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  1. Argh, more doubts! I want to level in Kalimdor as much as possible and looking at the stats there appear to be very few Hunters planned. So now I am thinking "Why not relive the whole vanilla experience and ressurect Grimwaald, my very first character?" You can see how I became an altoholic /sighs
  2. Nice one @Darkrasp, I'm not over-hyped! at all!
  3. I like it,. I have been assembling my own guide for Kalimdor as I want to level in it as much as possible this time and have used this site a lot http://wow.gamepressure.com/map_of_kalimdor.asp. It does not give xp and is not a vanilla site as such, but you could use it to find all the available quests and then check them via one of the other links above. Good luck
  4. Thanks for the update. Given how Blizz-like this server is going to be, I am expecting constant complaints about how long it takes to level
  5. A Paladin who bubble/hearths is a warrior, a true Paladin goes down fighting!
  6. In the past I always rolled a human Pally, but I am enjoying playing the Dwarf I have on Elysium so I will probably go that way. My lack of skill outweighs any racial gains anyway.
  7. So, a new server and and a pledge to do things differently. Instead of my usual altitis, I will pick one toon and progress him to 60 before I start an alt (bank alt excepted ofc). Now, I plan to run a DPS druid so I'm thinking "Why not make the whole experience new and level him in Kalimdor?" Apart from my very first character (late vanilla) I have mostly run human/dwarf/Gnome and always levelled in the human zone as it appeared to be the easiest. Even my druids have moved once I aquired bear form. As a test I started a new character on Kronos and .... OMG! Are there two more difficult/boring zones to level in than Darkshore and Ashenvale? I mean quests are miles apart, there are hills blocking every route, it takes forever and you always have rabies! Am I really destined for Westfall, Redridge and Duskwood again? Can anyone offer me hope?
  8. I will be levelling a druid and probably a pally on launch. Druid will be herb/alchemy and the Pally mining/engineering. I don't raid so I will never obtain the best mats/items, but then I don't tend to need most items either; health, mana potions and explosives (for pulling/emergencies on my Pally) mainly. As I level crafting I will be a source of lower level herbs/ore/stones and will be able to craft potions etc and the odd transmute. I also plan to level fishing and cooking on my druid, so I should be able to supply fish and/or buff foods - Recipe: Savoury Deviate Delight drop PLEASE! :)
  9. Nice guide +1 However, I do feel that you have made two assumptions and it would be worth pointing them out to new players. Firstly, you are assuming that players actually want to level as fast as possible. Many will I grant you, but there are others for whom the opportunity to experience levelling on a more authentic vanilla server, taking in the lore on the way, will be of equal importance. Secondly, please don't perpetuate the myth that certain classes/specs are worthless and should be avoided. If the players eventual intention is to join a serious raiding guild then of course you are correct, however many players will not have that aim. Some will prefer a less serious social guild, role playing, PvPing or just multiple character levelling. Also it is possible to re-spec. Running a SPriest is a bad idea if you think your eventual intention might change and you might like to try tanking, but not if you think you might eventually like to heal. Still, thumbs up overall.
  10. Cheers Yavannie, You are right, I have had some pretty lousy experiences in dungeons on retail, it can be pretty toxic at times, especially since LFG came about. It's a mix of both really. I will never be a raider as I do lack speed and (probably worse) the ability to memorise the instances/situations. I have healed the easier dungeons and DPS'd normal ones through to Cata. I did land in a good guild once and even tried to tank a WotLK instance on my druid; though the less said about that the better as I really didn't know the mechanics of druid tanking! We had a laugh and I swapped out to DPS, the joys of finding a good guild as you say. I do have a Mage on the CF social, only lvl 14 atm, but nearly ready for VC. Being me, I also have a Pally of similar level that I am levelling as Holy (yes, I know!)
  11. But, but...levelling is fun!
  12. Now that's a good idea Elicas, thanks. I can sort of be true to my idea of one main via the resting xp bonus get-out while sating my normal desire to make multiple alts I had planned on a bank alt which will be my only female character. She is a discipline priestess I use for BG's, but I will not really need her until TBC hits as I don't think the discipline build was that viable in vanilla.
  13. Damn, I'm having second thoughts I love Druids. As someone who lacks the skill to raid, druids are perfect. In dungeons, BG's or just the world you can heal, tank, dps with claws or spells, mix heal/dps, sneak up on quest boses while levelling, stealth to those tasety fishing spots! But in truth, while I love helping people I am always afraid of letting them down, so I tend not to group or run dungeons, let alone raid. My other option has always been a Paladin. Always willing to dive in and help someone in need, but a bit of a loner with standards he can't quite live up to. (Ye God's, I sound like I'm setting up for RP - lol) This is bad, I was set on finally levelling a main to 60 before creating an alt (non bank ofc) and I am losing it months before the server has even opened! Bearing in mind raid utility is unimportant, what do I do? Go with the Druid fun or level that Holy Pally and make me a Shockadin? /Sigh
  14. The fishing achievement. One of the things I remember most was fishing for the trophy fish in Orgrimmar at lvl35 on my Dwarf warrior. Only a couple of Horde killed me, most left me alone, presumably for having the cheek to be there! I did eventually land it
  15. Lol, I'm the same when it comes to kiting! I was thinking you could use the hunter for the gold-getting alt as they level quickly and are great for soloing/farming.
  16. This was my first thought. For one toon I would say make a druid (of course I would say that ). Spec it feral and you can level with virtually no down time once you make it past level 10. Also, you can dps and off tank if you enjoy tanking. They are survivable in a WPvP environment too. Only real drawback is bag space, you will never have enough for all the gear you need! Hunters are super easy if you keep it simple and do a bit of prep. Choose a pet who isn't a fussy eater (like a cat or a boar) and keep it on "Passive." Bind "Attack", "Growl", "Bite" and "Heal pet" to single keys and treat as any other part of your rotation: Mark, attack, growl, bite, stun, sting, shoot.... As long as you keep growling and biting and don't overdo the Arcane Shot your pet will take all the aggro and your auto-shot will maintain damage, giving you little downtime. Again, big drawback in vanilla is bag space as you lose one to ammo (and noise if, like me, you choose a gun-toting Dwarf ).
  17. Very happy with this, cheers guys. Can't wait for launch.
  18. Lilaina, I did eventually have to leave because of the DDoS attack but the real cause of my troubles was the fact that I am a complete Muppet! I had converted my wtf file to a text file /sigh!
  19. Well, I screwed my client up and had to renew everything - doh! I can't seem to get it to load Elysium, just stays on Kronos. I modified my wtf file but no joy.
  20. As I see it there's a lot of love on this forum; for the game, the CF project and the people behind it. If the original idea was to produce the best possible emulation for those who would appreciate it, then that aim is still a valid one. Player numbers were never a priority, only a quality server where like minded people could enjoy the experience within a respectful community. If the team needs time to chill I totally understand; but I hope they can see that their work is appreciated by the vast majority of us. In the end it is your choice Asura, best wishes.
  21. Do people really play on Elysium? Last night, no web site so could not make toon. Tonight, made a toon but cannot log on! https://elysium-project.org/status says Darrowshire is up, https://elysiumstatus.com/ says it is down?
  22. Vanilla to WotLK for me, Cata was the point I started to lose interest and gave up mid-MoP. Thinking back, it was heirlooms that started the decline for me. As an altoholic I never had decent max-level characters and starting new toons without heirlooms was no fun (especially on a PvP server!)
  23. Happy to roll anything to help as it's only practice (apart from war/rogue, can't get on with them). Just name it.
  24. I like the website, looks like my kind of Guild. Alas I only play Ally, so I would not be able to work with you guys on CF I may make a toon on Darrowshire anyway just to chat (I'm on K2 atm) and maybe try out instances again. Especially if you are the type who don't mind working with really crappy healers - lol
  25. Hmm, thanks for the replies, seems like I am in for a struggle if I go the Kalimdor route. I was mostly concerned with how difficult (slow) the Darkshore/Ashenvale zones but it seems I am going to be struggling mid term as well. Still, nothing ventured I am working on a quest sheet to maximise my efficiency in the early zones, so at least I can keep pace when the server starts. Maybe I should ditch my herb/alc professions and go skinning/LW given the number of critters I am going to have to kill Thanks again for the replies.