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  1. Thanks for the response, I do agree that a few thousand is a good number. My main worry is the launch hype fills it to capacity, say it was 3.5k, then a few months later people burn out and the population drops off to 2k, from my experiences on Anathema thats about a low as you want it to go while still being able to have fun and find groups etc. Oposed to starting with a cap of 7k, then after the initial burn outs it then drops to say 4k. To be fair thought I did read in the FAQ that if server popuilation did get low enough to impact gameplay they would be open to merging servers, so I gues it's not the end of the world if a few months after launch the population does drop a bit and they still have that option!
  2. Hey all, I'm very interested in the Crestfall project, currently playing on Anathema however tired of its reducing population and the fact that progress to a TBC realm is as uncertain as ever. I was on the hype train for Felmyst but yea, lets not talk about that. I prefer the men who put C&D's in the trash. So basically I have two quick questions, firstly when TBC comes out and there is the option to transfer to the TBC realm, will this remove your level 60 from the Vanilla realm, or will a copy be left behind to play? This could help keep Vanilla alive for those who wish to continue onward with Vanilla for a bit longer after the TBC launch. Also when TBC is out, is there any ETA on the Vanilla realm deadline? Or will it continue as long as it turns over enough in donations to keep itself running? Secondly, as for the population cap, given that you've said the servers can handle 10k+ players per continent would it not be wise to run with less realms but of a larger population with a higher cap? From the many people I've talked to everyone seems to prefer a large population due to the ease of finding groups and the low BG queue times. Obviously the 5k cap is still a lot of people to have online at any one time but the most fun I've had has been on large servers, for example, Nostalrius. The reason I'm leaving Anathema is because they put up too many servers and it's now paying the price, population numbers will dwindle over time naturally as people burn out, the last thing you want is 2-3 dead realms opposed to 1 well populated one. I know you want it to be Blizzlike, but sometimes Blizzlike may not be the best option. Anyway at the end of the day this is just my opinion, love the work I've seen you guys put in and can't wait for the release. Sorry if these questions have been asked before, I had a look on some of the forums and couldnt find the answers. Thanks!