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  1. Any updates coming soon?
  2. The guide is complete for server opening. However, most likely I will not be updating this guide through later patches. After playing as a Boomkin for over 15 months I want to play other classes, and I'm not a person that tends to have a lot of level 60s on vanilla server. If someone wishes to take the content of this guide and create their own as Crestfall progresses through patches, I strongly encourage that, but will not support their guides in any way other than the information about Balance Druids I have provided so far in this thread.
  3. Gear updated, will do enchants and consums soon.
  4. Perhaps on obvious question. What about having my bank alt on a different account, and having two Wow's running in the same time within a city in order to transfer goods between my main and my bank alt via trade instead of mailing them and waiting for their arrival as well as spending in game money (yeah I'm super cheap).
  5. Indeed ZG will not be out for quite some time. I have not researched gear for replacement of the Bloodvine set, neither for the Dire Maul drops, but I have been clear about some gear not being available as this post was originally made for Nostalrius Begins PvP realm. I will do more research on that later and you can be sure that the list will be updated before the server is officially released. Thanks to Sona's reply and the timeline shared by Elicas I have a lot of good leads that I will look into in the near future after I complete the Resto Druid guide I'm making. Is probably a good idea. Although it might be hard for you to be allowed by your guild to switch from a healer to a caster and still keep your raid spot. With how the Crestfall team is planning to buff raid content at first having a Moonkin will benefit very little as everyone will try to optimize dps in order to progress through content. Balance Druids will not be able to compete with other classes when it comes to dps until they have their BiS BWL gear. As I said I hate doing the math. I was given a shot while I raided on Nostalrius and from experience I can tell you, Boomkin can be a real caster dps. The damage will still be quite random even later on with BWL gear. If you lose your world buffs (Onyxia head, heart of Hakkar, Songflower) you're pretty much screwed it terms on competing with others in dps, because you rely on criting more than other caster classes due to the Nature's Grace talent. Yet even without those buffs, a geared Boomkin will deal decent damage and not look completely horrible on the meters. To add to the argument of bringing a Balance Druid is his talent tree. It contains many of the talents of the Moonglow spec for Resto Droods. Imagine a couple of healers dying in an encounter. A Boomkin with even 200 +spell dmg (which is also +healing ofc) can step in and help out quite effectively, possibly even making the difference between a wipe and a kill. Thank you everyone for your feedback and imput. I am planning on improving the guide soon, with all the new information I got and doing more reseach.
  6. I read about that, but I believe he talked about open Beta, I would like to see closed Beta videos, see where they are at right now.
  7. Can we hope for some videos of the beta soon?
  8. Hey there, For those few of you who will decide to play as a Balance Druid on Vanilla content I have made this list back when I raided as a Boomie on Nostalrius with good results. For the past week I have been doing research to find out what items that are going to be available in game right off the start should be considered Pre-Raid BiS, a list of enchants and consumables. If you have see any items or you have any information you think should be in this guide please do not hesitate to comment or message me. In order to optimize your gear I recommed farming rep with every PvP faction which I will list in here as Pre-Raid BiS, if you do not wish to pvp you are not going to be able to have the optimal gear at the release of the server. PvP Rank rewards are not be included, it's a grind enough to get all this gear so a lot of people might not feel like grinding 24/7 in order to get high enough rank for more upgrades. If you do so, it's really a no brainer as to what is an upgrade for you and what's not. Some of the gear, consumables and enchants listed will not be available right away, however items you should use before that are listed as well, and there should be no confusion. Pre-Raid BiS: Head: Crimson Felt Hat (Stratholme - Magistrate Barthilas) Neck: Tooth of Gnarr (UBRS - General Drakkisath) or Star of Mystaria (Stratholme - Balnazzar) Shoulders: Burial Shawl (Scholo - Minibosses) Back: Archivist Cape (Stratholme - Archivist Galford) prefferably with +21 Arcane Dmg Chest: Robes of the Royal Crown (BRD - Emperor) or Allana's Embrace (Scholo - Ras Frostwisper) Wrists: Magistrate's Cuffs (Stratholme - Magistrate Barthilas) or Dryad's Wrist Bindings (WSG rep reward, a really tough grind) Hands: Hands of Power (LBRS - Quartermaster Zigris) Waist: Thuzadin Sash (Stratholme - Nerub'enkan) or Clutch of Andros (Scholo - Kirtonos the Herald) Legs: Skyshroud Leggings (LBRS - Highlord Omokk) Boots: Kayser's Boots of Precision (LBRS - War Master Voone) or Dragonrider Boots (UBRS - Warchief Rend Blackhand) Rings: Lorekeeper's Ring (WSG rep reward) & Band of Rumination (UBRS - Warchief Rend Blackhand) or if you're lucky Mark of the Dragon Lord (UBRS - Overlord Wyrmthalak) Trinkets: Briarwood Reed (UBRS - Jed Runewatcher) & Eye of the Beast (BRD Quest) Weapon: Sageclaw (AB rep reward) & Tome of Arcane Domination (AV rep reward) List Of General Consumables: Major Mana Potion x25 Demonic or Dark Rune x20 (They don't share cooldown with Mana Potions) Nightfin Soup x20 Sagefish Delight x10 (Weaker food buff than Nightfin Soup, but lasts longer. Use for long fights) Wizard Oil x2 Greater Fire Protection Potion x10 (Trust your healers but come prepared. Until ZQ release you will need it for every raid encounter) Restorative Potion x10 Rumsey Rum x20 (Makes it harder for you to kill yourself) Major Healing Potion x5 (Again, trust your healers, but be prepared) Flask of Supreme Power x2 Greater Arcane Elixir x10 Flask of Distilled Wisdom (If you have extreme mana problems) Wild Thornroot x60 (Number will change depending on how many druids you bring, this is how much I always had on me per raid) Ironwood Seed x20 Major Healthstone Cerebral Cortex Compound x2 (I don't bother with it unless its progression or a speed run. Turn in the quest right before raid, use the buff and turn the quest in again to have an extra Compound for later) List Of Consumables Not Available At Start: Spirit of Zanza x2 (Unique, use one as your raid is getting Heart of Hakkar buff, and keep the other one for later) Mageblood Potion x10 Brilliant Wizard Oil x2 (Replacing Wizard Oil) Brilliant Mana Oil (If your mana regen is absolute trash) List Of Specific Fight Consumables: Greater Arcane Protection Potion x5 (Shazzarah) Runn Tum Tuber Suprise x5 (Vaelastrasz the Corrupt) Greater Shadow Protection Potion x5 (Nefarian) Stratholme Holy Water x5 (Nefarian) Greater Nature Protection Potion x5 (Zul'Gurub) No matter what gear you are currently wearing, always enchant it. Being a 'Caster's Buff' is not enough, help your guild out and contribute as much as you can. You are even likely to shame a lot of other casters who are too lazy to enchant their gear because they are an 'actual dps class', so they don't put enough effort into raiding. Enchants: Head - 150 Mana (Replaced with 8 Spell Power with Dire Maul release) Shoulder - 5 To All Resistances ( 5 Fire Resistance works if you're lazy. Either replaced with 18 Spell Power with ZG patch) Cloak - 5 To All Resistances Chest - 4 To Stats (100 Mana isn't bad, but the extra Spirit and Stamina are more beneficial over all) Wrist - 4mp5 (Alternative is 7 Intellect) Gloves - Riding Skill (There is no Moonkin enchant for gloves in Vanilla) Legs - 150 Mana (Replaced with 8 Spell Power with DM release) Boots - Mithril Spurs or Minor Speed Increase I have tried multiple variations of how to spend your talents and talked to a number of people that have played the game a lot longer than myself. I came to the conclusion that the talent tree from the link below is the most optimal for Moonkins: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0x0xIMEstZxxc Here is also a link to my character from Nostalrius Begins: http://realmplayers.com/CharacterViewer.aspx?realm=NRB&player=Yacopok To view all raids simply click on my old guilds name 'Last Stand' and go to 'View recorded raids on RaidStats' or simple press this link http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidList.aspx?realm=NRB&guild=Last Stand If you have any questions or suggestions as to how I can improve this post, please do not hesitate to message me or leave a comment. All the best in game! Yacopok