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  1. ok so this means that if I want to have a horde TBC char on the pvp realm, but I roll alliance for vanilla, I have to make a 2nd account to be able to do so. Do you remember if it is legal to have 2 accounts and to play with them at the same time (not multiboxing )
  2. btw does anyone know if you can choose both alliance and horde on one account? I mean having a 60 paladin and having a 60 shaman for example? I think I read it somewhere but I am not sure what the descision was.
  3. @Zunnie what were the BIS Wrists, Hands, Boots and Rings again? Loomguard wrists? Fordring and Songstone of Ironforge? Boots: no idea. I can't recall what item stats what item had in 1.9
  4. cool, I am myself is from austria. (you know kangaroos and so on). how are the mountains and mozart and such things on your side of the world?
  5. good luck as horde. did it back on Emerald Dream as horde. Random = auto lose / Premade = hope not to que vs other premades This time I will be on the other side.
  6. same here. 50g should be a load of money for everyone.
  7. thank you, I was wondering what Sanctity is used for then? endgame retri ?
  8. can you see how he uses vocals in every word? thats a secret language code: "o P E n B E T a" omg guys !!!
  9. cool thing! always good to see the staff grow welcome!
  10. hey lad, austria here
  11. I was about to write a list, however, while writing it I realized that you can basically go for anything. just keep in mind that you dont want to run after a mob all the time (if you play a mage and gain aggro your paladin will become insane running after mobs),whereas, lock and hunter have pets who keep aggro. ofc the threat generation buff from paladin (cant remember the name) can be the solution but rebuffing and sometimes losing aggro can be a pain. any meele class would be fine aswell ofc.
  12. whalecum my friend
  13. agree my RL friends (who cant speak english very well) are bugging me to death with the question "when is this server coming out???" I always tell them that I assume late summer, and I hope my assumtions are correct; although, I doubt it a little bit .
  14. /bump I want dat discussions
  15. alrighty guys, I have made up my mind from all the inputs in this thread. this will be my lvling spec until a problem occurs. I tested sanctity vs ret aura on some private servers (yeah dont blame me)... it seems to me that the damage bonus from sanctity is almost non existent? while a normal mob on lvl 30 hits me about 8-10 times in one fight, this causes about 100dmg to him. the holy damage from sanctity seem to be only minor, if not non existent, numbers? Problem 1: as I said I want to go with either sanctity or ret aura and I want to solo grind 1vs1 mobs. I dont want to make a mistake by choosing the wrong one because of some faulty pserver information. Problem 2: to go down the ret tree I come to the point where I choose between imp blessing of might or imp seal of the crusader, I know both are not worth specing, but in this case those are the only two that boost my damage. I dont think any other ret talet would be worth taking. so which of the 2 is it? my guess would be blessing of might? €dit: this problem will not occur if I decide to spec ret aura instead of sanctity cheers budge