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  1. I could've sworn some original mission statement I read said that since there was no point in crushing MC for 2 months you were going to release in patch 1.5, maybe not BWL immediately
  2. Hey everyone I'm Pre! I played from open beta retail with a 30m deathcoil and even managed to down Instructor Razivious in naxx, I skipped t5 in TBC like a good get-carried mage and am very excited for Gummys forced progression! I'm of the mindset that when your playing a game for fun you don't necessarily want to be coding for it at the same time, so I've erred on the side of caution when thinking about server source and emulation. I've been playing on Elysium since launch and having a blast. It's my first private server so my only comparison is my groggy memory but it certainly seems good on the surface. I'm a work-from-home developer and as I've begun to raid more and more on Elysium I've decided I want to get involved in server development. I've been looking for a cleaner and more accurate under-the-hood server and I believe everyone else is as well. There is no point in racing MC clears when your using 1.12.1 mechanics. The meta totally trivializes the content, creating entire new roles for some classes (paladin able to top heal meters instead of buff bot) when those roles were only supposed to become active for later raids. I know that Crestfall comes released with BWL but I believe your goals are very aligned in doing patch content by the proper meta, and I would work to further the CF mission. The example I used is a bit extreme but I wanted to get the point across, Greater Blessings are a major change and it's proper to release it and other mechanics on a later patch like Crestfall's release. I believe the trivialization of raid content is the largest problem a server has, extra-difficult but poorly scripted raids are bad for morale and learning that your class mechanics (downranking spell coefficient) is greatly off it feels like the neat way you've been conserving mana is cheating, because it is. This is a problem I really want to fix and would love to help Crestfall in any way I can because I believe you guys are the fix. Regardless I'll be lurking around Hi everyone!