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  1. So is there a guide I can use?
  2. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/52538-welcome-crestfall/?page=6#comment-428725 no idea why mine as removed?
  3. I thought they said it was going to be PvE, maybe I read it wrong in the comments.
  4. Theloras says hi: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/52538-welcome-crestfall/?page=6#comment-428725
  5. It might not matter, but I'll see if I can help. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/52538-welcome-crestfall/?page=6#comment-428725
  6. So Crestfall can't be PvE instead? 2 PvP servers already on Elysium. Why not make Darrowshire PvE and Crestfall PvE?
  7. Nice story. well written, keep up the Tank life!
  8. A TBC server? I might look for that, send me a message! Yeah TBC not WotLK. Im excited for Crestfall with Vanilla and then going TBC (and beyond), so until then... that's what I was looking for.
  9. Before I came to Crestfall community, I wasn't sure what PTE meant. (Progress Through Expansion) i am currently looking for a TBC server that is doing this. I'd like to try out Paladin tanking with TBC abilities in classic raids for level 60.
  10. Vanilla243 Yep, they did. they also added other custom features that turned me away, but this is off-topic of the original post.
  11. Just thought I'd share what I recommend for young Paladins players to use as they level up. Level 18-20: Smite's Mighty Hammer Level 20-29: Verigan's Fist Level 29-34: Corpsemaker Level 34-44: Bonebiter Level 44-50: The Rockpounder Level 50: Lightforged Blade Level 51-58: Ice Barbed Spear Level 58-60: Arcanite Reaper Level 60: The Unstoppable Force I will add, that I removed Mograine's Might from the list. It's a nice 2h, but overall Bonebiter is better. If you don't get the Rockpounder by level 50, just do your Paladin quest and get Lightforged Blade. Feel free to jump in and explain what you recommend. DISCLAIMER: Some items may not be available at launch
  12. Glad to see you made it over here. like Felmyst, I'm still your Vet/Mod if you need one for Paladins.
  13. PvP player on Feenix as well yes?
  14. Thank you
  15. we get more damage out of slower weapons. a good example is we crit higher.
  16. @Clavus total respect post
  17. Is there a reason you feel the need to say things like "old paladin"? did I do something to upset ya? Yours always so salty when you post as if someone pissed in your wheaties every morning. its a guide for people interested, if your not, by all means make your own thread. back to on topic. Av won't be available at launch, neither will the level 50 paladin quest, so yes many items will NOT be available. that doesn't mean this can't be posted as a thread does it?
  18. Wow I'm sure things will work themselves out in the end.
  19. That it was good sir! Tru dat
  20. So back on "old" project servers, I enjoyed doing end-game dungeons using all Paladins. We had a group of 5 Paladins that was Talent-Spec'd to compliment each other. While the runs were all successful, I wanted the end-Goal was to get a joint 10-Man UBRS using the 5 Paladins as well, but that never happened. Here is the 5 Paladin builds: The Tankadin - Protection Paladin. Judgement of Justice, Blessing of Sanctuary, Resistance Aura (Fire/Shadow/Frost). The Healadin - Holy Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Light, Improved-Blessing of Wisdom, Improved-Concentration Aura. The Reckadin - Hybrid Reckoning Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Crusader, Blessing of Kings, Improved-Retribution Aura. The Ret Pally - Retribution Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Crusader, Improved-Blessing of Might, Sancity Aura. The Shockadin - Spell Power Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Wisdom, Blessing of Light, Improved-Devotion Aura (With Libram). Thoughts? Please reply with you comments/Concerns/Rants below. Keep it civil please!