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  1. Sick trailer brah!
  2. Wecome! They aim for 2017 release.
  3. Welcome!
  4. Welcome!
  5. Yes and no. Soulstones as you know them from vanilla was removed in cataclysm. As i remember there is a cap on how many you can have and they take no inventory space and regenerate on their own but you can also regenerate them faster with certain spells. i also think only affliction locks have them now.
  6. Hehe. I think it would be fair to ask for a tip from people who needs a summon. doesn't seem fair for locks to do extra work because someone is late. Also disincentives being late.
  7. Hey Crestfall. Been following this project for about 10 months now but only now i decided to make an account. I have no experiance raiding in vanilla but i'm probably going to race to 60 once the server is out and i'm looking for a raiding guild if people are already forming guilds. i've settled on rolling an Alliance Warlock, so if anyone is looking for locks feel free to advertise your guild :). Anyway. Hi everyone and let's hope for a great server with a great community!