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  1. You should never have joined up with them....for the second time! When will you ever learn? Imagine how hyped Crestfall's position would be in the private server scene if they just stood strong on their own, then Elysium implode.
  2. Thank you for the response, Morrasul!
  3. How do druid hots work on Crestfall? Will for example any rejuvination with the same rank overwrite another, or will the druid with the most +healing have a rejuvination that is impossible to overwrite from the others? I have heard arguments that both were the cases in vanilla, and I'm pretty confused to be honest.
  4. For in Elicas' post about resto druids, she says ''Remember, our HoT's do not stack in Vanilla, the higher rank HoT will overwrite the lower, and I believe the over-writing mechanic includes +healing as well, so if you have two Druids using Rejuv, one heals for 1000 and one heals for 1001, the 1001 Rejuv will always overwrite the first.'' But she doesn't sound that convincing to me. And the replies I got on my reddit post on r/elysiumproject was that it was in fact a myth, and that Elysium has the scripting correct. A OG vanilla druid, please help me!
  5. Hello! I made a post on Elysium's reddit as well and I think I'm just gonna copy that because I'm lazy: Hello fellow players! I have a question about how hots are working on elysium, and how they should be working in vanilla. For some reason I have always believed that the druid hots' with the most +healing will overwrite the other druids in the raid. This was until I was told otherwise in MC today. A druid with a lesser tick on rejuv overwrote my rejuv. Is the way I first described druid hots the correct one, aka blizzlike? Or is how it's working on Elysium how it should work. Thanks If this is indeed not working properly on Elysium it will make me long for Crestfall even more. Please, if anyone knows for sure - let me know!
  6. Guys, for the love of god - never announce an announcement!!
  7. You make a very interesting argument, Loeth, I see where you are coming from. But my counter argument would be that I don't want to add another dimenson to vanilla wow, I wanna re-experience the greatest game that has ever been made, as it was. I feel like it is a slippery slope to funserver tendencies, where will the QoL-improvements end? These will be impleneted slowly, but surely as the timeline continues towards the other expansions. So let's leave vanilla as it is
  8. And that's what I thought Elysium would do too, but apparently they changed their mind about something so fundemental to the gameplay 6 months after release. I am so dissapointed.. But I believe the crestfall team will stay true to their words, and their cause. Will wait eagerly for the release now!
  9. Hello guys! I've been a lurker on the forums since summer 2016. I got to relive my great wow experience with Nostalrius, but sadly I got in too late for the party. I've been playing on Elysium since release and to be honest, I'm having a blast there. That was until the latest PvP update where they are reducing respec costs down to 25g. I could go on and on for hours why I want the standard 50g, making you factor in pvp, pve and farming while choosing your spec. With lower respec cost people will just go with the cookie cutter raid build, cookie cutter farm build and cookie cutter pvp build. What I like about vanilla is that every action has it consequences, for better or for worse. Crestfall, please be our saviour and show us the true vanilla experience!!