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  1. Agreed. Back in the days, the best-ish guild of a certain not-so-obscure WotLK server tossed me an invite somehow. They've had all the released content on farm, more or less, and generally represented, well, a recognizable part of the community. And lo and behold, the first Naxx ever they take me in, I find myself forced to LoS exploit Razuvious. Because, hey, speedruns and all. Needless to say, I didn't log on that character anymore, ever. Pity, too, she was the Realm First 450 Fisherman :'( Even if there's no greed or personal gain involved it can be very hard to report somebody you've been casually chatting with but a moment ago, not to mention a whole guild. I wonder if some kind of a custom exploit check could be attached to bosses to discourage improper player behaviour (i.e., for example, "Boss skipped his core mechanic twice during the encounter -> kick raid from the instance").
  2. It might be more of a personal question, but what do you guys think of the course that retail WoW has taken in general, and the Legion expansion in particular? Are there any good ideas or features somewhere along the way you'd be really excited to (re-)implement on Crestfall?
  3. By the way, how legit/profitable in terms of leveling is to dash to STV arena as soon as you roll a character as the server opens and spend a day there just grinding Arena Grand Master (as well as an obscene amount of blues/potions)?
  4. Imo any XP penalty (technically there is a bonus, but XP is still split between all party members participating in a kill) is still outweighted by having means to tag anything you need before anyone else, especially on a fresh server. Duo questing is probably the most optimal thing in terms of XP/difficulty/management ratio.