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  1. Release Crestfall with 2.4.3 starting on the initial Vanilla patch, and implement TBC PvP system please
  2. I'm sorry to put this burden on you.
  3. Great to hear how responsive you guys are to the community, I, along with many others, really appreciate that. One thing that I believe should definitely be featured is the disabling of custom channels, or at least having limitations on them. Go to any current private server and you will easily see the amount of toxicity and negative environment far outweighs the positivity and usefulness of these channels. Thoughts on this?
  4. Hey guys, I am a part of the Felmyst fallout (7/21 never forget). Heard a lot of things regarding Crestfall and believe that it values high integrity and an unrivaled, quality core. Because of this, and many other things, I have decided to call this place home. I am a very community-based person, and care very deeply about the private server community. Like Felmyst, I will be creating unofficial class discords for every class on Crestfall. I know that many players are bummed out from not being able to play TBC, but I strongly believe that Crestfall will be a server that satisfies thousands. I hope to see some familiar faces here, but am also very excited to become part of the already developed community here. Wish you guys the best!