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  1. hype

    Welcome to the Tavern of MMORPG to wait CF. Honestly before yesterday I bought Albion Online and found it a very fun way to wait for CF. Comment that you are playing to wait for this great project.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to do the Q&A5. You are one of the most positive faces of this project, thank you for giving more life to the project than he has with each message.
  3. Same person. Let see enough of you. I cannot help laughing out loud
  4. I find it great that people volunteer to help this beautiful and great project. But with that comment you made (I quote) you seem to be the typical guy who lets himself be influenced by anything emotional and mute or ban people for personal reasons. On top of that you are underage, more influenced by hormones and temporary emotions. Anyway, good luck.
  5. What appears to be a dying community is actually a community in stay by. We all feel a hype that eats us. That is why the best idea is to clear yourself doing anything else. We all know this is the biggest we can expect from the WoW private server community. Simply.
  6. I think I already read you say two easy negative comments regarding the launch. Why do not you keep your negativity and shit on you? It's going to come out all right, we all have positive vibes regarding CF. GL and thanks u
  7. None worth it. Or it is full of Chinese selling gold soon to die or have a precarious development.
  8. What an idiot
  9. You try to stay calm. In a short time we will be testing the beta of what will be the best PTE in the history of private servers of WoW. Nothing more to say.
  10. They are going to host the server at Tundra Borealis it is safe ... quiet.
  11. It was real what the tale. Nobody throws their 4 year job on a whim or a "mystical" problem those who believe in conspiracies will only delirious.