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  1. I do feel if not the same, then something close to it. After all tbc projects failures even Elysium tbc announcement seems somewhat attractive. At least it will happen, will be highly populated and blizzproof. Even though buggy and poorly scripted beyond any doubt, but currently there are just no alternatives to it. So we have to deal with it and either fall to elysium's darkness or wait blizz official legacy servers (which are very well might be never to come). So i'm getting kinda desparate now too as there's nothing left to anticipate with enthusiasm really. Who knows, maybe blizzcon is going to bring us some good news (that insane surmise could only be brought out of true despair :P).
  2. Oh well, this is gonna drain playerbase from both crestfall and ares tbc. #elysiumwins as usual. Wish the product they provided was half as good as their politics on the pservers stage.
  3. Which would probably be for the best. I mean Elysium had launched Elysium 2 (Zeth'kur or something like this), and what then happened to it? Merged with Ely 1 after getting abandoned by players.
  4. So sad, so sad. So many bitter words come to mind. Deleted a lot of desperate text. Is there really nothing more to hope for in future of Legacy servers. First gummy shut down, now this. RIP CF.
  5. I was thinking rather of a fresh start server than of currently existing realm to join. Since Elysium happened to be a failure i quited it long ago. Even though I heard it got better I don't wish to return there so much time later. So I'm looking for upcoming vanilla/tbc such as crestfall/felmyst. But now it's only Ares I know of to be released anytime soon.
  6. So, what now? Felmyst got Blizz'd, Crestfall seems most likely to be delayed at least until 2018. Ares tbc (Kronos's bc)? Anounced october 2017 release. Are here some of those who plan on waiting for Crestfall killing time at Ares?