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  1. This was written January 14th, 2018. 14 days after the (third??) Scheduled release date. Almost 5 months have passed and nothing noteworthy enough has been accomplished to share. Wake up people. I'm not trolling, I am simply putting this in perspective for y'all. Dont worry, this will get deleted. The admins here will not stand for even rational posts that go against the grain. Only positive posts allowed here now. I feel bad for you all. Good luck.
  2. Its amazing how some things just get lost around here ?. Happy 2018!
  3. Whats up everyone!! Definitely everyone has heard by now about retail making a comeback. Honestly, it will prob be a while b4 retail launches and CF will probably beat Blizzard to the punch. I'll probably end up playing both CF and then retail later. Official realms will most likely be separated by region again like they were originally so I wanted to get everyone that would be planning on playing an NA server (don't have to be from NA, just play on an NA realm) here. Go ahead and say hi here. Feel free to drop any other info like planned class, faction, 1st Alt, PvP or PvE realm, planned professions, or whatever else. Fucking awesome announcement! Class: warrior/tank Faction: Always Horde Realm Style: might roll on both a PvP and PvE server 1st Alt: mage or warlock Prof: mining/TBD I'm prepared to lose 6 months of my life. God help us, God help us all. Feel free to add your own categories.
  4. What's up guys and girls. Wanted to repost a link to a NON-OFFICIAL survey (created by a redditor) but that is none-the-less getting attention from blizzard. I voted already and I strongly suggest anyone who has any sort of high hopes for retail realms to vote as well. Survey:https://goo.gl/forms/rOHYFFp6i74a8or13Proof of Blizzard monitoring it:https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/7d1bea/the_ultimate_wow_classic_design_survey_help/dpuaid2/
  5. Considering CF still hasnt pushed the plan to launch in 2017, one can only hope it launches before blizzard does.....right?
  6. Thats the irony though, whether you see it or not. Blizzard is a subsidiary of a publically held company. They aren't in the business of charity projects or fan favorites. They will only do projects with high likelihood of monetary returns, significant returns at that. The only reason they would spend the capital required to make this happen is if their is a large enough financial potential in the project to outweigh potential profits of other projects that would have used to same resources. Enough people, for a long enough time, have clamoured for this project loud enough that Blizzard finally decided that the demand is real, the dedication is real, the staying power is real, and the potential for a profitable enterprise is likely greater (or more assurred) than investing in a new/unproven venture. This is capitalism and free markets at its finest. Demand being met by a supplier due to the existence of a series of mutually beneficial transactions.
  7. Blizzard is going to take a while regardless. Count on CF being out of the gate first IMO.
  8. @Darkrasp, I second (third?) that idea. I was a construction worker for 7 or 8 years, decided to go to school and am now 6 months away from being an MD. I miss some of the parts of being a construction guy, but my body (already has some signs of the wear n tear life) says I made the right move. Also, I have to admit my new job is gonna be pretty sick!! #thinkaboutit
  9. Will see everyone on retail when it comes!! If CF launches first, I'll see u there as well. Adios!
  10. Blizzard is owned by Activision, a publicly held company in the US. It has to be understood they aren't a mafia and will comply with all US laws. Their only "threat" is legal action on copyright infringement, of which is precisely what all private servers are. They don't need to necessarily know who someone is or what they look like. They just have yo file a legal greivance on their copyright infingement and let US authorities investigate. The US authorities would be the ones to make threats after their investigation. When Blizzard sends a C&D, it is just a warning shot, and a generous one at that, that they will file for an investigation and pursue legal actions if their requests aren't met. To the people who run such private servers, I promise you they very much appreciate a C&D as a nice "please stop stealing our intellectual property" rather than just a direct leap into legal action against them. Blizzard may not be giving us what we want as far as legacy servers go, and I think it is BS personally. But I mean come on, by all rights they could literally have put people in prison and ruined the lives of quite a few people and they haven't done so.
  11. I wouldn't mind having a subscription personally. Honestly, I would pay for an official blizzard legacy realm if it were an option. But crestfall has often missed deadlines, has many times mentioned it considers itself as a hobby project, and it would be quite a leap of faith to assume that once live, issues would be addressed in a timely manner. But sure, I would throw in a few bucks a month without question if it was shown that the server was being managed properly. Between now and a server launch though, it looks like all sorts of logistical hurdles have to be handled. People will be skittish, and rightfully so, about paying for a projects costs without having security that what they are paying for will be around long enough for it to be worthwhile. I love the idea of what crestfalll will someday be, but an honest assessment of the projects ability to meet deadlines/promises consistently shows that the dedication needed to manage this project reliably after launch is something to question. Not in a bad way, but just an honest way. When launched, I'll definitely play but when a project is approached as a hobby, Darkrasp himself has said, it is very difficult to force deadlines on people. It requires a committed group for both long and short-term needs.
  12. I hear everyone's point of view here. It could just be that Nikko (Niko?) is just waiting to get a firm grasp of exactly where everything is at before he/she makes any sort of statement of any kind. That is the responsible way to do things. It could also be that Niko doesn't plan to have any sort of visible presence and that Darkrasp is the only communication we have now. I'm ok with that too. If patches are getting churned out and progress is being made, I'm happy. The fact that they aren't announcing any sort of move to 2018 yet is pretty wild IMO. Being that October is one week away, I very much expected that a 2018 release announcement to have come already which is a signal that, at least to me, we are very close to an open beta (November maybe? December at worst...). I don't care how unorganized you are, you KNOW by this point if the game will launch this year or not. Open beta is usually reserved for 4-6 weeks. There are 14 weeks left in the year this year. So that means that there only 8-10 weeks left for work outside of open beta and a 2017 launch hasn't been ruled out yet. Either they are being intentionally disrespectful, are ridiculously optimistic, have no clue whatsoever how long it will take them to do things, or the final option which is that they are so close to meeting their goals that they think they will launch this year. Call me crazy, but I'm still kind of optimistic.....
  13. Impressive
  14. Great update, nice to know the questing experience will be as close to original as possible. Looking forward to hear of how Niko is settling in. Was nice to hear Asura still in the game
  15. The announcement earlier was probably the hardest thing the CF community has had to deal with since I've been part of the community. I wonder now if we can keep the honest streak going. All I ask for us a simple assessment from crestfall developers with their next update on Monday of a projected timeline to an expected open-beta or release. In the past, I felt it was prudent to keep somewhat tight lipped about everything. I believed that the developers had the right idea to not put artificial deadlines out there. However, because of everything that has happened and statements from Elysium staff saying "benediction core won't launch anytime soon", I would just really appreciate us keeping our newfound openness and honesty rolling. It has been stated by Darkrasp in the past that if 2017 wasn't looking feasible anymore we would be the first to know about it. Well we are 4 months out from 2018 now and I think we are at the point where an honest assessment can be made on this matter. If it is still possible for a 2017 release I'd be extremely happily surprised. Past updates have told us that planned schedules have been made in the past and no doubt, release date goals were made. I don't think its beyond the realm of reason to have a strong inclination one way or the other on how much past time frames have shifted. I've said in the past I don't think you owe any of us anything and I still believe that. But owing someone and being courteous to those who have stood on your side are different things. I think it would simply be discourteous to not give your base anything, especially considering recent events, to not give a truly honest progress assessment. But, if you choose not to, again I understand but this time just a bit put off by it. Most of us have trusted you for a while. Some reciprocation would be hugely appreciated at this time. That's all.
  16. Hey guys, I'll probably still wait and see what becomes of this down the road. I accept that I don't know all the details behind everything and why it happened. Truth is though that I dont have any other options for something as pure as what this project could still potentially be so I'll give it a shot when it launches. Hope to see some of you there. I probably won't register at the elysium forums for a while, at least until some timeline announcements have been made. I'm only really interested in the PvE realm so if that doesn't get made, I probably won't pick it up like some of you have stated. I'll hang around here for a while to pick up some news here and there. Anyway, hope to see some of you there to maybe build a guild of Crestfallen. In fact, thats what we should name it, Crestfallen. Adios for now.
  17. I have heard launch weeks are pretty hectic times in legacy server realms. Crowded starting areas, server lag, everything is slow going for everyone. Not sure if development would support such an idea, but what about the possibility of a Gold Pass Loyalty Reward for CF community members ?. Part of the CF online community? Get 1 week early access so you can miss the flood of players on launch day. It would serve the dual purpose of lightening the load of all the other players coming online the following week ?. The answer is always no if you dont ask, so I'm asking!
  18. The other thing to keep in mind with all this is that servers will only be available as long as donations keep it paid for. Having tons of servers is only possible with money, sustained money. So I'm not sure just throwing more servers than what is intended right now is the solution. Time will tell how durable the project is based on us. In other news, Darkrasp may post today about that whole other thing. I'm interested in what this is all about...
  19. Yeah, terrible idea OP. Whats wrong with you! I'm with you guys
  20. Hey Backo, welcome aboard. I stumbled on this awesome project by accident also. Glad I did, hope you have a pleasant stay. 2030 isn't that far off!
  21. Thanks for the update. And now I read another update is coming on Sunday/Monday!? Surrounded by mystery of course haha, never a dull moment around here. Based off your first paragraph hints as to what it might be and Crogge's thing there, I think you chose the latter route. Best of luck, enjoy your weekend man.
  22. You should check out felmyst, its a new TBC server. Its supposed to be top notch. Dueces
  23. Are they scheduled for 2035 or something? I haven't heard of their projected schedule yet. All signs indicate we are still on pace for our anticipated 2030 release here. Definitely reason to be excited! You and me both brother. If CF doesn't pan out, I'll just keep doing what I did before i found crestfall. Luckily, I'm kind of optimistic about the whole thing.
  24. First, I dont have a horse in this race really so no biggie, don't let this opening line be lost on you. Its all good brother, but... It is blizzlike only in the coding idea, which had multiple iterations and isnt accurately being reproduced as currently implemented for what the goal is/was. But it is not as blizzlike in the results due to coding difficulties darkrasp mentioned. That is an important distinction. But either way, not a huge deal. I'll likely never personally use any of those items so its not a personal thing. It is what it is. Edit: and it appears that the result could be programmed to be more blizzlike based off us being able to test it, so why not make the result blizzlike. Ok seriously, I'm done with the thread. Do what you please, it won't bother me a bit. But I'm glad I picked up on this thread and learned a bit about how these mechanics work. Was a fun convo
  25. Yup, it's not a big deal, but I thought an interesting catch by Pvt. It also looks like you can enact a solution that provides relief to the problem already or else you couldn't test it, so even though small, why not?