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  1. Glad to see you made it over here. like Felmyst, I'm still your Vet/Mod if you need one for Paladins.
  2. PvP player on Feenix as well yes?
  3. Thank you
  4. Just thought I'd share what I recommend for young Paladins players to use as they level up. Level 18-20: Smite's Mighty Hammer Level 20-29: Verigan's Fist Level 29-34: Corpsemaker Level 34-44: Bonebiter Level 44-50: The Rockpounder Level 50: Lightforged Blade Level 51-58: Ice Barbed Spear Level 58-60: Arcanite Reaper Level 60: The Unstoppable Force I will add, that I removed Mograine's Might from the list. It's a nice 2h, but overall Bonebiter is better. If you don't get the Rockpounder by level 50, just do your Paladin quest and get Lightforged Blade. Feel free to jump in and explain what you recommend. DISCLAIMER: Some items may not be available at launch
  5. we get more damage out of slower weapons. a good example is we crit higher.
  6. @Clavus total respect post
  7. Is there a reason you feel the need to say things like "old paladin"? did I do something to upset ya? Yours always so salty when you post as if someone pissed in your wheaties every morning. its a guide for people interested, if your not, by all means make your own thread. back to on topic. Av won't be available at launch, neither will the level 50 paladin quest, so yes many items will NOT be available. that doesn't mean this can't be posted as a thread does it?
  8. Wow I'm sure things will work themselves out in the end.
  9. That it was good sir! Tru dat
  10. So back on "old" project servers, I enjoyed doing end-game dungeons using all Paladins. We had a group of 5 Paladins that was Talent-Spec'd to compliment each other. While the runs were all successful, I wanted the end-Goal was to get a joint 10-Man UBRS using the 5 Paladins as well, but that never happened. Here is the 5 Paladin builds: The Tankadin - Protection Paladin. Judgement of Justice, Blessing of Sanctuary, Resistance Aura (Fire/Shadow/Frost). The Healadin - Holy Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Light, Improved-Blessing of Wisdom, Improved-Concentration Aura. The Reckadin - Hybrid Reckoning Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Crusader, Blessing of Kings, Improved-Retribution Aura. The Ret Pally - Retribution Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Crusader, Improved-Blessing of Might, Sancity Aura. The Shockadin - Spell Power Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Wisdom, Blessing of Light, Improved-Devotion Aura (With Libram). Thoughts? Please reply with you comments/Concerns/Rants below. Keep it civil please!
  11. Below is a list of gear for Fire Resist. Enjoy! Please note: Not everything may be available yet! Dark Iron Helm Binds when equipped 758 Armor +20 Stamina +35 Fire Resistance Enchant: Lesser Arcanum of Resilience - Permanently adds 20 fire resistance to a leg or head slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot. Drakefire Amulet Binds when picked up +10 Stamina +15 Fire Resistance "The Blood of Drakkisath Flows Within..." Dark Iron Shoulders Binds when equipped 514 Armor +10 Stamina +10 Fire Resistance Enchant: Flame Mantle of the Dawn - Permanently adds 5 fire resistance to a shoulder slot item. Onyxia Scale Cloak Binds when equipped 43 Armor +7 Stamina +16 Fire Resistance Equip: Protects the wearer from being fully engulfed by Shadow Flame. Enchant Cloak - Greater Fire Resistance - Permanently enchant a cloak to give 15 fire resistance. Dark Iron Plate Binds when picked up 817 Armor +12 Stamina +19 Fire Resistance Enchant Chest - Major Health - Permanently enchant a piece of chest armor to grant +100 health. Dark Iron Bracers Binds when equipped 394 Armor +7 Stamina +18 Fire Resistance Enchant Bracer - Superior Stamina - Permanently enchants bracers to give +9 Stamina. Dark Iron Gauntlets Binds when equipped 495 Armor +16 Stamina +12 Agility +28 Fire Resistance Enchant Gloves - Threat - Permanently enchant gloves to increase threat from all attacks and spells by 2%. Belt of Might Binds when equipped 421 Armor +15 Stamina +21 Strength +7 Fire Resistance Equip: Increases your chance to dodge an attack by 1%. Equip: Increased Defense +5. Dark Iron Leggings Binds when equipped 778 Armor +14 Stamina +30 Fire Resistance Enchant: Lesser Arcanum of Resilience - Permanently adds 20 fire resistance to a leg or head slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot. Core Forged Greaves Binds when picked up 634 Armor +28 Stamina +12 Fire Resistance +8 Shadow Resistance Equip: Increased Defense +4. Enchant Boots - Greater Stamina - Permanently enchant boots to give +7 Stamina. Ocean's Breeze Binds when picked up +7 Agility +4 Strength +4 Stamina +15 Fire Resistance Ring of Binding Binds when picked up 60 Armor +10 Fire Resistance +10 Nature Resistance +10 Frost Resistance +10 Shadow Resistance +10 Arcane Resistance Equip: Increased Defense +4. Onyxia Blood Talisman Binds when picked up +15 Fire Resistance Equip: Increases your chance to parry an attack by 1%. Equip: Increased Defense +8. Equip: Restores 7 health per 5 sec. Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas +10 Fire Resistance Equip: +200 Armor. "Blessed by the Shen'dralar Ancients." Draconian Deflector Binds when picked up 2153 Armor 40 Block +7 Stamina +10 Fire Resistance Equip: Increased Defense +10. Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina - Permanently enchant a shield to give +7 Stamina. Alcor's Sunrazor Binds when equipped One-hand Dagger 41 - 77 Damage | Speed 1.30 (45.4 damage per second) +10 Fire Resistance Chance on hit: Blasts a target for 75 to 106 Fire damage. Alternate Options This is what you should use over Dark Iron Shoulders --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With all this gear, you should be around 315 Fire Resist (75% Reduction). You don't need all this gear, due to many buffs & consumables that get you to max, however this should help with any tanks still curious for gear.
  12. gear guide

    I'll leave that guide for you to make
  13. I appreciate that. It was fun and made to be fun after all, but the main reason was to max out the potential. Sure we could if used 3 Ret...that just isn't what we wanted
  14. .
  15. I went ahead an applied yesterday in the chance you guys might still need me for testing, I'm not sure then Server goes live, nor when Closed beta ends.
  16. Greetings Crestfall Community, Been watching for sometime since I been on Elysium. Decided to make an account and follow this project a bit closer. I like the idea of a PTE since it reminds me of how Retail was. I been on some TBC server as of late and the prospect of Crestfall is more appealing with its PTE idea since Im still a Vanilla WOW lover over playing TBC. I do see that while it starts Vanilla, being the same as other projects will be different, and I am prepared for that. I always start out as a Human Paladin, which I have been across many Private server projects as well as Retail (where I started many eons ago). Retail Wow was my first MMO. TheRebirth was my first Vanilla WOW Server. (R.I.P.) After the shutdown of Emerald Dream Project and Feenix adopted the Project, I noticed a few changes that had Pros/Cons. After the content for Opening the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj became an absolute disappointment, My guild <Heroes of Terenas> decided to find a new project to start on, which is where Nostalrius was up and coming. Kronos has it appeal, but after looking more into it, it was better to stick with Nostalrius. We were excited once the server started a PvE Relam, in which we then moved/re-rolled. Some decided to stay (no hard feelings ofc). Unfortunately, this ended April 2016, and Yet again finding a new home was something that was needed. TheRebirth was still too low pop to enjoy, but it was always friendly. Feenix was started to make round of its 3 server merged into one, due to lack of player content moving to Kronos & Nostalrius. The caused us to go back to retail and relive Vanilla in the form of 60 Twinking. It was fun for awhile, but also was quite boring. It was about this time I was introduced to Elysium Wow, where Paladins were almost working perfectly (as intended anyways). So We started over there, got our number growing and then We heard of the Merger of Nost, with the hopes of getting our old toons back. This meant we had to wait... again. Well as you know, Elysium had a somewhat merge, but with Nostalrius getting spooked and pulling out cut off half our raiders on their toons be accounted for. This was ok since we recruited some from the Original Elysium Wow server before the merger, but then we had to deal with constant DDoS attacks on the daily on Anathema. While this wasn't something new, it was something that we grew tired of so we decided to once again, re-roll on the old PvE server, now known as Darrowshire. That is where we are today. While we await the next content to come out, some of us are trying TBC open beta testing (Felmyst), and I myself am keeping a watchful eye on the upcoming release of Crestfall. As a paladin, I have some skepticism, but also hope of enjoying my beloved Vanilla WOW but in a new light!
  17. I certainly hope it doesn't. I have a passion for my class, and I understand not everyone is willing to accept the roles we can do. Truth is the only want what they are used to and perhaps not interested in anything else. I can respect that, so I hope that's ok. Well, thank you. I do enjoy doing new and fun things with my Paladin. sometimes everyone looses the idea of what wow as, and their only goal is the next item of gear they want. It is always nice to see the positive and share of the love for Paladins. I'm not sure where to begin with this @duzyizly, you made a wall of a quote, and replied with the same, so I'm not sure what comment your replying to, nor who it is to whom your expressing to. I don't have any plans to make this an on-going debate, nor want any more bashing of my ideas from you. I do know you made your comments, which I replied in kind... the first time. I don't have anything further to say. I gathered you didn't agree with it, I respected your opinion and I moved on.
  18. @Darkrasp< thank you for taking the time to write out the blog and keeping people updated. - JC
  19. oh, ha! 1) CC isnt needed really when we have an AOE Tank 2) Hard mana drinking isn't an issue when everyone is drinking. 3) not sure if poor tank is a personal opinion or just trolling, either way. Paladin tanking is fun, and more effective as AOE tanking then any other class imo. 4) sure, poor dps (rollseyes), but all paladins and totally enjoyable! 5) Single and multi-Target healing since everyone gets heals back in return. healing was far from an issue by the way. 1) why not the ones we used? (did you look at the specs?) 2) Why not reck pala, they had fun doing it?! 1) Why not? did you think we needed any of the runs for progression? 2) Why nto run with PvP rank 10 gear? is there a rule saying they can't? 3) Shockadin, holding her own and kicking @$$, enoying her self and we did too. 4) I think we went in with no buffs, just own own Paladin stuff, to show it was possible, enjoyable, totally worth our own play time. I'm not sure how 5 Shadow priests can do it, but hey if they want too, they are more then welcome. I personally have only done this with Paladins & Druids. I do understand this run isn't for everyone, I know we wanted to maximize every talent and buff we could that would benefit our group, which is what we achieved. I mentioned before this was not a viable raids, but it was all possible for all dungeon and we have even planned one for UBRS but we have never took the runs serious enough to take the next step. We all enjoyed the runs, maxed out the possibility on talents, making them all work in unity with our Paladin Group. If however you don't see the point, which I gather you didn't, then by all means don't use it! For those wanting to try, this was so much fun, it made a fun time during off raid nights/No PvP.. Perhaps one day we will take the next step and actually do UBRS with 5 paladins, and 5 Druids?!! lol who knows for sure. This game is 12 years old, finding new and interesting things to make it possible is what keeps the game alive. PS - and I had a 5-Druid Pack guide, but after this previous comments from the last post, I will hold off on it, not worth the rain on the parade.
  20. guide

    Spellpower to DPS Conversion How much DPS is 1 spellpower in for spriests in raids? (Incoming longish math) Shadow Word: Pain scales 100%. 1 spellpower (1.0 dmg coefficient)/(24 second duration) = 0.0417x(1- (1.5 second application/24 second duration)) = 0.039 DPS Mind flay scales 57%. 1 spellpower(.57 dmg coefficient)/3 second cast = 0.19 DPS Mind blast scales 43%. 1 spellpower(.43 dmg coefficient)/1.5 second cast x (1.5second uptime/6.5 second talented downtime) = 0.066 DPS Spell coefficient source: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/9354-damage-coefficients/ (old link) These coefficient sources were consistent with my testing outside of IF, except for SW:P. SW:P only scaled 100%, not 120% like Elitist Jerks reported for BC. Total SW:P + MF + MB = 0.295 DPS without any +dmg modifiers. Add 15% more for shadow weaving, 10% more from talents, and 10% more from curse of shadow. In raids, you will also need to add 20% for improved shadowbolt, but it doesn't have 100% uptime. It is also possible to have the 15% nightfall debuff. .295(1.15)(1.1)(1.1) = 0.41 DPS and up to 0.41(1.2)(1.15) = 0.57DPS TL;DR 1 spellpower adds anywhere from 0.41 DPS to 0.57 DPS for shadow priests with normal raid shadow + spell vulnerabilities.
  21. guide

    First off lets talk Talents: (Be sure to switch to vanilla before viewing) 13/0/38 PvP - This is pretty simple. 14/0/37 PvE (Dungeon) - I would recommend this for dungeons. 20/0/31 PvE (Raids) - This is the recommended PvE Raid spec because certain spells are removed for raids. A few Questions I can already see being asked: Why Spirit Tap over Blackout? They're both fairly useless, but if you can time Mind Blast just right on an add, you can reap the benefits of Spirit Tap on bosses. I only really use this on infernals/constructs on Nef. Choose Blackout if you ever want to pvp; you're not losing hardly anything here dps-wise. I find that it also procs from killing players, even though the tooltip doesn't have the "or honor" addition on it from later patches. Why 5/5 Improved Mind Blast? Ideally in your rotation you want to be able to cast 2 Mind Flays then a Mind blast. On some fights your Mind Flay is pushed back, so I've found that it's actually really nice to have 5/5 Improved Mind Blast. After trying it out, I definitely think it's a bigger overall dps increase than the regen gained from Mental Agility. Why no improved Vampiric Embrace? Since there are only 16 debuff slots available in raids, there really isn't room for VE on bosses. Also, it causes a TON of extra threat (especially when combined with MB). Why no points into Shadow Affinity? There's absolutely no need for the 3 points in Shadow Affinity, as Silent Resolve affects spells from every school of magic, and you have Fade. You don't need a 45% reduction in your Shadow threat, that's absurd. Rotation: I know this is really complicated so I am going to write this down. SW:P-MF-MF-MB-MF-MF-MB-etc. Refresh SW:P as soon as it ends then continue the rotation. If you're running low on mana, skip MB and just use SW:P and MF. If you're oom, just use MF when you can to keep up your debuff for the warlocks. What about mana control? Pop a Demonic Rune as soon as you have ~1500 mana from your max. After that, use a Major Mana Potion when you are ~2500 mana from your max. Continue using these on CD until the boss is dead. Stats: In general, Hit (to 6% cap from gear)>Spellpower>mp5>Int>Crit>Spirit Why did I place hit over spellpower? If you can't hit, you can't Crit! With hit cap you should only miss about 1% of the time. How much spellpower is equal to 1% hit? It depends on your dps. If you're doing 300 DPS, 1% more missing will result in a 3 DPS loss on average. 3 DPS is roughly equivalent to 6 spellpower, so at 300 DPS 1% hit is approximately equal to 6 spellpower. At 600 DPS, 1% more missing will result in a 6 DPS loss. At 600 DPS, 1% hit is approximately equal to 12 spellpower. As you can see, hit becomes more valuable as you get more gear. This is purely from a DPS loss standpoint too; you also lose precious mana when you miss.
  22. guide

    Here is a few notes to take when playing a shadow Priest: Tip #1: Even if your raid leader says "hold dps at the start," they generally aren't referring to you unless you way outgear your tank or you aren't specced into threat reduction. The faster you start to DPS, the more damage you do for that boss. Tip #2: For Nefarian, NEVER use Vampiric Embrace. During priest class calls, you can kill your whole group because you are healing them with VE. Tip #3: Try to become close friends with the druids in your raid because it is really hard to get through long fights such as Nef without an innervate. Consumables are SUPER important to shadow priest DPS. We have awful mana issues and as such, we need to be fully buffed with mana potions and other consumables if we hope to compete with other casters on the DPS meters. I will try to list them in approximate order of importance/usefulness. Major Mana Potions Demonic Runes Brilliant Wizard Oil Elixir of Shadow Power Greater Arcane Elixir Mageblood Elixir Nightfin Soup Sagefish Delight Elixir of Greater Intellect Scroll of Intellect IV Crystal Force Scroll of Spirit IV There are many other consumables that increase survivability, but honestly if you're smart with how you play, you won't die much. The main places spriests can die a preventable death are at Ragnaros and Shazzrah if you don't get heals. For those fights I use a Greater Fire Protection Potion and a Greater Arcane Protection Potion, respectively. I know what you're thinking, "my god those are a ton of consumables! How will I afford that?" If you're strapped for cash, just use the first 3-5, which are the bare necessities in my opinion. You don't need to use any mp5/spirit food for any of the fights where you don't oom, which will be most of MC as well as Vael. Alternatively, you can cheap out and use Combat Mana Potions and Superior Mana Potions instead of Major Mana Potions if you're super poor or the fight is short. I would recommend using all those consumables for Nef because that fight is extremely long. If you're super rich, you should definitely use Flasks of Supreme Power. They are the single biggest DPS increase from any consumable. Using the Spellpower to DPS conversion listed below, they equal approximately 61.5-85.5 DPS!
  23. guide

    Pre-Raid Gear COMING SOON (after release perhaps)