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  1. now thats stupid, even in vanilla, as a dps warrior, you could tank things no problem if you knew what you were doing, tanking as been reduced to spam abilities and wait for heal...specially on low level dungeons, that party of yours must been so accustomed to faceroll thats why the wipe, i guess...also, the scaling been implemented since several years on other games with almost no one caring about it. doub its gona revive the "leveling" experience we used to have
  2. Whatever they want...like, really...i would keep paying those $15.00 usd a month for an official vanilla server, heck, just because they announced this, im paying them again $15.00 just to support them, if even a little, then cancel subscription with a "just waiting for vanilla realm, thanks" every single month...thats how much i love the old game
  3. Hhahahaha, sry had to
  4. FINALLY, The old gods of blizzard noticed the light of great gold mines! and here they come! and just because of that...im paying blizzard again a monthly subscription...
  5. i downloaded once a full vanilla addon package...it was like 600 megas of addons...i lost the page and knew nothing of them...this will help me a lot :#
  6. Not dead, dead...just really, really, really fucked up...welp, time to wait for another server...at least this one went down by it's own hands and not by blizzard...so,it's something i guess? people greed is always there and on "illegal" things like this one, its even more easy to make it happend, im actually amazed it lasted this long, good times.
  7. As much as i like Crestfall name...it's just a name, as easy to switch it to another one, and it all is fine, it's the work they are doing that's giving us, "ancient" wow players, the hope of a good old realm, like old times
  8. I tried it for the lols...downloaded it...then it gave me the worse virus i've ever got, i couldnt do anything to it, it fuckin g went everywhere and i couldnt open a single file in my pc, no sound and internet really slow...i had to erase all the hdd and make it again...damn it bro!
  9. Had too...it's just way too good (also this guy, i think, worked for twin*star project)
  10. WAIT WHAT? i can goes 100+ kills again? wow man...i may ressub just because of this...sadly, doub it will be implemented...like, ever!
  11. well...i played it, from day 1 till i got almost exalted with the nightfallen, like, a few weeks later (i forgot, i also did nightmare raid first day it came out)...and even though the game is supposed to be bigger, more things to do, etc...it feels just...smaller than vanilla servers, why? because progresion is way too fast...after i got max level, i had almost all epics on first day...i did all the "daylies" world quests (which were great on progression on lower gear levels) and so goes the list, was really entertaining for a while, but then, way too much grind but unlike vanilla or BC, it feel more like a chore than a good thing to do...also, alts, fuck, till the patch were you could catch up with alts fast, it was necesary to do it all over again, even reputation quest NO THANKS! and so much phasing made almost impossible to play with friends if you or them are behind on X quest on X part of the map...ugh, not a bad expansion, but still, not quite like the golden ages of WoW...and no, it's not nostalgia talking here, it just felt better to have my achievements on old servers, than now on vanilla and the "rare blues" legendary items
  12. aha! first! anyway, thanks for the update and the good job, getting closer to the release date!!
  13. "all questions about release date" we know the release date...december 31 11:59:59 pm anyway, good work on the server!
  14. compared to the "rest" of vanilla servers...Elysium is an excelent server...
  15. nothing...i just miss my 2nd profession having a tittle and when you could link it on trade channel like "looking for job" (paste ur profession here) and [Master Swordsmith] appeared instead of [blacksmith] felt awesome, since most people on my real didnt had it (i play in latin america servers, and they came late and getting tittles in second profession was not well known)