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  1. I hope not aswell. It is not blizzlike to me. at least not vanilla blizzlike
  2. thank you for the update! for the windfury discussion: i like your approach. fix a bug that obv blizz wanted to fix aswell but didnt/couldnt do.
  3. yeah i think for casual guilds that will be ok. not for "better" guilds who clear stuff more fast.
  4. To keep my answer short and simple: PVE: needed cuz very few druids available but your heal will be one of the worst in the raid (except u tryhard), still you will get loads of gear PVP: you are the warsong king, also in AV a sneaky stealth with some rogues is funny to cap some towers and in AB you can simply survive long enough till your mates are coming to help you.
  5. will try that but I cannot login to any server atm. some addon fucked up my wow file lol
  6. my plan is to lvl a pally and later when i have time or if im borred ill lvl a lock for farming and for TBC (that lock is in vanilla for farming and twinking only, I ll put no effort in farming that char to be able to raid a lot)
  7. like the RP styleish picture above. necromancer like. 7/10
  8. hello fellow alliance mate, will aprox be ally on pvp server aswell. by the holy light ;D
  9. thanks for the update dark
  10. good to see you in this spot. I like your writing, but not essentially the walls of text so keep it tight
  11. nope I did nothing and now it somehow works all again. strange : /
  12. no I didnt delete the account folder in WTF, because I think I needed to copy that one? or am I wrong here?
  13. hey there, after installing RisenUI I created a char on elysium to set my interface up. I also have chars on kronos2 and I figured I rather test it there cuz I have a higher lvl char there with more spells to set up. When I tried to connect (I changed the realmlist ofc) something went wrong, it wouldn't let me connect. It said that my account has been banned or some other random messages (my acc is not banned). I think my attemt to connect didn't even reach kronos. does anyone have a clue what option I could have done wrong when copying my interface folders? is there something in some config that screws the copy paste from elysium char to kronos char? (deleted WDB folder btw). I am asking all this because I dont want to sit there when CF opens and then try to figure out why I cant connect. obv it has nothing to do with kronos or elysium. it seems to be something in the addon folders but I need to figure out what I have to be aware of when copying such a folder. cheers budge
  14. cya at server launch hunab!
  15. dont wanna sound pricky but I expected not to wipe. always played in high end guilds with high end prep. I preped myself to death before raid and I expected this from my mates aswell. so you have a smooth raid