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  1. I do not share your fears are of having Blizzard ruining the Vanilla experience. My hopes are up and i cant wait for it! They will have to step it up to compete against competition out there and i know anything they mess up you guys will be there to tell them. Hope to see you there! Ill play a priest/warlock on PVE server.
  2. Alliance / Horde not decided yet Main : Holy Priest Alt : Warlock PVE for sure, wont go back to PVP as an adult with limited game time lol
  3. Have fun guys! I know what you mean by becoming brain dead when doing labor work. I used to bend pipes and pull cables all week long as an electrician... my brain was not challenged and i was depressed. I have become an Instrument Technician and it is millions times more challenging intellectually (lot of troubleshooting involved). Not depressed anymore and i love to work. Concerning WoW, i am super happy about Blizzard announcement and will be waiting for it impatiently! Hope i see you all there! It's gonna be awesome guys!
  4. Hahaha good one! you almost got me here. I was like who the fuck takes all that time to post on a forum about a game he fuking hates and despise. Especially when the thread was started by someone who is really exited about that shit. But then i noticed your nickname and i understood it all, the guy is trolling. Have a good one.
  5. Your thoughts betray you, Jut. I feel the good in you, the conflict.
  6. Welcomish
  7. Can I please do my first onyxia? All those instances I never did, all the raids I've never seen. The expectation, the wait! Please, release the hounds! The wait for server to release!
  8. I'm naming my character ' Hops ' DIBS
  9. This game is free to grab on the Playstation Store if you have a Playstation Plus. You need Playstation Plus subscription to play online so i guess many of you having a PS4 are subscribed. Killing Floor 2 – PS4 – (usually £29.99/ $39.99/ AU $54.95) Killing Floor 2 is a first-person shooter than can be played alone or cooperatively online with a team of up to 12. Its story follows directly on from the events of the first game, in which a disease outbreak from a biotechnology lab results in a zombie infection spreading across Europe. This time the infection has spread beyond Europe and players must fight waves upon waves of zombie enemies with a well-balanced team of different classes. I played it and it's a good game for the price. You can sink in a couple hours with friends and really enjoy your time.
  10. Bonsoir! YOU'R NOT GETTING THROUGH TO ME! Maybe a little LOL. Hope
  11. Hmmmm, can you point out where this as been said? Cause i'm pretty sure i have red the opposite.
  12. I see I see, thanks for the info bro. By reading Darkrasp's post I understand there will be many items missing or buffed down pre War Effort / AQ instance launch. One of the list up there as many choices to pick from for every slot so i guess one needs to adapt it to item availability and also item current specs depending on which patch server will be on. I still consider it a pretty useful tool to work with.
  13. Can you expand on that? Only green? Which patch does it get implemented?
  14. Bonsoir, We are currently raiding for some content release.
  15. Go Go Power Rangers!