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  1. I agree with Aquane on this one: they should check people's background a bit more imo. Most of the Elysium people are different of course, but this clearly doesn't help them.
  2. You know, the guy who's replacing Asura as the lead developer?...It would kinda be nice to know who he is at the end of the day, he never appeared so far
  3. People like to shit all over elysium because of vitaliy, who's now long gone since the drama from 5 months ago.
  4. Not necessarily: people have been playing vanilla for years on private servers, imo many players will not want to roll on a new vanilla server even though it's truly good and PTE. We'll have to see what happens, I hope this announcement crogge was talking about will come soon though. nb: I still think the population will be seriously huge here, don't take me wrong.
  5. A LGN 2.0 option could definitely happen tbh. I don't see what elysium could bring to the table, code-wise, but they have a huge playerbase, and that's what's interesting at the end of the day.
  6. I'll add it, thank you. Crogge must be so happy right now
  7. Lol, don't take this part too seriously imo
  8. Not sure that would really cause a storm on wowservers I'd say some famous people from the private server scene may join them, or they'll join with another/other big project(s).
  9. Hi guys, I'm bored today, let's play a game: Let's assume Crogge wasn't trolling (some people say he can be serious sometimes... ) when he said this: Here's the game: try to guess what the "big storm"coming soon is all about. The reward? The journey is the reward, don't you know that by now?...No? Oh well, I guess the winner will be able to boast about how good he is at forecasting things Here we go guys, place your bets!
  10. This is just an idea: The most common argument I hear from the anti-crestfall people is that the staff claims that their server will be much better than anything out there, but there's literally no proof that it will really be the case. Therefore (I suppose I'm not the first one mentioning that), I believe that you guys should provide more content for your audience: you made a really good video in the past (linked below) and I think you should do other ones. No matter what the haters say, the future is very promising: when it comes to PTE projects starting with vanilla, bringing challenging content, there's literally 0 alternative. )
  11. Thank you for the update. This is nice and all, but when is the open beta coming?
  12. I'm actually afraid that the exact same thing will happen than what happened with felmyst: 5000 registered accounts before the open beta, 10 000-15 000 more during it, 10 000 more the week before launch :s. Thank the god we'll have a 6000 cap on each server.
  13. Lol, at least I know now xD. Thanks for making it clear, I'll play on elysium until the 2018 release.
  14. Hello there, I just joined the forum ;-). After this whole felmyst drama, it really looks like crestfall is the last hope for the community to have a real, proper vanilla/tbc/wotlk game through a PTE experience. I just wanted to know: last year, Asura said we could call this project "corecraft 2.0" if it hadn't released around half 2017...I'm not going to do that, that wouldn't be very nice :D. Plus, I don't really care: this happens all the time in the development scene. What I'd like to know, is if 2017 is still the goal or not? Sounds like there's still a lot to do, and the team has too many IRL issues to really focus a lot on this project right now. Thanks you guys, I'll be waiting for crestfall like y'all. Chen