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  1. happy new year
  2. it is definitely free for the people who already purchased it. for the new(er) players I can't tell what they have in mind. and it will definitely be a subscription based game. probably a bit cheaper than the "new version" of the game. I don't know the sub price of the game right now, but if it is like 15$, I would expect the vanilla price to be around 5-10$.
  3. thank you and have a great christmas!
  4. +1 thank you!
  5. dont you think they are paying attention to addon compatibility? I mean the cry of the community would be huge if not a single addon would work anymore.
  6. can anyone pleaassseee repost this on live forums? this is so accurate! and needs attention
  7. thanks for the update!
  8. Well said, Darkrasp. I think similar to you and I believe that it will take at least 6-12 month for them to announce the release date. (as you said it will be a big project) +1
  9. agree. I know an other server that has been running for a lot of years now without any drama. they offer a "premium" package for 5€ per month. this premium offers you: you gain 2x skills on professions, you can level 2x (this could be disabled in the first month's as an option, or even totally disabled), and most important to lvl 60s: INSTANT flying. means no fly times, you instantly get to the other flightmaster. So no gamebreaking deals but MUCH convenience for players. my 2 cents (btw i am not a fan of this premium thing but I wanted to throw it out here)
  10. wow, seems like the car comes back every time to hit and run again. well,... I am glad that elysium is beeing abandoned (again) and hope that the future of all pservers will aknowledge what happened. CF , the last isle of hope!
  11. I am familiar with barlow (from back then in vanilla). is that you?
  12. thank you for the update! btw for the droprates that have no percentual exact proof: I would recommend not adjusting the rates to drow too low (like those comments on the old thottbot and so on). The reason for this is because 1) people tend to exaggerate those times 2) people didn't know how to kill/farm/use abilities properly my2cents cheers Budge
  13. I can feel you. I think we all can feel you. Still I believe in this project and think that the wait is worth it.