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  1. I dont want to write a lot of text and i have grammar problems with english, but i hope you will understand my idea. So, we have a more then one wow server, this is very stupid bad. But I writting this text for another reason. All we know blizzard's sheme. First addon was classic, then they save database and put it in TBC, so we can keep playing with our characters. Why admins of each server dont want to do like this. They open new servers, LichKing,TBC,Cata .... Legion. Isnt better to open only classic and after 1-2 years upgrade server to TBC with saving all characters(all DB)??? Then again after 1-2 years upgrade to LichKing? People like me want to play each addon with progression, but what we have? An example: 1) A lot of servers(Classic, TBC, Lich .... Legion) 2) Every server opened a lot of time ago, so it is very late to play on them(in my opinion) I heard that Crestfall admins want to make sheme like this, is it true? Also, if in your opinions do like this is very hard, you can do this: -Open Crestfall classic -After 1-3 years open TBC (with instant 60lvl + t2 gear or smth like that) This is very easy, if you dont know how to keep database. -Repeat for another Addons Thats all, thanks.