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  1. Sounds like a solid plan.
  2. My top memory was the very first time I played the game. I was over at my brother's apartment and he was playing this new game and I was giving him crap because it looked cartoony and kind of lame. I watched him play a little, he showed me a bunch of corpses littering Scarlet Monastery and told me those were all dead players they had been killing. That's when the full meaning of "massively multiplayer" really sunk in. A little while later he was running around on a raptor in the middle of a jungle (wtf is up with that) and showed me how to gank lowbies in STV. That was literally my first experience, killing lowbies on a troll hunter. I made an account that afternoon. Another favorite was that time we all climbed on top of the Org gate, drank a bunch of noggenfogger until we all had slow fall, and I really want to say we had mistletoe or whatever to turn our mounts into reindeer but I don't know if 'm misremembering that part or not, was that a thing yet? Anyway we lined up and jumped off the gate single file /yelling MERRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO. I spent most of vanilla wow derping around. I didn't get into end-game. I think my highest PvP rank was senior sergeant. I made a ton of alts and explored the world. I remember how huge and immersive the world felt. The past few years I'd mentioned on the retail forums that I thought that sense of wonder was gone because the game just was so old now, same ol' same ol', we've seen it all before with each patch cycle. But I recently started playing on a vanilla server and, while I've found some of it to be true, I'm actually very surprised to see that even though I've seen and played the level grind so many times, the pre-cata zones with all the wonky quests spread haphazardly around the world, Azeroth really does feel a lot bigger and more immersive. It feels like an adventure again. Maybe it's because I'm rediscovering all the stuff I forgot about like weapon skill and feeding pets lol.
  3. Thanks. I think I'll level one on Elysium and see how it works out. I mean I eventually will roll a resto druid, I guess my question is is it work rolling it as my first character on a fresh, new server? I'm not exactly in a rush, but I also don't want to take 8 years to get to 60 lol.
  4. Hey guys, I'm thinking of rolling a druid, primarily as a healer. I was just wondering can ferals heal 5 mans while leveling if I keep a set of +int gear for that purpose? Can resto level decently in cat or bear form? How does balance manage? When the server goes live I expect getting instance groups will be no problem, but I do like questing as well. I'm also thinking in terms of farming stuff for myself if my latency allows me to get into raiding, or farming for my guild without having to roll extra characters. Would I be better off rolling a hunter or something? How do druids in dungeon and quest drops fare solo?
  5. Hi guys! I've been posting a little bit on the forums but I'm actually pretty new to the private server thing, and obviously Crestfall. I'm playing on Elysium right now waiting for either open beta or more likely for beta to finish and start fresh. I started playing WoW sometime shortly before the BG patch in vanilla and quit playing retail shortly before Legion. Decided that I want to go back to the beginning, maybe try out the stuff I missed out on in vanilla when I was too busy leveling alts and griefing southshore lol. I'd love to try vanilla raiding, and see what all the fuss was about with vanilla healers (paladin most likely) but I play on satellite internet with an 800+ ms ping, so that may not be in the cards lol. Looking forward to seeing everyone if/when the server ever launches!
  6. Swtor is the only other game that has managed to suck me in the way WoW does. I can't be bothered to even try guild wars, eso, and the few other MMOs I have tried I got bored. I can't quite put my finger on what it is about these two games that holds my interest. I wonder what kind of changes could be made. How restricted are we by client version? Is area loot possible? Would switching to a new version make it difficult to impossible to backport to mechanics and formulas of older versions? Could vanilla WoW be realistically re-made on, say, the Legion client with the updated graphics and effects but vanilla mechanics and gameplay? I mean what kind of tweaks and changes are realistic and what's just wishful thinking? When they say Blizzlike+ and removal of features, what exactly is the context of this? Disabling certain UI elements like the random dungeon finder? Completely re-tooling, say, Wrath mechanics to feel more "vanillaesque"? I mean what is the context here, what kind of things can realistically even be cut or added?
  7. Huh. Interesting. Maybe I'll dabble with changing object sounds and see if that works. Still at a loss for subzones, though. I don't know how to add Camp Taurajo so it plays Tauren music like it's supposed to. I think I'll just scrap the idea, the addon as it is removes a ton of music and that's the exact opposite of what I wanted lol.
  8. Hey guys, I've been trying to track down an old version of the Soundtrack addon. As far as I can see the oldest version available is for patch 2.1 and it definitely doesn't work in vanilla. However I'm reasonably sure the addon came out before 2.0 so an old version might be floating around out there. I came across Finalfantasilization, which is not exactly what I was looking for. I think I've figured out how to add additional tracks to what is included, but I can't figure out how to add subzones, inns/taverns, etc. Tauren music won't play in e.g. Camp T because the addon doesn't seem to recognize subzones and continues playing Barrens music. I really want to add more music to my game, not just replace it (especially losing subzone music). Can anyone suggest any other music addons, know of a working version of Soundtrack, or know how to add subzone support to Finalfantasilization? Would it work to add subzones the same way main zones are handled?
  9. If any significant tweaks turned out unpopular the devs would definitely have to be on their toes and have a contingency in place i.e. the means to undo it immediately. They'd probably also have to be two+ steps ahead and give serious consideration to how any major tweaks or undoing of major tweaks will affect their plan going forward. That said, I'm liking the idea of Blizzlike++++++. I was thinking the other day I'd love to see a server progress through patch cycles but retain mechanics as close to vanilla as possible. Quality of life features like always auto-loot should, in my opinion, be implemented from day one. Flight totally could be turned off for BC and Wrath. Just put FPs, portals, bridges, ladders, ramps, items, or other means to access areas previously restricted by flight. I'm sure we could just level gate areas that were meant to be max level only and restricted to flying with a gold sink pass to emulate flight training purchase or something. Get rid of them. I don't mean get rid of unique art assets and recolors, but they should not be epics. Make them dungeon tiers. Dungeon grinding gives you dungeon tiers, not epics. Bosses can drop your epics. Tweak boss loot tables to make up for it. Maybe just dump the epics into boss loot tables completely. I don't know, I'm not a game developer, but surely there is a solution that removes epics from NPCs. As for PvP gear purchasable with honor, hasn't it always been that way? Maybe gate it behind PvP ranks or reputation, within reason. If the majority hate a raid tier and would like to just wham bam thank you ma'am then move on to the next, I don't see the problem here. Leave it out long enough to gear, then roll out the next raid tier. Summoning stones still require part of the group to be out in the world traveling to the instance. They of course should require 2 or 3 players to use. LFD wasn't in and of itself a problem, initially it wasn't cross realm, you were still grouped with people form your realm, and I don't think it popped you right inside the instance. I think LFD can be tweaked for a reasonable compromise between quality of life and facilitating actual gameplay. 1. LFD should not be cross-realm, period. If a server's community is so small it cannot even randomly put people together for dungeons it's time to merge that dead realm unless the players there like being on a very low pop realm (many people do). Merge the server or offer transfers if another server is available. Don't make cross-realm LFD, it's cancer. I had few bad experiences on retail with cross-realm groups but it definitely, tangibly undermines server community and working together. 2. LFD should not pop you right into the dungeon, or move you at all in any way from your current location. All it does is facilitate grouping so you don't have to stand in your faction capital spamming lf1m. Instead you can be out in the world doing stuff. 3. If you want to queue from a capital city you still have to physically bring yourself to the instance or get a summon by the 2-3 others who physically traveled to the summoning stone. This way LFD still requires people to be out in the world. As for LFR, cut it. I never got much into raiding, but I did dabble a bit in Wrath and pugging raids was easy peasy. The raid browser was sufficient, but you could also just spam the old fashioned way and get invites. A random queue raid finder is a completely unnecessary addition. I get the Blizz devs didn't like spending all that time and money on raid assets only a small fraction of the playerbase would ever see, but realistically I don't think most of us miss out on raid content due to inability to find groups, but rather lack of interest. The 3.3 raid browser is very useful imo, and I think a reasonable compromise between LFR and no group finder at all. Plus, we aren't faced with the risk of budget cuts like they likely were, if 90% of the population doesn't raid it's not the end of CF. If LFR does make it into the game similarly to retail, I don't really care what gear it rewards. But in keeping with a more vanilla approach (my preference, probably not a lot of other people's) I can see tier getting scrapped and replaced with dungeon sets. I'd again prefer to see LFR gone and stick with the 3.3 raid browser. Maybe even put that bad boy in from the get go to help with last-minute replacements. But LFR, especially as it was in WoD (no clue what it's like in Legion as I no longer play) was a detriment. It was filled with people who refused to l2p and just comical wipefests. Tourist mode dungeons should reward tourist mode items, aka useless souvenirs. Greens, maybe blues. MoP LFR was fun, but I'm not convinced it warranted tier, even if it was reduced stats. I never tried LFR in Cata. In lieu of LFR as a gear stop, when a new tier rolls out maybe implement a catchup mechanic in older content. Markedly increased drop rates, for instance, for people to catch up and see the new stuff while it's still relevant if they are willing to get there. I don't know. I just know that LFR, especially as it was in WoD and to a lesser extent in MoP, doesn't really seem to fit. No! If you look past the whole Kung Fu Panda and "but it was an april fools joke originally bawwwww" nonsense MoP had a lot of strong points. I, personally, enjoyed the story. The zones and artwork were stunning and the music was beautiful. This is one point where people are legitimately just being ridiculous. I'd like to see how MoP stands up if it were retooled to older mechanics, 3.x or earlier. But scrapping an entire expansion, beautiful scenery, great ambience, and a change of scenery just because some people want to complain about not taking pandas seriously seems absurd. Some other things I've mulled over recently. In particular I've never been a fan of Blizz cutting out content, like no longer obtainable and unique gear or the entire vanilla storyline in Cata. If it's realistically possible to keep old versions of dungeons and zones in-tact and accessible in some way (chromie, CoT, something) that would be fantastic. Entire questlines and storylines are gone. Newcomers from Cata onwards won't get to experience them on retail. Keeping these available would also provide alternative questing and leveling opportunities. I don't know how realistic or feasible it would be but it's the single biggest thing I hated about Cata, even above and beyond resto druid changes.