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  1. I do, thanks for noticing that
  2. Greeting players of Crestfall! I hope all of you are looking forward to the servers launch as we are! "We" being the community of <Dreadful>. We are a hardcore PvE focused guild, dedicated on becoming server first (past Molten Core). Our guild leader is a high experience retail guild leader, with numerous amounts of vanilla experience. So what different between us and any other top guild? We don't require experience, from generic raiders, however it is great bonus. The main reason we are recruiting SO EARLY, is to allow players who haven't experienced vanilla wow a shot to join our core team. This gives us time to teach them the necessities of vanilla, both with in game experience and verbal guidance. So what are we currently looking for? Simply. Officers. I am more focused in building the foundation before we start filling up a set roster. I have numerous plans for our guilds foundation, including numerous videos made by officers (such as class guides and PoV boss kills). If you are interested in killing bosses raiding 12 hours a week, and interested in aiding others. Please message me instantly on discord. Cause players like yourself are extremely hard to find. Interested in being part of our future community? We are still going to need to fill our ranks at some point, join our discord now to be one of the first to sign your name down for a raid spot. Are you interested? Check out our website : http://Dreadful.ca Join us on Discord : https://discord.gg/juHzXDG Please message "Drenx" on our discord server! I have alot of info waiting to be discussed with you.