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  1. So those "without any proof/indicators" about Elysium quality were right after all... HUUUUUUUUUUM. Back to business boy, time to watch closer the Crestfall development! Hope the old guys like @Rhazjel @Elicas @VeloxBanks @Outstanding return too (I miss the memes boys )
  2. Right now I've graduated in enviromental engineering 2021 Lawyer too. Who knows the next? Maybe Med School? hehe
  3. For the horde! For Vol'Jin RIP
  4. On release u should play on PVP server...It's always nice to have some "arch enemies" on Ally faction We'll miss ya
  5. Yeah...I was so hyped about closed beta, then open beta, but I started my second college graduation (Law school now) and don't know nothing about Crestfall anymore :'( hope I get the release or open beta at least...
  6. I've been away for months...and Elicas still remains the same spammer. JEEEEEEEZ
  7. THANKS THE MAKER... Oh wait, i'm playing too much Dragon Age and not following CF updates for a while :3 but I read it on facebook. Go Go CF, just...DO IT...make our dreams come true \o i'm looking foward to play with my fellow troll hunter
  8. No pain. No Grand-Marshal again. :P
  9. Talent Y is always broken on Mangos. Test it.
  10. I don't know exactly the timezone in Brazil to europe but I'll try to find some south americans / north americans to play with <3
  11. I don't have anything against chinese players in racism terms. I'm brazilian bro...we are known for the hu3hu3 gibe gold i repot u full of toxic players. I'm against the 'free for all' chinese just because the great part of goldsellers / botters are chinese (everyone knows.) and because those who wants to make $$$ and don't play will not communicate with the rest of us. Probably they'll fill the server with botts/goldsellers and because of server cap, the queue to login will be giant. Imagine you logging in, first time in a vanilla progression server... Oh my, look, 6k cap, and the server if full. Tons of people to play with and talk. You enter and half of that is chinese / bot / goldsellers. Kappa face /alt+F4 /wowservers /rant. I'm afraid about the spam of massive goldsellers/botts/chinese talkers only rants will be at wowservers in Crestfall (the highest popularity at moment, so the chinese already know about that, even those bad ones).
  12. I'm sure that we don't even need to try to convince people about CF quality. When it releases (or get on open beta phase) the project will shine, and tons of people will arrive. The quality of staff, server and core will show to them: CF WILL BE THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS. TO CATCH THEM IS MY REAL TEST....OH WAIT
  13. Hello Mr. Crazy :> hope to see you in pvp server soon. FOR THE HORDE
  14. I don't know. Hope my answer has been helpful as I want to. Asura, Darkrasp, and the rest of staff... BRING IT ON, we want to have fun, do quest, dungeons, leveling, socialize beta test it and find bugs. (L)
  15. I know there's some way to prevent the hardware IP to logon multiple accounts/things. Like TERA IP Ban works. They didn't ban your network, but your machine IP (Bios IP I guess). You could do this, only 2 accounts per Hardware IP, if you try to log another, it didn't work. How to do this I don't give a fckin idea