of handles that I have used for a long time (15+ years) I have also tried to make unique handles that are not the first ones taken, so it is usually not an issue even on high population servers and games. If you want to call your rogue 'SilentKillaz' the best I can offer you is a 1/10 on your name selection. There are an infinite number of name generators out there than you can use. I don't really feel like this is an actual issue. Yes you may not be the dwarf warrior named 'Gimli' but lets face it, your wow character will never be as cool as the real thing anyway
  3. I have managed to make a good deal of gold (Now sitting at 300G after Mount Purchase) at level 50, I have a Tailoring/Enchanting alt and Skinning/Mining on my main. Excess cloth gets funneled to the tailor/chanter and everything else gets sold on the AH. I usually vendor hides because they do not sell for as much, but any leather I post goes fast, as do most of the ores (yes, tin on Elysium is bad, but copper is great as are others). At 60 my Skinner/Miner will go Herb/Alch though I may wait until after I get my epic mount to do that. As for the LW and BS, there are some decent weapons and armor that you can make, but the end problem is that raiding is far more accessible, and the gear subsequently easier to get than in retail, so the crafted items lose their value faster. There will be some need when AQ/Naxx is released, as Nature/Frost resist gear gets crafted, but other than gearing while leveling. On a freshly released server, there will be initial demand for pre-raid BiS crafted gear, but once that niche is filled, the market will not be as hot. I was a fan of what they did in WotLK with raid level patterns for crafting BoE gear, but I do not expect the devs to try to put that in game. I primarily sell enchanting mats, there is a benefit here, as they cost nothing to post on the AH, due to them not having a vendoring cost. It should be noted that in Vanilla there is not "Secret" gem to making money, not like the Jewelcrafting/Enchanting ore shuffle that became a thing in BC and beyond (Make LOTS of gold with that). You can make gold with any profession, either gathering or crafting, but each one takes its own skill set at learning the market, and knowing what items are good and what are not. There are plenty of BoE twink items that can be made, and certain thresholds, like lvl 40 plate, and lvl 40 agi mail that will always sell well, and will always be in demand. On top of that the market will change dramatically from launch to 6 months to 1 year down the road, and as populations increase. None of the crafting professions will be 100% profitable, each has their useful items and will make money at some point and be a money sink at others. Gathering professions are the only ones that will give you 100% profit but even then, some materials are more profitable than others, and there will always be competition from others. A couple of other places you can make money is in meat. Cooking is used for raid buffs, and many of the common meats for leveling cooking sell well as do fish. Once schools are released, the floating junk piles can give some decent loot. At one point you could fish up some really nice vendorable items, but Blizzard nerfed that, and I assume that it will be that way at launch. From a class specific standpoint, here are a couple of things: Mages: Ports/Food/Water - Sell your conjured food at below vendor prices, it costs you nothing to make, but you can earn free money. Rogues: PICK POCKETS - You can get BoE Blues (I have gotten 4 different BoE Blue Daggers), Epics (Got a Gutripper the other day) and Gems from boxes, as well as vendorable trash that sells well (Rogue's Journal @45s ea) Hunters/Warlocks: Elite Mobs - Elite mobs usually drop better loot and more coin. take advantage of this, they also give 2x XP. Warriors: Paid Tanking Service - Someone looking for a tank for a group, charge them a fee for tanking services, just make sure you know what you are doing. Being a scrub tank and then charging is a great way to get you blacklisted. Healers: Find A Mage - Offer to pocket heal a mage that is AoE farming you will get a cut of the coin/loot and some great XP Sorry this got a bit long and somewhat off topic. I have invested a decent amount of time researching legitimate gold making in wow (As a Consortium Goblin it is my job), and without getting overly complex, there is no silver bullet.
  4. Im a big fan of enchanting, especially paired with tailoring. I have made decent money in both Retail (vanilla and beyond) and private servers with tailor/enchanting, and eventually Gemcrafting/Enchanting. The first caster I level is always a Tailor/Enchanter. My focus is selling mats, rather than providing enchantments though, unless I end up with some rare recipe.
  5. I have always been a favor of a Blizzard+ experience. Small tweaks like LoS fixes, fixing Blizzard bugs and things like that I think improve gameplay overall without detracting from the look and feel of Vanilla. Other features such as always auto-loot, and things like make the overall experience better IMO.