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  1. I am not sure if this is really that faster tbh.
  2. Ice barbed spear will not be available on launch.
  3. anyone else clicking this thread full of excitement when there is a new unread message? then realizing it is only a normal comment, no announcment ;(
  4. haha @Rathpex, seems like living in AUSTRIA isn't too bad either ;D good job as always @Darkrasp
  5. That is fantastic news @Darkrasp, do you plan to release the actual data for the players to calculate their BIS tiers etc? I am eager to know how much int I do need at 60 to calculate my spellcrit
  6. gear guide

    good job. i like it!
  7. they thought about it already. It is still unknown to this point if they want to do so because it is a lot of work (and could potentially delay the release aswell?)
  8. it seems that I didn't see this post; nevertheless, does this mean that e.g. the (I think it was 28 int) assumed int for 1 spellcrit for paladins is incorrect?
  9. welcome to our journey! see you in the blackrock
  10. but will DM items be rolled back aswell (were there even rolled back DM items?). we talked about it prolly a year ago but you weren't sure either "shortly" = "soon" ^^
  11. @Darkrasp it has been discussed previously but there was no answer: Dire Maul and Classmounts. Can quests be accepted before DM is open? and do paladins and warlocks have to wait until AQ to get their 100% mounts?
  12. Whalecum
  13. don't blame me for using the search button. I see ppl rarely do it
  14. since when drop those fragments? will they be in the loottable from the beginning on?
  15. so no scarab lord for those who stay vanilla forever?