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  1. I am familiar with barlow (from back then in vanilla). is that you?
  2. thank you for the update! btw for the droprates that have no percentual exact proof: I would recommend not adjusting the rates to drow too low (like those comments on the old thottbot and so on). The reason for this is because 1) people tend to exaggerate those times 2) people didn't know how to kill/farm/use abilities properly my2cents cheers Budge
  3. I can feel you. I think we all can feel you. Still I believe in this project and think that the wait is worth it.
  4. A few questions you can add to your Q&A @Darkrasp @Asura Who is in command for the Crestfall realm (under the elysium server network)? Who is the boss who decides? (for example transfers and other important things) Will the plans for the server still be the same (no x-fers, pte, and so on...) or has ANYthing changed? And can anything (or what) be changed by the force of elysium? Will there be possible transfers from or onto the Crestfall realms to or from other elysium realms? We DO NOT hope so! Will there be donation p2w shops in connection to elysium with an inpact for CF realms? Why would elysium "merge" with CF when they can't get the CF core? Whats their advantage? What improvements did elysium make in comparison to the last "merge attemt"? Don't they still have a shady reputation?
  5. explain the term seperate please. NO, ABSOLUTELY NO influence of other realms / transfers / cash shops / whatsoever ? 100% guarantee?
  6. So what keeps the shady elysium staff from accepting transfers for $$$ onto the new CF realm??? a world just breaks apart for me here... I don't know what to say... I kind of regret putting so much time into CF now... wow.
  7. good to see you back @Elicas
  8. @ Devs and CF Staff: don't bother with starting day(s) issues... blizzard couldn't handle it, other pservers couldn't handle it, and normal thinking people can understand that on such a stress day there will be an overload and que and downbreaks and so on...
  9. I have the original CDs aswell, I wonder what patch they run and how to update those to 1.21?
  10. A true quality server does not need the "help" of another populated server. Pop will come naturally.
  11. I noticed (probably this bug) such bugs on other servers aswell, e.g. it always shows a golden "?" as if I would have completed the repeatable quest, which I did not. I hope we are talking about the same bug here^^
  12. also any info on content release times? how many month after BWL, AQ cleared till next content and so on? in the faqs I cant find proper information.
  13. that would be fine for me
  14. What if I want to play alliance for vanilla on the pvp server and when the server progresses to TBC I want to play a horde char, can I have 2 accounts with 2 sides on the pvp server? @Darkrasp