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  1. when i played on TBC several years ago...lvl 58 was the GO to outland...even as low as 56...since grinding mobs on outlands was WAY faster than questing in azeroth...so no, it's better if you do take the vanilla end game quest as money instead of saving it for xp...actually, there arent enough vanilla quest to grind to 60...you need to farm 2 or 3 levels for it
  2. Nobbel87...excelent lore master of the WoW universe...go watch all his videos...i have done it already :3, you can also watch nixiom and hirumaredx, they also got excelent videos...there is one more, hellscream or something is called the youtuber, cant remember now
  3. arent a few dungeons raid possible...like deadmines? or is that just a glitch on the private servers?
  4. There is hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! THERE IS HOPE PEOPLE!
  5. training dummy is a great idea, it's a fucking chore to train your weapon skill other by the fact that it's blizzlike maybe autoloot? pressing shift key is boring sometimes a way to block whisper/mail or level limit to avoid gold sellers spam, even if you have addons to filter words they star using bullshit and ASCII lenguage, it's annoying as fuck (maybe add commands to ignore whispers and or invites to specific chat groups or party groups or guild invites like "im selling gold go to www...guild invted you" like the option "block trade") those are minor changes that improve vanilla quality AND DONT BREAK anything from the vanilla experience, i mean, those kind of things would improve the quality of the game and attract more players. Small things are what makes a "relationship" to be more (easier and) succefull on the long run. maybe a few gm's looking for "random generated" names like "asdfefs" or "lghsle" etc. Make it so when you make a new account ask for notification on the e-mail and or a captcha or both of them. Maybe add a captcha to the game when making a new char to make goldsellers life impossible? though that would gives lots of new lines of code to be done, all to make gold sellers life harder pls!
  6. like if you go behind a tree or on a higher/lower level of the floor? that wasnt on vanilla...that was implemented later
  7. press shift when you loot, then you autoloot, you just cant activate it to be automatic without the shift key
  8. there are 3 new worlds coming out in the almost "dead Tibia game"... may do good to you?
  9. Holy...2 more months...just for CBT...i dont know if im patient enough...maybe i'm