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  1. @Darkrasp While I do not doubt that scripting engine effort will pay off in a long run, somewhere at the point of progression into WotLK, I wonder was it worth the time that could've been spent on the core systems? I first asked Asura if CF needed volunteer devs/scripters at the end of summer, in October the recruitment of scripters was announced, now its February - scripts are the easier part of emulation if the core functionality is in place. Could you estimate the time invested into this engine to date?
  2. @Darkrasp any news for volunteer scripters?
  3. 2/3 of stylized aperture logo = hl3 confirmed boyz
  4. @Harpa Well while most VMs let you change MAC at will, they do have virtual devices setups which can be recognized. I don't think it is easy to change them either. @Asura So if the server would pull the hardware survey, it would be easy to spot?
  5. @Asura Then multiboxing should be ded? That is, unless someone actually uses 2 machines or 2 cards setup?
  6. @Darkrasp If it is not possible to gather hardware data using loginserver, what do you think of writting a small custom launcher to do just that?
  7. The limiting connections for IP adress is no good for any server that's going to be big simply from the technical viewpoint, as it was mentioned here several times. Multiboxing is a pserver thing since people do not pay for subscription. I wonder, if it is possible for server to require a client to supply its MAC adress on login without 3rd party software / requiring changes to the client? Otherwise I do not see any other solution then to have GMs deal with it or you create a launcher and require people to use it in order to play on the server.