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  1. All good thing come to those who wait, patience is a virtue I must admit I had my suspicions that things had slowly melted on this project but I am very pleased to see that the staff here are still plugging away in those lonely small hours of the night. Fair play, and respect to you all for taking a realistic and honest approach to emulation. Anyone can pump out a fresh realm with a few fix's and add a cash shop for "development costs" but I respect the fact that @Darkrasp has always been honest with the people following the project. I am a follower, I am actually enthused by the attitude of the team. By doing this for their own passion and not out of greed or fame, they show integrity. If Blizzard launches classic realms first it may actually benefit the project, as nothing kills a realm faster than a community with unrealistic expectations. If crestfall launches I will be happy, if it doesnt I will not be unhappy, what matters is that the people working on it are enjoying what they are doing and that its not consuming their whole lives. I actually dont care if I never log into crestfall, but I will be happy for the staff if they get to that point are satisfied with their work.
  2. Honestly I think the news of retail classic will have impacted on many peoples motivation in the last few months, although private realms did teach me one thing "dont believe the hype" so I am keeping my mind open to the future. It could be succesful, it could be the vanilla of our dreams and it could also be a wow classic nightmare with transmog and pandas, so for now I am enjoying working my ass off so that I have the funds for 2 accounts or enough money to start my own vanilla realm in the worst case scenario I think many things are uncertain in the next 18 months of vanilla wow, and lots of people are reluctant to commit to anything in such uncertain times
  3. I am sure Asura and Darkrasp have already fired up a version of the rebirth core just for fun, but I thought I would highlight a few areas that may be of specific use to this project. Very early on in rebirths development, under the era of Freakyuno, he spent well over a month working on the fishing systems and assured me they were "perfect", including seasonal fishing spawns and day/night cycle accuracy as well as manually checking every fishing spawn manually. (I can say that there are a couple of zones that I dont think are perfect as I did have to manually change a couple in my time there) I would think there could be some use in this area of the database that you could simply compare to the current values on on your core. Next up is the vanilla quest scripting, almost all of them work flawlessly and those not working I have some previous research knowledge, and tbh if I asked muggle I may be able to get access to the full bug tracker for outstanding issues that may also be of use at some point in the future. The next things is weapon procs, over 5 years so many items were corrected, and I can testify that every change made was accurate and correct. Many items have broken proc's on mangos based realms, varying from simple % differences to flat out guarenteed procs every hit (julie's dagger), all of these will be logged on the patch notes which are available everywhere. If I get access to the bug tracker back I can actually provide the actual adjustments and sources used. The main value is IMO in the database values, rather than in the actual core as rebirths original build is MUCH older, and obviously more varied, from the likes of the Nost branch or Kronos. I would gladly have a chat with Muggle regarding gathering more of our old data that is not publicly available at the moment, and if the team here would like it or think it may be of some value then I will certainly ask the question. For a project as unique as crestfall the actual benefits I feel will lie in helping the bug testers to work more efficiently on "known" issues with the mangos database. Just though I would throw that out there, and remind people that while I may not post often I lurk in many places
  4. in my house that means Estimated Time of Argument when it comes to wow, enrage timers in RL are worth paying attention to
  5. Maybe its a rotation and you will get your turn, have patience
  6. A solid reply @Darkrasp and I dont think I strongly disagree with you on anything really. My biggest concern is realm size and I think this cannot be emphasized enough. The retail realms were restricted by technology to a large degree, I dont think they should really push too far beyond what they were. I question this as I have played on small and HUGE realms in the private scene and I do think once you go beyond about 3-4k peaks then the sense of community starts to diminish and the toxicity levels in game and on forums can be a bad thing. I would like to see them look at this area very carefully, because having an very populated realm also has some benefits as players of nostalrius can testify to. If there are no cross realm BG's then having a cap of around 5k means not only is there more activity than retail vanilla but there is also still a chance to be a realm hero. Its about finding a balance between having 24/7 activity while still having that community feel. For me another concern is changing the mechanics of classes or encounters. I think these should also not be changed, perhaps bosses could get normal patch style buffs and nerf's if required but that is post launch rather than from the get go. Once realms are live there will be data to show issues such as all content being consumed far too easily, if there is any form of testing done then they will obviously know that they can get away with a 5% hp buff on all raids and if its something as universal as that I dont think there would be too many complaints even from the purists. I personally think the UI will get a complete update, as it is clunky as pretty useless in its original form. Just bringing it up to date with normal levels of customization an versatility I think should be expected, and for players it means not having to use UI addons. I see no reason Blizz cannot even use things like this as a "cash-cow" by allowing players to purchase official UI skins and options, Blizz in game shop will certainly appear one day So a good post and I wish to god someone at Blizz is employed to just sit on discord and chat to the people that have been doing this for a decade. Blizz knows about the code, and the law and the economics, what I worry is that they dont understand the underlying community. Looking at reddit every one of us is a passion driven 6yr old with behavioral issues, yet there are people with a wealth of experience and understanding around. I have had many good discussions with staff from many realms over the years. There is no reason they cant ask advice from people like asura, gummy ect as well as keep talking with the Nostalrius staff. More opinions and experiences cannot do any harm. I have been reading so much the last few days and there is SO many opinions being thrown around and usually with insults and trolling thrown in the mix. Where were these voices in the last 10 years? Were they just "playing retail" without considering private realms, did they quit and move silently on to other games, did they love the game so much they played private realms with the risk of losing there achievements in game with no warning and regularly. The point is Blizz has to listen to ALL of them, because they are a business and they will build a picture from various demographics and work out the most profitable way to handle the final destination. It could be that they really will ignore all the requests for changes and will just throw out Blizzards version of nostalrius with a 1.12 client and build and release content on a schedule, but they could do many many things beyond that. I think for the next few months we will hear nothing at all, probably the next news will come at next years Blizzcon with a release date, some huge trailer and maybe details of what they are going to be doing about classic realms. The speculation will continue, I will just carry on gaming on private realms until there is something new to talk about, but I am both delighted by the news and very nervous about the future. It may well be I never end up playing retail classic realms, so I am going to just keep on like I was before trying not to get my hopes up. TBH now I think about it there is not much difference between crestfall and retail Maybe azura can set personal challenge to try and release before Blizz? Can that be the new deadline.... release before Blizz or call it quits? EDIT: with permission I will post this thread and original post on https://www.reddit.com/r/LegacyRealms/ for more exposure
  7. The problem is the corruption didnt stop with vitaly and shenna, and TBH the way crogge went about dealing with the situation was no better. The issues within Elysium went FAR deeper than was published on reddit, and had been going on since the day they launched. I wish I could tell everything I know, but that would possibly compromise the identity of one of my personal friends who is on the inside of, now, both projects. The corruption from GM's was far worse than people know, and thats before you start looking at the leadership. I honestly hope players learn from this and stop following the crowd blindly. Within any organisation there is potential for abuse of power, and when its proven the lead admin is involved people should run for the hills. I would rather right off 18 days played than continue on either realm, the fact is Asura and the crestfall team are lucky they can walk away with their reputation in place this time, lets hope in the future they can find a trustworthy backer to keep Crestfall away from this kind of shady shit.
  8. I dont see why there has to be a single owner, not an over-seeing group of people that ONLY have the responsibility for raising the funds, they would publish a list of donations and donor's via their account name, and if people wish to be anon they can. Each donation would be registered as it happened, and the funds for running the realm are collected in a single spot. The costs for the hosting would need to be provided with statement evidence monthly showing out-goings. The coders have only then to do there job and spend the budget. At all timers players can see the income and outgoing of the project, all managed by someone away from the dev or gm part of the project, they only deal with managing the finances. Should there be profit, above and beyond costs a buffer is kept aside for 2 months additional costs, and anything above this goes directly to a charity in a donation. This could be structured as a community project for no profit to raise money for a good cause. The problem lies in charity status and the law I would guess blizz would leave alone a project that is proving its a non-profit structure and also working for a good cause. But that means all staff on the project must go into it knowing they will only get respect and thanks for their efforts. GM logs would also have to be published in full, or indeed have the donations organizer's audit them on a weekly basis with asura and darkrasp and other staff members. The other options are looking into finding a sponsor/owner that wants to take on working with the current team, this is not an easy thing to do as trust is a huge thing as we have all seen recently. Someone earlier mentioned VoA talks, but I am not sure what progress you would get there but they are at least above board and pretty low drama. The issue is darkrasp and asura have to decide for themselves, and they have to think long term and not being put back in this situation in 3 months and a bit closer to live. I gave my opinions on the elysium deal at the time, I would hate for them to jump out of the frying pan into a bigger fire.
  9. Simple posts like this are easily missed, there are people out there that may be interested in finding a solution that are not even commenting on the forums. Removing the forums should be avoided at all costs IMO. Looking forward to a @Darkrasp update soon
  10. Well I stumbled apon a mention of my name, I dont often drop by here these days and what with all the drama its surprising I even noticed it. I thank the OP for the kind words, and can assure you are correct in thinking I very very few loyalties and even fewer friends. While I take an interest in the crestfall project I dont think I am the person to offer any long term commitment, and with a project like this still in beta you are signing up to a LOT of years ahead if things go well. I want this project to succeed but I am under no illusion that its going to be the next big thing or even in beta in 3 months. Should crestfall find an alternative solution to remaining under the elysium infrastructure I may reconsider my situation. I have wondered if it would be possible to set up the realm as some form of charitable enterprise, ie no owner. All costs covered by staff and players and any excess goes to charity, think that may dissuade blizz from hounding the staff. The negative PR of taking down a charity raising realm would be a disaster, and the players know that there is some stability AND good work being done. During this research into charities I stumbled across an amusing thing, autistic people (normally the go to insult these days) get great benefit from playing on computers and can find communicating online more beneficial than in person. At the end of the day I am no lawyer, but ANY form of subscription or lifetime membership scheme is a real legal issue in many places, and why realms rely on donations or sold services. I am far from an expert on the legal issues and it does vary a great deal. Anyway, in terms of the original post, I would be happy to support crestfall again in the future if there was some form of independence and transparency
  11. You are welcome to that perception, but I shit on what is shit, including rebirth when I worked there just I did that behind closed doors directly to muggle and andkem and not in public to the community as that would be unprofessional. I criticized Nost for its scripting initially, and the lack of player caps, and indeed on the issues over the closure when there was no need. I did an in depth review on Kronos that complained about the changes to core mechanics like LoS and the over-all difficulty. I complained about Magic-WoW and the failure to wipe when transferring from beta to live. I complained about Valkyrie becuase, well it was valkyrie, I shit on feenix because everything about it was pretty shit. I shit on Scriptcraft too. The thing is on EVERY realm I play I try to help while I am there. I report bugs, I offer suggestions and I show valid concerns to the admins in the hope they listen and consider my opinion. Being vocal and opinionated does not make you popular, it also doesnt make you right. I accept that and can live with it
  12. See this thread, https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/52889-legacy-crusade-the-journey-doesnt-end-here/ anyone see anything that shows crestfall as a separate entity? The fact is before anything to do with crestfall being complete the talk of mergers and progression from elysium realms already over-shadows and stomps all over this project. I am not saying this is fact, but the elysium fanbase already sees this as their future, who are the entitled fucks now? I know my opinion wont be popular, but seriously this is exactly why I made my opinions about this decision public. The crestfall staff will be walked all over, their work prostituted all to appease a bunch of hype following kids who have no sense or understanding of the thousands of hours of work that has been gifted to them. What happened to the claims that no transfers would happen? Already he elysium community are expecting it, and we all know how elysium management deal with player demands. The fact is any promises made in private, are not being made public. My question is, to @darkrasp @crogge @asura , what happened to ownership, the fact is the community owns a project, as the ownership WILL buckle to community demand. You can say anything to us now, the fact is you can not promise Crestfall will be a unique entity without transfers, as the elysium community are ALREADY expecting and demanding it.
  13. Conversation, discussion and respect all cost nothing, thats all people are complaining about
  14. Had the staff reached out to the community they would have found numerous individuals that have the skills and resources that could have made this whole situation avoidable. I could personally cover the cost of a test realm for 12 months, I could have also offered some expertise in project management and I am just one individual out of thousands that have been following this project. There has been talk of increasing the staff, but elysium have almost NOBODY capable of coding on the core crestfall uses and as such the rate of development is not being increased significantly by this merger. My issue is not with the decision, its with the fact that there was no consultation. There are many people here that will not play on elysium realms for a number of reasons, and I have already outlined my own. The fact remains that the community that was already here could have been part of the discussion and decision, yet nothing was made public until the deal had been done. To host a realm for a year of testing with under 500 peaks would have cost me about £1000 at most, and that would have seen the project get very close to release I would hope. Yes launch is another story and costs spiral as the population grows, but having transparent and open donation systems, an admin job that takes an hour a week, would have meant similar transparency to what elysium offers but without losing control of the project direction. The issue is Crogge already has strong ties to Elysium, and that to me is the ONLY reason why this whole situation panned out the way it did. Crestfall could have remained independent, it could have recruited a project manager on a volunteer basis, and it could also have kept control of the project vision. I trust that the staffs ties with Elysium will play to the projects benefit in the long run, but many in the community will walk away just because of that link. I can no longer play on Crestfall with any assurance that Elysium staff are not pulling the strings, and that is why I cant be involved. I have witnessed the BS that was offered by valkyrie, and then similar with Elysium after the Nostalrius shutdown, and I simply dont trust them to recruit staff correctly, administer finances correctly or indeed communicate with their players in an open and honest way. I am not going to lie and say there is corruption or and back hand deals going on, but I dont trust the staff on elysium realms, or on their forums. I dont trust them to not change their mind in 6 months and remove player caps, I dont trust them not to ban people that complain with legitimate reasons and I dont trust them to not basically use the core being worked on by CF staff as their next cash cow. So yes the reason is my trust issue. I knew this was a small indie team when I started following the project, I had no wild assumption it would be the greatest release in private realm history, but now I dont want to stay involved as any trust I had for Asura/crogge/darkrasp and other staff will always be tainted by half a decades history of dealing with the elysium ownership in terms of shenna and vitaly considering there is zero evidence they are not involved right now. I dont know any of the staff on crestfall well, and I may be misjudging them. I understand the reasons they give, I understand that its their decision to make but a large portion of the CF community were here BECAUSE they had no faith in elysium or indeed twinstar or warmane. In summary, I think they should have upheld their indie development style even on this decision and consulted and discussed things in advance of making a final decision, whereas now I think the project got handed over simply because of Crogge's ties to Elysium and for no other reason. I have no ill-feeling towards elysium or crestfall staff, I am just sad that the private realms scene is no longer about players and games, its about status and success.
  15. Its not about a single solution, its about a combination of systems and procedures to manage the flow of new players to a reasonable level. The aim is not to drive players away, or ban them, its to manage the population and the game world to mean people have access without unreasonable queues and remove some of the over-population in early zones. " good luck with keeping the secret on the internet. " Its not about keeping things secret or giving loyal followers an advantage, its about running a realm efficiently and manageable. From an admin perspective you set a population cap based on hardware, you then need to manage that cap with fair systems and the least amount of work and effort. By planning multiple realms and merges you are creating work down the line, and also potentially killing communities and your player base. It is better to plan in advance and try to find solutions to over-crowding in the most fair and efficient manner. For example you give players 48hrs notice of a release date how many people will take a week off work, or arrange their whole guild all roll on the same realm on the same day? Removing the release date/time reduces this bubble of players, and may only reduce demand by 5-10% but that is key in the first two weeks. Fortunately there is plenty of time during closed and open beta to analyse data on accounts and activity to get an idea of the likely population in the early months. The fact is that is the ONLY time its an issue as populations usually decline or stabalise very quickly after launch. In fact the first 48hrs are the real time of strain, and after that players naturally progress at different rates and the distribution per zone is far more equal. Taking drastic steps like forced disconnects is a last resort, but ignoring the issue of players trying to circumvent queues by not logging off is narrow thinking. People will go to insane lengths to cheat or get an advantage, so why not plan well in advance and put systems in place to minimise the impact on the legit players that just want to log in for 3-4 hours a day in their free time.